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 "Chutes and Ladders"

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PostSubject: "Chutes and Ladders"   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:21 pm

This summer I decided to give Camp NaNoWriMo a shot. It is the same concept as NaNoWriMo, except in June and August instead of November. The goal for each month is 50,000 words. I have succeeded in reaching the 50k word limit for June, however I still have August to tackle. I plan on finishing up my novel "Chutes and Ladders" during August. I will be posting chapters of the story here as they are completed. Thank you for taking the time to read my first original novel!

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I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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PostSubject: Chapter One   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:21 pm

:Chapter One:

The atmosphere of the café was common place in the small town of Paint; it was the only one in this rural community and businessmen and women rushed through to pick up their morning coffees before hurrying to work. In the afternoon, high school kids came to study and finish homework; however, it was the night crowd that crowded the small coffeehouse.

Hipsters of all ages, although most around the age of newfound adulthood, congregated inside. They gathered here late at night to sip their lattes and espressos while listening to the next big poet recite their work.

Slam poetry was considered one of the finer arts, next to woodworking and welding. If you weren’t handy in those tasks, your next best guess would be to work with a quill pen; however, it was no way to make money. Although, some aspiring poets believed they would someday become the next Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespeare.

Clad in their dark attire, thick rimmed glasses, and woven beanies, they would snap their fingers as their friends slammed the best meaningful rhymes they could muster. They would softly mutter amongst themselves, discussing the deeper meaning and the flow of the poems.

To Regal, it was all a load of nonsense.

Sitting in the darkest corner of the room, a twenty year old man leaned back in his seat and watched the newest performer walk onto the stage. In his limp grip was a lukewarm cup of black coffee which he swirled with lackluster, his gray eyes seeming to glaze over with boredom as yet another annoying and monotone voice rang in his ears.

Why he came here, he didn’t know. It was the only place where he could relax without being stared at. Whether he liked it or not, this was his crowd. They drove him insane, but they didn’t question him. If a platinum blonde or a bubbly brunette were to walk in, they would be shunned within seconds, but Regal’s dark hair and unimpressed gaze was just what the hipsters liked to see.

He sipped his coffee, wrinkling his nose as the bitter liquid touched his tongue. Still, he drank it, acting as if he liked what he was hearing. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a young woman around his age walking in his direction.

As she came closer, he glanced up and examined her. Wavy brown hair, dark chocolate eyes, an average looking face; Regal had seen much better. She wore a tight blue and black sweater and even tighter leggings, along with cute stilettos and chunky bracelets. Top the outfit off with thick glasses and a beret, and you’ve got your classic hipster chick.

“Hey there, cutie,” she purred as she sat down beside him, crossing her legs and resting her elbows on the table. She smiled sweetly at him, her red lips curling in a seductive manner. He smirked at her playful tone and leaned closer until their shoulders were brushing.

“I should be saying that to you.”

She chuckled lightly at his response, grabbing a piece of her hair and twirling it around her finger. A classic sign of flirting that Regal had learned to notice after years of experience.

“You’re not from here, are you?” she asked with a grin. Regal acted like he was surprised.

“How’d you know?”

“I think I would remember a face like yours.”

Regal‘s smirk grew, eyes narrowing just enough to let her notice. Ahh, so she was playing that game. Too bad he wasn’t in the mood for compliments or flirting. He wanted something more instinctual.

“Just passing through actually,” he stated, leaning back into his chair as he sipped his coffee again. It had already grown cold, but he wouldn’t show it. It’s not “sexy” to nearly gag at your cold coffee. “I’ll be leaving town in a few days.”

She frowned a bit, “That’s too bad. I’d love to show you around.”

“I’d like that too,” he murmured with a coy grin he had years of practice to master. It did the job, causing her cheeks to flush a bit and her pupils to dilate with desire.

“You don’t seem like you’re enjoying this place very much,” she cooed, glancing around the café briefly. Regal shrugged in response.

“It’s alright.”

She looked back at him and scooted closer in her seat, brushing her leg against his, “We can always ditch this place and have fun elsewhere.”

Now that was what he wanted to hear.

“Sounds good to me, beautiful~” he purred lowly as he ran a hand against her thigh. She shivered slightly under the gentle touch. Regal loved it when they reacted the way they were supposed to. It was even better when they willingly came to him. He didn’t have to work hard to flatter and seduce them.

Suddenly, a warm sensation washed over him. It was an unnatural feeling for him and it caused his stomach to churn. He glanced toward the front of the café, staring out the window, ignoring the way her hand was resting against his knee.

He watched hard for a moment, waiting for the warmth that surrounded his body to fade. However it came back even stronger and he caught sight of blond hair that glistened in the moonlight…no, it seemed to glow.

“Dammit, he‘s here.”

Regal stood up fast, his legs feeling slightly wobbly. He hissed with annoyance. He couldn’t believe how easily he had been found. Who would have thought a dark and devious place like this wouldn’t deter the likes of him?

“Ahh, are you ok?” The woman asked with concern. Regal was considerably paler in complexion and seemed nervous.

“Yes, fine. But I have to go now.” He turned, cupping her face in his hand before placing a soft kiss on her cheek, “Until next time~”

As soon as the last syllable left his mouth, he left his table and headed for the back door. He heard the bell ring on the front door as it opened and another strong wave of warmth crashed into him, causing him to hurry out as fast as he could.

Guided by moonlight, Regal sprinted down the back alley toward the edge of town. The darkness of the night charged him; making him feel stronger, however, it did nothing to protect him from the light that was close behind. He could sense the other on his tail. Regal quickly glanced behind him, catching sight of the back door opening again and the same strange glow that seemed to reflect on the walls.


Regal kept running, examining his surroundings. The alley was too tight; he would never be able to escape upwards. His only choice was to run straight.

He cleared the end of the alley and headed straight for the woods across the dirt road. Unfortunately, he wasn’t out of the danger zone yet. He was out in the open, and he couldn’t expose himself yet, not until he was under the trees.

As soon as his foot hit the edge of the forest, he let out a deep breath and leapt into the air. Black wings unfurled from his shoulder blades, seeming to go through the green sweater he was wearing without tearing the fabric. His wingtips brushed the ground as he strongly stroked them downwards, attempting to get airborne, but the forest was denser than he expected and his feathers were catching in the tree branches.

Cursing, he grabbed a thick branch and curled his wings in slightly. He’d have to climb to the top before he could fly freely.

He only made it half way up the tree before he felt a hand grip his ankle. Hissing, Regal kicked back at his assailant. He bared his fangs, his gray eyes turning black with rage as he swiped with a clawed hand.


Regal ignored the pleas of the male beneath him and continued to climb. The blond was persistent though, and climbed up after him with hesitation. Although not nearly as nimble, he managed to catch up to Regal.

Unfurling his dark wings, Regal leaped off the top of the tree and flew into the air. He pumped his wings, black feathers dropping behind him as he climbed higher into the atmosphere. He could feel the warmth following him, and glanced back down to see that he was still being followed.

“Please, wait!” The blond called as he chased after Regal, his own white wings flapping quickly. Regal grunted with annoyance, forcing himself to fly faster and higher. Yet no matter the power he put into each stroke, his stalker could match it.

That’s how life was for them. They were made to be each other’s opposite, although their power was created to be equal. No matter how hard they tried, one could never truly trump the other.

He was, however, certain he could outsmart him.

Regal suddenly changed direction, dive bombing toward the ground. He tucked his wings in, gaining speed as he headed for the forest. His eyes flicked back up, smirking when he saw no sight of the other man.

Just before hitting the ground, he extended his wings again, catching the air to slow him down. He angled his feet for the floor, running once he was on steady ground again. He pulled his wings in as he jogged under the cover of the canopy of trees once more.

He panted, walking toward a natural cave near the edge of the forest. Welcoming the darkness, Regal sighed and sat down against the wall and closed his eyes, basking in the cool dampness of the cave. Soft squeaks of bats greeted him, and he couldn’t help but smile.

This was his domain, his home. Any dark cavern or shadowed room was his safe haven. He felt protected here.

He wasn’t expecting that warm - almost affectionate - sensation to hit him so hard again and ruin his moment of peace. Before he could even pull himself to his feet and flee, his stalker was blocking the exit.

“Didn‘t think you‘d lose me again with that trick, did you?”

He hissed, flaring his wings in an attempt to deter the man trapping him. However, all it did was make the other open his wings and shed a terribly bright light into the cave. Regal cried out, covering himself with his wings to block out the holy aura with darkness.

“Regal, please don’t run anymore.”

He peeked through his feathers, groaning as the light shed through, “Put those damn things away and maybe I’ll listen!”

The blond did as he was told, closing his wings back again and killing the light. Regal sighed, his wings aching from the brutal exposure to the warm aura. Folding his wings back, he stood up straighter in an effort to look strong and unaffected by the other‘s wings. The other man smiled warmly, causing Regal to sneer.

“Thank yo-”

“Tell me what you want Keir.”

Keir stepped back a bit, his expression growing slightly nervous. Regal watched as he toyed with his hands, as if uncertain of what to say.

“Spit it out!”

“I can’t just spit it out! It’s a very important thing I must word carefully.”

Regal sighed heavily, moving from his place in the shadows to walk closer to the blond. The movement caused Keir to step back until he was out of the cave. Regal was no longer trapped, but he didn’t try to flee. Not yet.

“I suggest you say what you want before I rip your wings from your sockets.”

The blonds’ eyes widened in fear, knowing Regal could easily dislodge his wings if he wanted to.

“I…I want you!” he squeaked quickly, face flushing, “I...need you.”

The raven laughed, his voice echoing in the cave and making him sound louder, “What do you mean you want me? Need me? Have you lost your mind?”

Keir flinched at the bellowing sound, "I…” he stuttered a moment before looking at Regal in the eye, "I love you."

Regal growled deeply, lips curling in a snarl, “Liar.”

“I’m not lying! Angels don’t lie!”

The Demon reached out to grab the collar of Keir’s shirt in his hand, dragging him closer until they were face to face. “How could an Angel love a Demon? It’s not right. It’s wrong. Even for a Demon, it’s wrong.”

The Angel yelped, his hands quickly clawing at Regal's hand to remove it from his neck.

"I-I just do! There's nothing to it! Ever since I met you, I’ve loved you!” he all but screamed in panic.

“That’s not how I remember it.”

“Who cares how it happened!”

Regal chuckled lowly, “You know that you can’t love me. It is forbidden, let alone ridiculous.”

“I know that,” Keir started, his voice quiet, “But…I decided that I had to find you and tell you, no matter what happened in the end."

This Angel was so dense! Regal closed his eyes, shaking his head lightly, “Do you not care what the law says? Angels and Demons cannot and will never get along, and they will most definitely NOT fall in love!”

“Isn’t that your specialty?” Keir shot back, growing a bit braver as they argued.

“I’m an incubus. I am a master of lust! I am talented with the art of seduction! I don’t play with your stupid concept of love!” Regal barked back, snarling as the Angel dared to argue.

“Haven’t you already proven how talented you are? Because here I am!”

They stood in the mouth of the cave, their eyes glowing dangerously as they stared each other down. The wildlife around them grew silent, knowing that two very powerful beings were clashing.

A Demon from the deepest puts of Hell and an Angel from the gates of Heaven were never meant to meet face to face. They were never meant to interact except in battle. They were never meant to fall in love with each other.

Yet, that’s what Keir was claiming. That he fell in love with Regal from the day they first met nearly three years ago. It’s a day Keir cherished and dreamed about, and one that Regal loathed and wished he could go back and change.

┇ Dani ┇ Female ┇ 19 ┇ MI┇ Single ┇ Leo ┇ ENFJ ┇ Emetophobic┇Author ┇ Artist┇
I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:52 pm

:Chapter Two:

Three Years Ago
Paris, France

Regal was perched atop one of the many buildings in the city, his wings flared out behind him and covering him with shadows. From the streets, he looked nothing more than a misplaced gargoyle. Yet to the trained eye, he could be identified as what he truly was.

An Incubus: a Demon with the ability to seduce men and women and absorb their souls.

He was recently appointed to a higher level of Incubus by his father, the Lord of Hell. He had learned how to control his powers to the point where he could steal a soul in mere minutes, or drag it out over a period of months if his victim was attractive and good in bed.

His father sent him to France to seduce a wealthy and powerful French woman to claim her soul. He was told that he could use any means necessary to collect her soul. It was an easy assignment, one that shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Regal had spent days stalking her, watching her movements and learning her daily routines. He learned what time she woke up, when she went to work, when she was in her room practicing the violin, and when she went to bed. Once he was certain of the moment she fell into deep sleep, he planned to attack.

The Demon waited patiently for his victim to arrive home. He glanced down at his pocket watch, his eyes following the hand of the clock ticking as it grew closer to ten a.m.

Right on time, the taxi pulled up to the curb. She stepped out, thanking the taxi driver for the trip, and headed for the front steps. He remained still as she walked closer, and only moved when she looked down to find her keys in her bag. Regal tucked his wings in and slunk back into the shadows, crawling down the side of the building as he watched as she went inside to her apartment.

He peered into her window, watching as she dropped her bags on the table and move to her wardrobe. With greedy eyes, he watched as she undressed and slipped into a negligee and brushed her hair.

She was very beautiful, with her deep green eyes and long, slightly curled blond hair. He contemplated if he could possibly draw this victim out; devour her slowly until he was bored of his new toy.

However, his victim was extremely religious and had practiced the ability to control her dreams. When Regal tried to slip into her dreams and slowly seduce her, she refused his advances. He tried every trick in the book, but her will was too strong.

She woke up suddenly, gasping for air as if she was choking. Due to him controlling her dreams, to an extent, she felt weak and stiff. It took her a moment before she could see clearly, and by that time Regal had slipped back into the shadows.

He growled lowly in annoyance, watching as she stumbled over to his vanity to look at her face, as if to remind herself it was “only a dream”. Regal nearly gagged as he watched from under her bed, cringing when she got on her knees and prayed to God that all evil intentions were erased from her mind.

The religious ones were always the hardest.

He knew he needed to take a different approach, one that she wouldn’t expect. So, he decided to confront her in his human form and hopefully manually seduce her, rather than manipulate her subconscious.

Of course, he couldn’t let his true form be shown. He shape shifted to change his eye color to a deep brown and his hair to a soft auburn. It was almost opposite to his naturally monochromatic features.

Regal waited patiently for another week before trying to get close to her. He needed to make sure she wouldn’t make any connections from her dreams to this new man that would be “falling in love” with her. Once he believed she was ready, he headed to one of the many places she visited frequently: the park near her apartment.

He pretended to be a klutzy and aspiring painter. While carrying supplies, he made sure to bump into her and drop his supplies. The plan worked flawlessly.

“I’m so sorry!” she said quickly, bending down to pick up his supplies. Regal bent down as well, placing his brand new - and soon to be resold - paintbrushes into his satchel.

“Oh, it’s ok!” he replied back with a weaker French accent. He looked up and caught her gaze, capturing them with his own deep set eyes.

“Are you sure?” She asked softly, standing back up as he took the last paintbrush from her hand.

“Yes, I’m sure.” A boyish grin grew on his face. He reached out a hand, lifting hers to kiss the back, “I haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Jacque. And you are?”


As easy as that, the connection was made. He had recorded her face into his memory. Her scent would never be forgotten. Even if she tried to run, he could find her.

However she didn’t run. After meeting a striking young gentleman, she had no intentions of letting him go so easily.

After only a few dates, she had opened up to Regal completely; told him about her past relationships and her hopes and dreams. She told him of her nightmares as well, and about the lewd dreams of a mysterious and clouded man. He acted like he was swept away by her stories promised to protect her from the darkness.

If only she knew the truth.

By the third week, she was “ripe”, and ready to be devoured. It was easy to convince her to invite him inside and to show him to her room. However, it was much harder to convince her to do anything more than chaste kissing.

With her strong religious beliefs, she refused to give herself away until after marriage. It took a long time, and a little bit of dinner and wine, to convince her that intimacy included making love. Once her fuzzy mind believed Regal, it didn’t take long before they were French-kissing and holding each other desperately.

Regal was mere moments from taking her soul when a blinding light flooded the room, causing him to fall back with an agonized cry. He covered himself with his wings, trying to block out the burning glow.

He peered though his feathers, glancing over to Matilda. She was passed out on the bed, though he was unsure if it was from the shock of this event, or due to supernatural causes.

The demon growled and flared his wings as the Angel flew into the room, hovering over Matilda’s naked form.

“Don’t touch her.”

Regal spat at him, knowing he was unable to fight off the Angel when he was surrounded by the strong essence that radiated off its wings.

“You‘re not the boss of me, Angel. Leave me be!”

“My name is Keir! And you will leave this place this instant!”

Growling lowly, Regal stood up and wrapped his wings around him tight. The feathers clung to his bare body, interlacing and folding together to create a tight black suit of feathers and dark matter. It covered every inch of skin, crawling up to cover his face. It protected him from the light like a dark armor, and it made him stronger.

“I suggest you run back to Heaven so I can finish my job in peace.”

He stepped forward, his face now covered except for his gray eyes darkening. The Angel seemed to flinch, hovering backwards for a moment.

“I have my own orders,” Keir stated with wavering authority. Regal snickered to himself, rolling his eyes.

“Then why not settle this outside, hmm?”

Regal launched himself forward, baring his fangs as clawed hands reached out for the Angel. Keir yelped and flew backwards up against the wall, pushing back at Regal with his hands. He kicked out at him, pushing Regal back before swooping down to pin him to the floor.

The demon hissed, dodging the attack and leaping out the window, pumping his wings strongly to guide him down to the empty back roads of the city. Keir followed him out, chasing him down as they weaved their way between buildings.

Regal pulled himself up, spiraling upwards into the sky. He gained speed, pushing himself to the limit as he struggled to lose track of Keir. He twisted and turned, diving down close to the streets, nearly exposing himself to the residents of the city.

He glanced back, laughing when he saw that he had given Keir the slip. He doubled back, heading back to Matilda. If she was still unconscious, he could force his way into her mind and take over. If he was fast, he could finish his job.

Landing back in her room, Regal saw that she was still magically sedated on the bed. He slunk over to her, hovering over her form before forcing himself into her mind.

It was easier, with her magically numb and unable to force him back. He could manipulate her to give into him completely, and in moments her soul was taken.

Licking his lips, he pulled himself away from her. From the outside, she looked like she was merely sleeping, no damage to her body. But on the inside she was empty, a husk of what she used to be. Smiling, he took the blankets and covered her, in his own way mocking her for trying to remain celibate.

“You took her soul…”

Regal turned, seeing a winded Angel floating in front of the window. A wicked grin tugged at his lips, “Of course.”

“You monster!” Keir screeched as he launched himself forward. Regal burst into laughter, leaping out of the way.

“You’re as much as a monster as I am, if not worse for being so pure.”

The two fought, clawing and scratching at each other like wild animals. They ripped feathers from each other’s wings and left bloody scratches along their once flawless skin. They only stopped when Regal managed to pin Keir to the floor with his hand around his neck.

“Heh…you know Angel, you’re not too bad of a fighter,” Regal grunted, panting as he caught his breath. Keir sneered, his hands trying to pry away the fingers around his throat.

“Trying to use your abilities to seduce me, Demon? It won’t work!”

Regal cocked a brow, chuckling, “You think? I’m sure I can prove you wrong and make you fall.”

Quickly, Regal tugged Keir’s face forward, kissing him forcefully. The taste of an Angel’s lips was sweeter than any other human’s. They were constantly warm and tingled with pure energy. It almost burned Regal’s mouth to have something so innocent and pure so close to him. However the pain was worth it to feel the Angel squirm under his touch until he fell limp with a soft mewl.

He let go of his grip, standing up to hover above the Angel’s crumpled form. Spitting out the aftertaste, Regal stepped over Keir to pluck out a single feather from his wing.

“A souvenir, for the day I influenced an Angel.”

Regal fled from the scene, knowing the Angel would eventually pull himself out from his numb state. If he could, he would have finished off Keir in that instant. However, he knew the laws of Heaven and Hell. A Demon could not kill an Angel, and an Angel could not kill a Demon. Doing so would start a war between the afterlives, and all balance in the world would be lost.

But Regal could dream as he flew away, heading for his next rest stop in the outskirts of France as he made his way back to his next assignment in Italy.

If only he knew that his fun and games would linger in Keir’s mind in such a strong way. If only he knew that he would actually manage to make Keir fall in love with him.

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I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:53 pm

:Chapter Three:
Present Day
Paint, Pennsylvania
Regal growled, his grip on Keir’s shirt shifting to clasp the Angel‘s neck. Keir gasped, choking slightly as Regal‘s grip grew tight.

“You came all this way to find me, a Demon, just to tell me you love me? You love me? Demons can’t even love. It’s impossible for us to love. We are nothing but rage and lust and every horrible thing you little pure things are not.” He had to force his claws to stop puncturing the angel’s neck. If any golden blood was spilled, he would be condemned to something worse than hell.

"I don’t care!” Keir yelled, tears pricking his eyes. He remained quiet for a minute before hanging his head, "I know you can't love me back. I know what you are, and I know what you do.”

“So why did you bother coming here? Why did you hunt me down for three years if you knew it was for nothing?” Regal questioned, honestly confused to the Angel’s actions.

“Because I love you. I will always love you, and I can't stop it. So I came…to serve you…” he barely whispered the last part. "I cannot face Her anymore…”

Regal furrowed his brow, his wings lowering. “Her?” he asked, letting the grasp on his neck loosen slightly. Keir nodded slowly.

"Gloria..." he whispered. “I can't face Her, knowing I'm in love with a Demon; a Demon I want to serve with my being…”

Regal grinned, his fangs slightly bared, “Ah…Gl-” he paused, knowing that Demons were unable to say her name. It choked him, caused him to stop breathing. He cleared his throat and growled, “Her.” He let the Angel fall to the floor, licking his fingertips. He could just taste the purity of the blood that was so close to spilling.

He watched as the Angel rubbed his throat with a look of relief on his face. Regal wondered if the Angel was telling the truth. It was…rare for an Angel to want to be a Demon‘s servant. In fact, Regal couldn‘t remember a time in the past it had happened. If this were the truth…he could go down in history as the first Demon to own an Angel.

“How do I know you are telling the truth? Your Father…or rather, your Mother, is just as crafty as my Father. This could easily be a ploy to capture me,” Regal questioned.

“This isn’t a trick. I don’t affiliate myself with Gloria anymore,” Keir insisted, walking back closer to Regal. The Demon stepped back, still slightly wary. “I don’t want her to know I’m with you. I don’t want her to find us.”

Regal remained silent for a moment, thinking over the situation. It was dangerous to affiliate himself with a creature that his entire being hated. However, the temptation to possibly own an Angel as a servant was too great to overcome.


Keir blinked with surprise, “Really?”

Regal nodded, “Yes. I’ll allow you to stay beside me, and I’ll keep quiet about it to Gl…Her.”

“Thank you, Regal! Thank you so much!” Keir cried out happily, rushing forward to hug Regal tight. The Demon stiffened, every fiber of his being wishing to push away the Angel.

He fought back the urge to flee and growled, shoving him back enough to push him onto the ground, “Not so fast, Angel. I’ll allow this only if you pay me. What are you willing to give to a lowly Demon like myself?”

Regal was certain that the Angel would back away; that he‘d reconsider and wouldn‘t want to give up something as payment. However, Keir caught Regal off guard and agreed after a moment of silence.

"I give you my body to use as you please… I… If you do not tell, I will be your personal slave..." he uttered, almost shivering.

The Demon grinned viciously, “Fair enough.” He kneeled down and faced Keir, a glint in his eye, “Of course, I will do what every Demon does: mark his territory.”

The flash of fear in Keir’s eyes made Regal swell with pride. Fear was going to be his biggest ally in claiming this holy being.

“Mark your territory?”

Regal nodded, “I’ll be kind and mark you in a way that even you would be fine with. The real question, is would you allow a Demon to mark you with its own sin? Would you give up your flawless hide for a Demon who will put a permanent scar on your body?”

Keir shuddered at the mention of the tainted manifestation. He gulped and closed his eyes, knowing that this would be the only way to be with Regal.

"Yes…” he whispered almost inaudibly. His wings collapsed out of him, unable to hold them inside of him any longer. He knew the light they emitted would bother the Demon, but only until the mark was upon him; as soon as he was marked, their light would fade, and his wings would be translucent.

Just as Keir expected, Regal cringed and stepped back, looking away from him, “Not with those. Those have to be gone.” he groaned, his wings wrapped around him.

Keir looked at his wings solemnly for a moment and stroked them. Both Regal and Keir knew that taking away an Angel’s glow was almost as bad as shedding their blood, but this ritual had to be done. He pulled them back slowly, partially reluctant to let Regal hurt them in any way.

"They are gone…”

“Trust me, I can tell they are gone,” He sighed as he flared out his wings to block out all light. The darkness enveloped them as he leaned forward, crouching before the Angel. “It won’t hurt I promise. Just for you, I wont make it hurt. Just because you love me” Regal said, his voice silky smooth and dripping with death, corruption and lies. However, nothing but sincerity left his lips.

Keir leaned towards his captor, his brilliant blue eyes shining with an Angelic light. "Thank you…” he whispered, knowing the thanks would fall on apathetic ears.

The demon smirked widely, grasping the angel’s face in his hands tightly. His claws scraped at the soft skin on his cheeks, but did not puncture the skin. His eyes turned back, the whites of his eyes fading into nothing as his fangs slid out of their sockets.

It was a truly terrifying sight, but Keir did not seem deterred. Regal wondered for a moment if he should be worried that Keir seemed to calm all of a sudden, but pushed aside his worries.

He closed the gap, pressing his lips against the Angels‘, causing Keir to gasp lightly. Regal tilted his head slightly, making sure no part of Keir’s lips was untouched. He allowed his dark essence to flow through him into the Angel; he could sense the corruption destroying Keir from within. The light that radiated from inside faded away. It could never fully disappear, but it was very faint.

Keir, on the other hand, was not as calm as Regal seemed to be. His eyes were wide as he felt the darkness creeping into his soul. It burned and felt like he was being torn apart from inside. If this was “painless”, Keir could only imagine what it would feel like if a Demon wasn’t showing him mercy.

After a moment, Keir’s eyes fluttered closed as he allowed himself to give into Regal. He saw light shining behind his eye lids as Regal’s wings lowered to allow the moonlight to shine over them.

Keir placed his hands on Regal‘s face, kissing back. Regal paid no mind to the Angel’s actions. He was solely focused on draining the holy energy from Keir’s soul and replacing it with darkness.

The light within the Angel lit again, although noticeably fainter. Slowly, it entered Regal's body. It was warm, not at all painful, and it coursed through the Demon's body like new blood. It lapped at the darkness of his soul like waves on a beach. Regal hardly noticed it and continued to complete his task.

Keir allowed his wings out, their shine now gone due to Regal‘s ritual. They were pale and white, although the darkness easily broke through its translucent gaps.

Regal pulled away, looking at his handiwork. He could see that the Angel’s lips were tinged darker than before, and soft tendrils of his fingerprints were stained on his cheeks; both a visible mark of Regal’s deed. He had marked his prey, his property. He could see that the Angel’s wings were faint and translucent. He grinned, pleased with his achievement, and stood up.

“Come now. We have business to do.”

Keir nodded and stood shakily. He wrapped his wings around him, holding them close as though he was cold

"Where are we going?" he asked meekly.

Regal turned and grinned, “To see Father of course. He would like to see my latest catch.”

“What?! You said that you would keep quiet!” Keir squeaked, stepping back. This caused the Demon to laugh.

“I said that I would keep quiet to your creator. I said nothing about keeping secrets from mine.” Regal spread out his wings widely, the force of them opening fast causing feathers to fall around his feet. He looked like a Dark Angel himself, but the evil that flowed through him proved otherwise.

His eyes, now normal looking caught the glimpse of a feather as it landed by the Angel’s feet. He noticed how the normally dark black feather was now a thin gray. It was translucent.

Regal’s eyes widened, turning black immediately. He stormed up toward the angel, rage burning within him.

“What did you do!?”

Keir grit his teeth, taking another step back, "I had to make sure that you wouldn't just mark me and then run off!" he retorted. He furrowed his brow at the Demon. "Did you expect me to be too lovesick to use reason? My actions may be rash, but I do think ahead."

“You marked me!” Regal roared, his wings fluttering around him angrily. “You put your pure essence into me!” he growled, his claws unsheathing dangerously, “I should exterminate you for tricking me.”

"No," Keir whispered, his eyes flashing with the intensity his wings had previously held, "I never said that I wouldn't. I never tricked you. I just did what my body told me to do. You can't trick nature."

They both knew that Keir was right. The Angel had not said anything about not marking Regal back. Regal hissed, scolding himself silently for allowing the Angel to do so. He suppressed his anger and clenched his fist, drawing blood. The black liquid dripped down his hand, spilling onto the ground.

“I can’t kill you anyway. We’re bound now whether I like it or not. If you die, I die. I’m your servant as much as you are mine.” He turned swiftly and let his once dark wings spread out, “Come. We are leaving this place.”

Regal leapt into the air, his wings beating down hard. The tips of his feathers brushed the cave floor for a moment before he was airborne and soaring away without looking back.

Keir sighed and followed the demon, his wings flapping effortlessly after him. He wrapped his arms around himself as he flew after Regal who continued to soar higher until he was far past the clouds.

After making sure no mere mortal would see him, Regal let his wings beat slowly, keeping him suspended in the air. He pulled out his pocket watch, checking the time briefly before turning the dial on the side three times.

A small secret compartment slid out from the bottom. Inside was a small, black crystal that seemed to glisten with purple highlights. He shook it out into his palm and closed his hand tight. He could feel it pulsing in his grip, throbbing with energy.

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he clasped his hands together close to his chest. His wings pulled close to him, yet he somehow stayed suspended in the air. After a moment, he reopened his palm, the black crystal melted away to form a malleable gel. It hovered over his hands, shimmering with a dark and powerful light.

Quietly, he murmured his desired destination, “The Plaza” before spreading out his wings and expanding to create a large gust of wing. The breeze caused the gel to form a large portal, the center swirling with dark energy.

Keir glided near Regal, staring at the portal anxiously. He did not want to go in there, but knew he’d have to if Regal commanded it.

Regal’s wings flapped lazily as he waited, a sadistic grin on his face, “After you.”

Keir looked fearfully between Regal and the dark portal. He shuddered heavily, and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and flew inside the portal in one wing beat. Regal followed after, the portal closing behind him, barely clipping his wings. He saw Keir hovering above the dark cobblestone floor, looking around wildly at his new destination.

Regal landed gracefully on the floor of the plaza, smiling as he took in a deep breath. He enjoyed the slightly stale and damp breeze that pulled at his feathers, and was comforted by the sickly sweet smell of rotten souls that were swept away in the River Styx.

He was back in Hell.

He was home.

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:Chapter Four:
Present Day
The Plaza, Hell

This was the realm of the dead and the damned. This was the home of all Demons, and the most feared place of mortals and pure beings. It was a dark and desolate place, crawling with demons and lesser beings unworthy to go to Heaven.

Originally, Hell was known as Hades, named after the original ruler of the underworld. Hades ruled the underworld with a kind heart. He was humble and treated his people less like slaves and more like independent demons. His time as ruler was prosperous, and many were happy with his childish, yet modest ways of judgment.

However, the only remains of this kingdom are now ruins. The city was destroyed after a war that killed Hades. Jackal, a Demon created from Hade’s best friend Erebos, and the fallen angel Lucifer, became the new ruler. Jackal renamed the realm as Hell, but kept the remains of Hades as a reminder of their past.

Hell is built on the back of a beast named Tartarus, more commonly known as The Glutton. It reeked of ash and brimstone and swallowed anything that fell off the edge of the floating island. Demons knew not to stray too close to the edge. It was too easy to be pushed into its mouth.

The outskirts of the kingdom of Hell was covered in a dense fog that thinned out the closer you got to the main city. Beneath the clouds was a dark sea that broke off into five rivers where unfortunate souls were carried through their murky waters.

The most famous is the River Styx, where the ferryman Cheron took freshly dead souls from the Platinum Gates over into the center of Hell on his gondola. However, he has been out of commission for a long time and merely sits at the gates, waiting for new souls to bring across.

In the center of the main city was the Plaza, a large and spacious opening where many lesser demons called Furies roamed and scavenged. In the center was a large fountain that didn’t run.

To the south, you could see the Ruins of Hades. To the north was the new kingdom. Jackal’s Castle sat high on a hill, watching over the whole of Hell. Few Demons are aloud to tread inside; most never made it past the Great Hall. Jackal, the latest Ruler of Hell, lived inside and only granted request to those he deemed worthy.

This was Regal’s true destination. However, with an Angel attached to his soul, he couldn’t merely walk in. So he simply stood near the fountain, looking around as he enjoyed the sights to see, although desolate and grim.

Smaller demons scurried closer, examining Keir and Regal. The Angel whimpered and stayed close to Regal’s side, not wanting to touch the lesser Demons. Regal merely growled to let the curious ones know that they weren’t allowed to touch his property.

In mere moments, the Ruler of Hell himself came walking down one of the corridors to greet one of his favorite Demons.

Keir cowered at the sight of the strongest Demon in Hell. This was Gloria’s other half, her perfect match in power. Just as she was the God of Heaven, he was the God of Hell.

Jackal smiled as he came closer, his fangs gleaming in the dim light of the realm. He drew an apple from thin air, a symbol commonly associated with him. It made Keir shiver again, causing Jackal to laugh as he took a large bite from its side.

"Ahh… Regal… and company…” he mused after he finished chewing. Regal smiled and bowed slightly.

“Father.” he said simply. He stood up proudly and grinned, his fangs protruding slightly, “I’ve marked a great catch.”

"I can smell,” Jackal sauntered over, leaving the apple to hang in midair. "Well done," the head Demon purred, brushing Regal's head affectionately with a hand. He walked closer to Keir who cowered and refused to look him in the eye. "Ahh… One of Gloria's favorite… Seems they're all her favorite, hmm?"

He quickly grabbed Keir’s face in a hand and pulled it close for inspection, causing the Angel to squeak in fear.

"I can still feel your mark lingering; very powerful. What did I tell you about that?" he grinned, forcing the poor Angel to look him in the eyes. "The stronger the mark, the weaker the angel..."

Regal, feeling proud and respected, purred. “I kept that in mind. I placed a powerful sin on him. His wings are barely noticeable,” he said, walking beside Jackal. He still felt Jackals’ palm lingering on his head. The simple gesture made him feel like her was one of the chosen Demons; one of the ones that Jackal favored most. As if confirming him, Jackal smiled and shifted his gaze to Regal.

"Very good, I can tell. You grow stronger every time, too. Can you feel the power growing? Let it breed inside of you. Let the energy thrive," he instructed, releasing Keir.

Keir collapsed on the floor, absolutely terrified. Jackal laid a hand against Regal's cheek and opened his mouth to praise him some more before blinked and frowned.

“What is it, Father?” Regal asked as Jackal paused.

"Hmm. The angel was able to mark you as well, though...such a pity..." he said, letting out a soft tsk. "Well, it's not like you could have prevented it," he shrugged, "What are we to do about that…”

Regal cringed, the sudden ferocity in Jackal’s voice sending a shiver down his spine, “Father…I…I didn’t know he would dare try to mark me.” He refused to move from his spot, but his skin was crawling and his legs were itching to take a few steps back.

"It's an Angel. They're made to leave delicious gooey lovey-dovey mush all over you. Do not assume the next time that they will not mark you back," he hissed. Regal nodded, his wings drooping in resentment and embarrassment.

“Yes, Father,” Regal murmured lowly. He could feel Jackal’s eyes boring into his soul, as well as the curious and mocking eyes of the lesser demons that snickered and chattered amongst themselves.

He started shaking, unable to contain his pain. He clenched his fist angrily. He felt his claws pierce his skin and allow the blood to flow. The pain was welcoming, and much more pleasing that his fathers glare.

Jackal sighed, suddenly seeming tired as he ran his hand through his hair, "But it couldn't have been helped. The poor whelp was just trying to please you, old boy…” he mumbled to himself, shaking his head. Jackal placed his hand on Regal’s shoulder, glancing at Keir, “If you excuse me, my son and I need to have a private chat.”

Keir’s eyes widened with dread. He didn’t want to leave Regal’s side, especially not in a place like this. But what could he do? He didn’t dare speak out against the Lord of the underworld.

Jackal pulled Regal aside and walked with him in the direction of the ruins. Once they were out of Keir’s earshot, he leaned close and murmured in Regal’s ear, “Now, how shall we fix this little problem? You are a Demon in possession of an Angel in possession of you. What can we do?"

Regal was too nervous to speak up. Normally, he wasn’t afraid to talk to his Father, but now he felt utterly defeated. All the time and care he took into placing Sins on others and all his hard work for killing his prey. It all went to waste after this extreme mistake.

“I do not know what to do…Father…” he mumbled. He wings lay against his back, their gray feathers falling off occasionally.

"That is why you are here; to learn. If you did not come back to me, you would be hinting that you feel you are superior. But you come back. That is all I ask for, after all," he sighed as he took Regal by the chin gently and pulled his face towards his, insisting him to look into his eyes. "Now, this is what you do. It's quite simple, actually. All you have to do is make him fall."

“But Father, how will that help me?” Regal asked, uncertain how making the Angel fall would solve their problem. They were still bonded together by their marks.

"Demon does not possess other Demons, right?” Jackal started, smiling when he saw the realization growing in Regal’s eyes. “The marks will disappear, and you will have won me another soul."

Regal nodded in understanding. Making the Angel fall was the only way to fix the problem. It was a long, time consuming process. There was a danger of the Angel trying to make the Demon rise, and if the Demon succeeded, they might have to face Gloria’s wrath.

Jackal could see the hesitant determination in Regal’s eyes. "Are you up to it, or shall I have Guardian take care of it?" he asked. Guardian was one of Jackal’s strongest and most trusted protectors. He was used to finish Jackal’s tasks when he was too lazy to do them himself, and when no other Demon can do it for him.

Regal pulled away, scowling, “I can make him fall myself. I’m strong enough to do that. Just because I am young, doesn’t mean I am weak. He may own my soul, but I owned him first.”

“Are you certain about that?” Jackal questioned, stopping to face Regal, “Angels are crafty.”

“I have him wrapped around my finger. I have dirt on him that he doesn’t hold above me. He won’t betray my commands.” Regal said boldly.

Jackal grinned widely. "Excellent. Good to know you aren't out of commission yet. I trust you to keep a firm leash on that one." he smirked, and gave Regal a pat on the head.

“I will,” Regal promised, turning to head back to Keir.

"Oh, before you go,” Jackal floated over to Regal and placed his hand on Regal’s head again, “There is one catch.”


Jackal smirked deviously, “Yes. I don’t want this issue to end up lasting a life time. So there is a time limit.”

Regal’s eyes flashed darkly as he snarled, “You’re giving me a time limit? Do you not trust me?”

“I trust you, however I do not trust him,” Jackal grumbled as he glanced back at Kier. “I do nut believe he will let you make him fall easily. He will fight back and try to make you ascend.”

“Then how long do I have before you decide to interfere?”

“Three months. I feel that is plenty of time for the deed to be done, but is still short enough time to make sure you don’t slack.”

Regal growled lowly, annoyed that he was given such a short amount of time. He questioned whether or not Jackal was trying to help him or not.

Jackal smiled sweetly, as if nothing wrong had happened, "Now go and make me proud."

Regal narrowed his eyes and bowed his head curtly, “Of course Father, I won’t ever let you down.” He glided back over to Keir, seeing him standing close to the fountain to try and get away from the Furies that were surrounding him. Regal swooped by him, hissing and baring his fangs at the lesser demons. They scattered, leaving Keir and Regal in their place.

“Thank you, Regal,” Keir said softly. Regal merely shrugged and repeated his earlier ritual with his black crystal. After reopening the portal, he turned and gave Keir a small glace, flicking his wings toward the portal slightly. Trembling, Keir quickly flew through the portal, happy to get away as quickly as possible. Regal followed close behind, the portal closing behind them.

Jackal watched quietly as they left, amused at Regal’s predicament. Who would have thought that an Incubus like Regal, one who was so careful and precise with his actions, would mess up so badly?

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:Chapter Five:
Present Day
New York City, New York

Keir and Regal shot out of the portal, suddenly in a new place. Keir was confused at first. How did they end up in a city when they had jut been in a cave? Regal, however, paid no mind to the change in scenery and flew past Keir, dive bombing through the cloudy night sky. He loved the feeling of the wind whipping at his face and pulling at his feathers. He opened his wings again and let the draft pull him up so he glided gently.

The Angel followed Regal silently, also cherishing the wind. However, he disliked the darkness. Angels thrived in daylight, so Kier couldn’t help but wish the sun was out.

"Where are we going?" he asked when he was next to Regal.

“Your new home.”

Regal soared over the buildings, angling his wings as he lowered himself carefully on the roof of an apartment complex. He tucked his wings back, fixing his sweater. Keir landed softly next to him, ruffling his feathers and pulling them close.

“Where are we?” Keir asked, looking around.

“New York City. This is where I stay in between assignments,” Regal explained as he walked to the rooftop door, brushing his fingertips against the lock. He let his energy flow through, twisting the gears inside. Heat radiated off the metal door handle for a moment before it clicked. Regal easily open the now unlocked door and headed down the dark stairwell.

He welcomed the darkness, enjoying the shadows that rejuvenated him. Keir was hesitant to follow, and took a tentative step onto the stairs. His hand shot out to grab the railing, gripping it tightly until his knuckles turned white.

Keir felt tired and drained after a long day of hunting Regal down and chasing him. Being in the darkness for so long weakened an Angel. Now that he was marked, he felt even more tired than usual. The dark corridor didn’t help him in the same way it helped the Demon, who thrived in shadows.

"I… I can't see…” he nearly whimpered, reaching out with his other hand for Regal blindly. He heard the Demon sigh with exasperation. His footsteps stopped echoing in the stairwell, and Keir stopped as well.

Regal looked behind him, able to see well in the darkness. Unlike an Angel, he was made to see well in the dark. He saw that Keir wasn’t far behind him, but obviously out of his element. He grasped Keir’s wrist firmly and yanked, pulling him down the next few steps.

“Keep up.”

“S-sorry…” Keir gasped, stumbling after Regal as efficiently as he could. His wings ruffled nervously as he trotted to keep up with Regal’s quick pace.

He wasn’t fast enough for Regal’s tastes. He groaned and snapped his fingers, a violet flame sparking from his fingertips. The dark fire flickered in his palm, casting a purple glow along the walls. Ominous shadows danced on the walls, reaching out to grab at him and Keir. He ignored the tugs on his sweater and jeans and continued walking, letting the dark light illuminate his path.

Keir, however, immediately tensed up at the shadows. He quickly walked closer to the confident demon, tucking in his wings from the grabby shadows.

"How much longer until we're actually inside?" he asked, his eyes looking all around. Regal kicked at the door in front of him, letting a bright light shine into the stairwell. His flame went out with a puff of black smoke and the shadows screeched and cried as they retreated into the darkness. Regal flinched and reeled back slightly as Keir happily greeted the light with a soft sigh.

“We’re in.” he grumbled as he walked into the hall, heading down blindly, wanting the darkness of his room. Keir followed behind with a small bounce in his step, feeling better already as his wings welcomed the warmth.

"Kinda boring here…” he commented absentmindedly. Regal shrugged and quickly touched a door knob with his palm. The door opened quickly, banging on the wall behind. The room itself was dark, but light still shone through dark curtains.

“Boring, but cheap,” he grumbled as he stepped aside to let Keir in first. The Angel stepped inside, wishing to be out in the light hall. Although he was glad that the room wasn’t pitch black. Regal closed the door behind them and sighed, kicking his shoes off before going to the bathroom.

Keir took the moment to explore his new home. The walls were bare; no decorations littered the walls. The furniture was decent, except nothing fancy. The living room was a decent size and was connected to the kitchen and dining room. Down the hall were two doors. One led to the bathroom Regal just went into, and the other to a bedroom.

"It's... nice in here…” he commented softly as Regal came back out of the bathroom, rubbing his wet hands on his pants.

The Incubus mumbled tiredly in response. He felt exhausted, even though it was dark outside. Normally, he would sleep during the day and be awake at night, but Keir’s disturbance had disrupted his sleep schedule.

The Demon didn’t even bother to change into his pajamas as he walked into his bedroom, falling into the bed wearily. He stretched and rolled onto his side, yawning as he buried his face into his pillow. Keir peeked inside, wondering if the room would expose more of Regal’s personality. His walls were bare as well, but had a calendar and a poster taped to the wall. His furniture was nothing special, most likely left behind by previous owners.

“I’m going to sleep,” he mumbled as he heard Keir walk into his room, “You can sleep on the couch.” He sighed and let his wings out, covering his body gently to protect him from the sunlight that will eventually flood through his window.

Keir looked at him and nodded, turning to head back to the living room. Just before he closed the door, he peeked back inside quickly and quickly said, “Sleep well.” Regal grunted merely in response and shook his wings slightly.

He walked back toward the couch and looked for a blanket, wondering if there was one lying around. Regal, although suave and confident in appearance, was not a very neatly person. He had clothes strewn about and the pillows were tossed haphazardly on the couch.

After searching, Keir couldn’t find a blanket anywhere and headed back to Regal’s room. Slowly, he cracked the door and peered inside. The Demon seemed to already be asleep. He sighed and headed back to the living room to try and get some rest.

Meanwhile, Regal was not sleeping easily. His mind was reeling, trying to figure out what to do with Keir. He couldn’t simply let him stay an Angel. He had to make him fall, but how? He needed to be creative with his tactics.

He had seven sins to accomplish: greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, pride, and gluttony. Some would be easy, while others would be very difficult. Regal expected that his personal sin, lust, would be one of the harder to do; simply because Keir was crafty and would avoid any sexual contact. He’d need to find another way around that issue.

Regal spent most of the night thinking to himself. He struggled to come up with a plan that would make Keir fall. It’d be best to start small, so Regal devised a plan to start with easy sins that every day humans committed daily. Once he had Keir’s trust, he could focus on the bigger sins.

After hours of planning, Regal rested his mind and rolled onto his side. He pulled the covers over his head, shrouding himself in darkness as he stared at the clock on his dresser; only three more hours until sunrise. He sighed, wishing that he had the energy to stay up the rest of the night so his sleeping schedule wasn’t completely ruined. However, he was far too tired to stay up any longer and decided to sleep. If he had to deal with a few extra hours of sunlight tomorrow, he’d manage. He just hoped that damn Angel didn’t wake him too early.


A vague sense of warmth washed over Keir’s sleeping form, stirring him enough to wake him. He smiled, stretching his wings out. It felt so good to be in the heat of the sun, even if it was through a curtain.

With bleary eyes, Keir got off the couch, cracking his stiff back as he stood up. He trotted over to the window, opening up the curtains to let the sunlight shine through. He mewled softly, basking in the bright sun. It woke him, making him feel refreshed despite only a few hours of sleep.

He stared outside, watching from their third floor apartment at all the people who walked to work beneath them. Keir found humans to be interesting. Most of them believed in Gloria, or simply God to them. However, many didn’t do as much as they should have. But that was ok; it gave Angel’s something to do during the day. It was always a treat when a human, whether religious or not, did something good. It made the Angels feel like they accomplished something. Unfortunately, many humans in this time period didn’t do much to help others, which cause problems up in Heaven.

Keir shook his head, forcing the thoughts from his mind. He didn’t associate himself with Her or with Heaven anymore. Not until the situation with Regal was sorted out.

Regal. Keir sighed dreamily when he thought of him. At first, he despised Regal for what he had done all those years ago. But when he had kissed him, practically blowing his mind away with the intensity, Keir couldn’t help but fall for him.

He had gone to Gloria the next day, explaining to her what had happened. Despite being a Demon, she seemed to understand Keir’s fascination with Regal. She even stated that if Regal were an Angel, he’d still have that quality about him that would make him irresistible.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t tolerate one of her Angels falling for a lowly being. Keir was devastated that there wasn’t anything they could do about it. He begged for Gloria to tell him how he could possibly be with Regal. Seeing his desperation, she told him the only way it wouldn’t break a law would be to make him ascend.

Keir vowed to make Regal ascend so he could be with him. However, he didn’t want Gloria’s help. He wanted to prove he could do it on his own. So he left Heaven and chased Regal down on his own.

When he told Regal that he had no affiliation with Gloria anymore, it was a white lie. He wasn’t in contact with her anymore, determined to have Regal to himself. However, he was welcome back into Heaven whenever he wanted.

But as he watched Regal’s sleeping form through a crack in the door, he knew that it would take some time. It was obvious that Regal wasn’t only an Incubus, but he was prideful too. He wouldn’t let himself ascend so easily. He had to be sneaky with it. He had to think like a Demon. It sickened him to have to think that way, but his love for Regal would make him do anything.

Keir opened the door and walked inside, coming up to the side of the bed so he could look at the bulge under the blankets that was Regal’s body. Gently, he ran his fingers over the thick fabric. He knew it protected Regal from the sunlight that unfortunately shined through his covered window in the morning.

The Angel jumped when Regal yawned and rolled onto his side, grumbling softly as he slowly woke up. He stumbled back, holding his hand close to his chest as he saw Regal poke his disheveled head out from his shelter. He squinted and groaned, pulling his head back into his cocoon of blankets.



“Close the curtains.”

“They are closed…”

Regal hissed to himself. It had to be a clear sky for the sun to shine so strongly into his room. He grumbled at dragged himself out of bed, pulling the blanket close to him as the edges dragged on the floor. He walked past Keir into the hall. This was the darkest area of the apartment. There were no windows to allow sunlight in, and it could be very dark when all the doors were closed.

He slammed the doors shut as he walked until he was at the end of the hall. He plopped down onto the floor and pulled the blankets around him. He sighed with relief, happy to be out of the sun. Keir followed like a lost puppy, already missing the sunlight.

“Regal, can I open the windows but keep the curtains pulled?”

“They wind will blow them open.”

Keir sighed softly, frowning. Regal peeked out from the blankets, glaring at the Angel who had a saddened look on his face. He couldn’t tell which was worse; Keir’s expression or the fact that open windows would shed in sunlight.

“Fine,” he groaned after a moment, “You can open the windows. But the curtains had better not move to let in the light or so help me I’ll…” he paused, knowing any pain he’d cause on Keir would reflect on him. He growled, “I’ll be angry.”

“Thank you!” Keir said happily as he flitted across the apartment to draw open the windows to let the breeze in. It was chilled, but still warm from the sun. The air helped clear the stuffiness of the apartment and made him feel like he was outside.

As Keir walked around the apartment, enjoying his daylight, Regal remained in his dark corner and rubbed his temples. It didn’t take much for him to get a headache. His butt numb from sitting on the floor, he pulled his blanket off to make a next to sit in. His wings curled around him, trying to block out the light with no avail. His now translucent wings did not help to protect him from the sun’s rays.

After opening up all the windows, Keir went back to check on Regal. He watched with mild interest for a minute, observing the way his wings neglected to cast shadows onto his body as they would have before they were see-through. He frowned a little and walked over. His footsteps cause Regal to look out and narrow his eyes, silently scrutinizing him.

Without hesitation, Keir dropped onto his knees and pressed his body against Regal and wrapped his arms around the Demon protectively. This immediately caused Regal to hiss and stiffen, squirming at the Angels touch.

"There,” Keir cooed, his sweet voice make Regal’s stomach flip, “I can protect you from they sun and you can use my shadow." Regal was caught off guard, surprised at the Angel’s reasoning. He wondered for a moment if he should push him away and move back under his blankets, but knew that would be less comfortable. He had to admit…the Angel’s embrace felt decent.

Regal relaxed into Keir’s hold, his wings fluttering behind him as they welcomed the shadows cast by Keir’s body. The raven sighed and pushed himself against the wall, sliding down so he was sitting comfortably in his nest. He let his eyes fall shut as he let his sleepiness drag him back under.

Keir was happy to see Regal allowed him to do something productive for him. He adjusted his position to he could also be comfortable, wiggling himself until he was leaning against Regal’s chest, his head resting on his shoulder. He couldn’t help but run his hand through Regal’s graying hair slowly, as though entranced by it‘s beauty. Gloria was right; even if Regal were an Angel, he’d still be too beautiful to stay away from.

“No wonder he made a good Incubus,” Keir thought to himself quietly as Regal slept, happy to be in the sunlight and to be so close to Regal without him running or fighting.

From this position, he could tell that even Regal wasn’t perfect. He had a small scar on his face; most likely from a fight. He was starting to get gray stubble from not shaving, and his angular face was a bit too thin for Keir’s tastes. He wondered what more flaws Regal had, not only physically, but mentally. Were there any fears or insecurities under that tough skin he had developed? Was there anything that made him softer and more relatable?

Keir was startled when Regal began to stir. The sun had shifted so it was no longer shining toward the hallway, covering them in shadows. He scooted back, rubbing his bleary eyes. Somehow he had fallen asleep. Regal sat up groggily, noticing that he was fully covered in shadows. He knew that it was afternoon by now. He stretched and shook his wings, the translucent feathers falling to the floor.

“What time is it?” he grumbled softly, his voice hoarse from waking up. Keir got up, his back stiff from the position he slept in and looked outside to read the sun’s position for a time.

“Almost two in the afternoon I think,” he said after clearing his throat. Regal nodded, grunting as he stood up and cracked his back, flapping his wings to loosen them up. He retracted them, hiding them from view as he shuffled into the kitchen, trying to avoid spots of light on the carpet.

The white countertops reflected the sun’s rays at him as he walked around, opening cupboards to scavenge for food. He didn’t feel like making an actual meal; not when he planned on going back to sleep until sunset. He found a bag of chips shoved in the back and grabbed that, slamming the cupboard shut as he grabbed a can of soda from the fridge.

Keir watched quietly, trying to stay in between Regal and the sunlight, casting his shadow over him. He peered over Regal’s shoulder, curious about the food Regal had chosen, “What is that?”

“What’s what?” Regal asked with annoyance, sitting back down on his next of blankets.

“That bag and that can,” Keir said as he pointed to it. Regal scoffed, shaking his head.

“You don’t know what this is?”

The blond shook his head, “We don’t have this is Heaven, and while on Earth, I ate organic foods.”

Regal leaned back, resting against the wall as he ripped the bag open with his teeth and dug his hand in. “These are chips. Fr-” He paused, an idea forming in his mind. The Angel only ate organic foods. He probably had no idea what processed foods tasted like, or what they were made out of. He grinned, “They’re freshly sliced potatoes that are dried and put into bags to be sold.” That sounded better than saying “fried potato slices with too much salt and preservatives.”

Keir looked at the bag, watching as Regal ate the snack, “And in the can?”

“Flavored water.”

“Oh.” Keir sat down, his back soaking up the rays of light that seeped into the hallway. His shadow cast on Regal, causing his own wings to flutter a little in attempts to soak up the darkness. “May I try one?”

Regal grinned, “Of course. We live together now, might as well share the spoils.” He handed the bag over to Keir, sipping on his cherry soda as he watched him eat a chip tentatively.

Keir made a small sound of surprise as he let the chip melt on his tongue, “It’s…its good!” It was amazing that something so fresh could be so delicious! Regal merely nodded, teeth glistening as he smirked wider.

“They are good, aren’t they? I always keep them stocked up.”

Keir ate another chip, and soon another, finding they were too good to stop. He paused; face flushing, “I’m sorry, I’m eating your food!”

Regal waved his hand, “I’ve got plenty. Go ahead and eat them. There are more in the cupboard if you want.” He handed his drink over to him as well, “Would you like to try this? It’s cherry.”

Oblivious to the sugary and addictive substance in the can, Keir took a small sip, licking his lips as he smiled, “This is wonderful too!” Regal hummed softly in reply.

“I have more in the fridge. You’re welcome to raid the kitchen and eat whatever you want.” He stood back up, grabbing his blanket and slinging it over his shoulder. “I’m going to head back to my room. Luckily my room is facing east. The sun won’t shine through my window for the rest of the day. I can get some more sleep before I have to go out.”

“You’re going out tonight?” Keir asked, nibbling on the snacks as he followed Regal back down the hall and into his bedroom.

“Of course. I’m a Demon. That’s what we do.” Regal tossed his blankets on the bed, finally peeling off his sweater and pants to change into more comfortable clothes. He heard Keir squeak behind him and chuckled to himself; of course the Angel would get flustered from seeing someone changing. He sat down on the edge of the bed after pulling on a pair of sweatpants and watched Keir uncover his eyes.

“Oops, not used to having to shut my door while changing. Usually people like to see me undress,” he purred, his tone mocking Keir lightly as the Angel’s cheeks turned red.

“It’s fine…” he mumbled, playing with the hem of his shirt, “I’ll just be more careful next time.” He looked back up at Regal shyly, “Should I leave you to rest?”

Regal nodded, lying back on the bed and sighing, “I’ll be up in a few hours. Feel free to roam, go out and explore the city. I don’t care. Just be back in before sunset.”

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PostSubject: Chapter Six   Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:56 pm

:Chapter Six:
Present Time
Central Park, New York

Keir took Regal’s advice to walk around the city while he rested. It was a large place, much larger than the small town where he found the Demon. He was surrounded by tall buildings, a sea of people, and the occasional rat. Pulling his scarf closer to him, he walked down the sidewalks, looking around in awe.

Regal’s apartment wasn’t too far from Time Square. It was a part of the city Keir recognized easily with its tall buildings and flashing tv screens. Keir struggled to move around as people were forced to walk around a roped off area where a new film was going to be filmed. He stumbled back, bumping into someone behind him. He turned to apologize but was met with a naked cowboy with only a guitar covering his privates.

Keir squeaked, murmured a very quick “I’m sorry!” and skittered away from the man. Maybe this city wasn’t the best there was if people thought they would walk around nude. It made Keir feel a bit more insecure as he forced his way out of the crowds.

Once he was in a less congested area, Keir continued his journey downtown. He memorized landmarks as he walked, knowing if he didn’t he would get lost trying to come home. That was the good thing about this city; there was always a building that looked just a bit different to remind you of where you were.

One of the buildings that caught his eye was M&M World. The large sign featuring the iconic red and yellow M&M caught his eye from a mile away. He was drawn to the building, curious as to what it was like up close. He broke away from the crowd and walked up to the window, peering inside. He gasped with amazement and headed straight for the door.

He took a deep breath once he was inside, taking in the smell of chocolate. It was heavenly to say the least, being surrounded by a rainbow of candy. Flocks of people crowded the large tubes filled with M&Ms. He couldn’t imagine how one building could hold so much chocolate.

Deciding to join in on the fun, Keir hurried up to the tube filled with assorted chocolates and filled up one of the small baggies. He didn’t expect to eat the entire thing, but he wanted to get Regal a treat as well. He had no idea if Regal liked sweets, but he assumed he’d enjoy it.

Keir reached into his pocket, pulling out one of the bills that Regal gave him for spending on himself. His bag only cost him ten dollars, which seemed like a lot of a bag of chocolate.

He left the candy wonderland, nibbling at his treat as he continued to walk around. The Angel looked a lot like a tourist with the way he looked up at the buildings in wonder. The city truly was a concrete jungle. He wanted to do nothing more than spread his wings and fly through the streets and see this city from the sky, He would have to wait for a cloudy day to do that so he could hide. There was no way he could get away with a mid day flight when the sky was so clear.

As Keir continued to walk the city began to fade away, and soon he was facing a large area of trees and paths. He had heard of Central Park but never imagined he‘d get the chance to see it. With wide eyes, Keir walked through the park, looking at all the scenery with awe. It was truly beautiful with its large trees casting cool shadows onto the paths. Sunlight shone through the leaves, speckling the ground. He hopped from patch to patch, staying in the warmth of the sun as he continued his small journey through the park.

Soft music could be heard from the other side of the park. Keir made his way to the melodious sound, reminding himself not to get caught up in it. He didn’t want to accidentally start hovering, or worse flying, to the beat.

Once he made it to the center of the park, he saw a small acoustic band playing music for some kids who were playing near by. Keir walked up to the small crowd that had formed ad listened happily to the cheerful tunes.

This is what Keir loved most about Earth and humans. It seemed that wherever he went, there were kind people who made others happy. It was these small moments that made living on Earth worthwhile.

He observed the people who listened to the band with him. Most were teenaged kids and young adults who were captured by the sweet sound of the guitar and harmonica. One elderly couple sat on a park bench a few yards away, tapping their feet to the beat of the bongo drums.

A small girl ran by Keir, giggling and laughing as she danced by herself. She seemed to be in her own world, her dress twirling around her as she spun. Watching her dance so carefree and happily, it warmed Keir’s heart. He could imagine her with Angel wings and a small halo. She looked like she would make a good Angel.

He noticed that the elderly couple sitting on the benches was smiling as they watched the girl dance. He could immediately sense that there was a bond between them and the girl. One of the Angel’s special skills was to see the ties that brought people together, whether they were good or not. The link between the couple and the child was warm and loving, and it made Keir swell with joy. He walked over toward them with a kind smile, looking back at the girl as she continued to dance.

“Is that your grand daughter dancing?” he asked politely. The elderly woman smiled and nodded, her gaze moving from the girl to Keir.

“Oh yes. She’s an outgoing little child isn’t she?”

Keir nodded and hummed softly, “She’s quite talented. How old is she?”

“She just turned nine last Tuesday,” the man said in a gruff voice. Keir could sense that the elderly man was not enjoying his company.

“I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you, I just wanted to tell you that I think your grand daughter is a very good dancer,” Keir said quickly. The woman just laughed and patted her husband’s knee.

“Don’t worry about him dearie, he’s just an old grump.”

“I’m not a grump, Elaine!”

“Oh hush Walter; you’re as grumpy as Mr. Dixon!” She said with a smile on her face. Her statement made her spouse’s cheeks turn pink.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who is Mr. Dixon?” Keir asked, wanting to get to know the couple more.

“Mr. Dixon was our neighbor when we were growing up,” Elaine explained with a laugh, “We lived in Virginia for a whole twenty years, and he was such an old coot, yellin’ at us kids for losing our baseballs in his back yard. D‘you remember Walter?”

“Oh I remember El. Trying to impress ya with my swing. Nearly broke a window or two trying to get yer attention.” Walter seemed to lighten up as they talked about their childhood to Keir. They had grown up on the same street and went to the same school. Walter had always had a crush on Elaine but had trouble getting her to notice him as anything more than the boy next door.

“It was when we were at the high school dance when I noticed that he had some fonder feelings for me,” she said with a sigh. Her hand reached out for his, squeezing it lightly, “He was such a gentleman, asking me to the dance. He bought me the most beautiful corsage and danced so nicely with me.”

“That’s the way to do it,” Walter said with a toothy grin, “Ya gotta play your cards right. You gotta be a gentleman and you’ll end up getting the girl in the end.”

“That’s such a wonderful story!” Keir said with a grin, “So you two were high school sweet hearts?”

“Oh yes! Closer than two peas in a pod! We’re still close too, maybe a bit too close!”

“Don’t start getting into that, El!”

Before Elaine could even begin to get into another story, their grand daughter ran up and asked if they could go to M&M World. Keir reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the bag of M&M’s that he had bought, handing it to her.

“Here you go. I just bought these, but I can’t possibly eat them all.”

“Really?!” the girl exclaimed, looking at the bag in her hands.

“Yep, go ahead and eat as many as you want! But be sure to share with your grand parents,” Keir said with a light laugh.

“Aww, you don’t have to do that young man,” Walter grumbled softly, not wanting to upset his grand daughter. Keir simply smiled as he watched as the young girl dig into the bad of chocolate.

“It’s my pleasure. I like giving back to the community.”

“Such a saint you are,” Elaine said with a small sigh. Keir flushed a bit and rubbed the back of his neck. He never would consider himself a saint. Saints and Angels were different after all.

They bid Keir farewell as they headed to M&M World, holding their grand daughter’s hand. The blond smiled warmly as he watched them leave. He was glad to see such a loving family who was kind. There weren’t many people like that nowadays.

Just as he was about to leave, he felt a dark presence sweep over him. At first, his heart raced at the thought of Regal. However this one wasn’t as sensual and warm. This feeling was and overwhelming and constricting, as if it was wrapping around him and sapping him of his energy.

It’s strange to see your kind amongst the humans.

Keir whipped around, looking behind to see who had spoken to him. Yet no one was there. Flirtatious laughter echoed in his mind, as if taunting him.

It’s fun to play with you Angels. So confused each time you hear someone else in your head.

Keir spun again, catching sight of a person standing in the shadows of a large bunch of trees. Cautiously, he stepped closer, keeping his eyes locked on the figure.

That’s right sweet heart, keep coming closer. I don’t bite.

He didn’t trust the Demon at all. However, her persuasive voice was enticing and hard to deny. He continued to step closer until he could see her face; rounded cheek bones and a gorgeous smile. Her wide eyes looked brown in the dim light, but he could see the flash of scarlet when the light hit just right. He looked brown to mortals. Her dark hair was shoulder length and wavy, although her bangs were dyed to match her red gaze.

“Speak aloud,” Keir commanded, stopping once he could see her face more clearly. She sighed, coming out from the shadows and walking toward him. He could see that she had a beauty mark on her cheekbone. She looked innocent, like someone he could trust; but he knew better than that. Keir narrowed his eyes as he watched her carefully.

“Talking is so bland nowadays. Everyone does it. Using the mind is much more fun,” she said with a grin. “Then again, you know all about that, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Keir said lowly as she came closer to him, circling him dangerously.

She purred, hands behind her back as she watched him out of the corner of her eye, “Ahh, but I think you know. It’s more fun to try and learn more about others and the way they think rather than their…living habits.”

Keir narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist. Her choice of word bothered him, and once he saw her smile at his reaction, he knew why she was here.

“How do you know Regal?”

“He’s an old colleague of mine.” She stopped suddenly, turning to face him. “And he’s now your…room mate? Very strange for an Angel to hook up with a Demon, isn’t it?”

“Our situation isn’t any of your business!”

“Oh, but it is.” She stepped closer swiftly, the movement causing Keir to step back with caution. “You see, Regal is somewhat important to me. Not because I’m fond of him, but because I know more about him that he knows about himself.”

His eyes widened in surprise when she said that. She knew Regal that closely? He couldn’t imagine how they were connected.

“What do you mean…more than he knows?”

She made a soft tsk and grinned, “I can’t just start spilling secrets now can I? That’s not a very trustful thing to do.”

“Demons aren’t made to be trusted.”

“Ahh, very true. So why do you trust Regal so much, hmm?” She asked with a coy smile. Keir paled at the question.

“I don’t trust him.”

“Don’t lie to me Angel,” she sneered, baring her teeth. “I’m not easily fooled.”

Keir grumbled to himself softly, “Fine…I don’t trust him completely. But I do…trust him.”

She burst into laughter, her low voice turning into a high pitched cackle, “This is simply hilarious; an Angel putting his trust into a Demon!” She turned towards the humans who were walking by, “Did you hear that?! This Ang-!!”

Keir grabbed her quickly and covered her mouth, pulling her back into the shadows, “Are you crazy?! Don’t expose us like that!” She simply giggled and pulled his hand away.

“You’re calling my crazy? You’re the one who fell for a Demon.” Her comment made Keir tense up. He growled lowly, causing her to laugh, “Cute, trying to intimidate a Demon.” She stood up straighter and curled her lips to expose her fangs. She lifted her palms and Keir stepped back, expecting her to lash out at him. However, a slit formed across her palm and ripped apart, exposing sets of razor sharp teeth.

Keir had only heard tales of Demons who could conjure body parts at their will. He never imagined he’d see it. She seemed to take pleasure in his surprise.

“I am more powerful than you know, Angel. I suggest you do not test me. I might have to take back what I said about not biting,” she said viciously, her voice echoed by the mouths that now spoke along with her. It was obvious now that she was one of the more persuasive and dangerous Demons, especially when she had this ability. The mouths on her hands disappeared once she closed her palms. Keir swallowed the lump in throat, making a mental note to never forget her ability.

“Then what do you want? Why are you here?”

Her snarl turned into a delicate smile again, “I’m here to give you a little insight to your new boy toy.” She walked closer, her hand reaching out to rest against his shoulder. “It might be easier to influence him if you knew more about his past.”

Keir glared at her. “Influence him? What do you think I’m doing with him?”

“Trying to make him ascend of course. No Angel in their right mind would honestly try to be with a Demon without making him rise first.”

He tried to hide his surprise. He didn’t like how she was easily reading him, as if picking through his mind. She smiled again, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Don’t feel bad, it’s in your nature to want him to rise. Angels are built like that.” She ran a hand over his shoulders, her claws gently rubbing at his back, “You don’t have to feel guilty about that.”

“Guilty…?” Keir asked quietly, glancing down at her as she smiled back up at him. He felt her hand wrap around his shoulder, her fingers toying with his blond hair.

“Yes, guilty. That’s the one emotion that really eats away at a person.” He could hear her voice in both ears, as if she was speaking to him with two mouths. He was almost afraid to look over to see if another mouth had formed on her palm as she continued to twirl his hair.

“I don’t see how guilt would be a factor in this…”

“It’s always a factor,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his ear, “But it’s alright. There’s no reason to feel like that.”

Keir could feel her influencing him, using her words to get into his mind to make him react in a way she preferred. He shook his head and pulled away quickly, putting distance between them.

“You’re like him.”

She raised a brow, her smile falling into a thin frown, “Excuse me?”

“You’re…special like him. He’s associated with lust…what are you-?”

She laughed, “Oh, you mean that. Funny you bring that up. I was just about to get into the juicy details about Regal and his affiliate sin.” The Demon crossed her arms and leaned against a near by tree, her head tilting as she examined Keir’s expression in an attempt to probe his thoughts.

“You can talk about Regal after you tell me about yourself,” Keir barked, growing impatient.

“You’re not as sweet as one would think. Very interesting.”

“I’ve learned that one needs to be forceful when dealing with certain people.”

The woman chuckled lowly, “Smart boy. If you must know, I’m akin to Gluttony, created in the image of Beelzebub.” Keir’s eyes widened slightly at the name.

“Beelzebub? He was - “

“One of the Seven Princes of Hades. Long before Jackal was crowned ruler,” she explained, nodding slightly. “He is no longer alive, thanks to the war that took out our rightful King.”

Keir had heard stories of what happened in Hell centuries before he was born. When Hades and Gloria were the sole rulers of Heaven and Hell, they had seven heirs under their wing. Gloria had her Seven Archangels, while Hades had his Seven Princes. They were created to serve their ruler and create order in their world.

However, one of Hades’ Princes was corrupt and wanted to take over. His name was Lucifer, and he was the Prince of Pride. When he attempted to take the throne, he killed off the other Prince’s who tried to get in his way. Only two managed to avoid his fury: Leviathan, the Prince of Envy; and Satan, the Prince of Wrath.

Gloria had sent her Archangel’s to try and save Hades, but was too late in stopping Lucifer from merging his soul with Hades and his consort. Luckily, Lucifer’s plan was flawed and instead of inheriting the powers of Hades and Erebos, he was transformed into a new being: Jackal.

Unfortunately, balance was no longer established in the world. Without Seven Princes to balance our Gloria’s Seven Archangels, chaos would take over. With help, Jackal was able to restore stability in his inherited realm by creating new Demon’s in the image of the fallen Princes. Although Satan and Leviathan were still alive, they were in hiding from Jackal’s eyes.

Jackal’s new Demons were not nearly as strong as the original Princes. To maintain the same balance, he had to create multiple Demons to match their power.

Keir stepped back from the Demon as she laughed again, throwing her head back with amusement, “That’s right Angel. I am one of the special Demons that are blessed with the powers of my ancestor. Just as Beelzebub could, I can manipulate others to take as much as they want without feeling guilt with the sound of my voice. I also have the ability to influence young Angels like you.”

He tried to move away into the sunlight, hoping if he could get into the open he could flee. She growled, moving closer to force him back into the shadows. Keir flared his wings, trying to intimidate her, but it only made her mock him more with her echoing laugh.

“Don’t bother fighting. You’re hardly a threat now that you’ve been marked.”

“I am still powerful regardless! I will fight you if you dare try to harm me!”

“I’m not interested in hurting you…yet. I’m here to share some gossip on your little love bird,” she purred as she stopped moving closer, seeing he was already pushed up against the trunk of a tree. “Do you know what he is?”

“Yes…he’s an Incubus. He is like you…created in the form of the Prince of Lust.”

She smiled, “Yes, he is the descendant of Asmodeus. However, he is much more special than that. Do you know why?” Keir shook his head, not understand what would make him so special. The Demon opened her mouth to speak, but fell silent. She grinned, laughing softly. Keir was growing to hate that laugh.

“Spit it out!”

“You sound just like him.”

The Angel stiffened, narrowing his eyes. She snickered again, holding up her hands. “Don’t get all flustered. He rubs off on people easily. It’s one of his quirks.”

Keir ruffled his wings, pulling them closer around him, “Just tell me what you wanted to say so I can leave.”

She sighed, rolling her eyes, “Always in a hurry. Fine. I’ll tell you, but since you’re in such a hurry I won’t give you all the details.” He remained stoic, refusing to let her have fun with his head. “He’s different from the rest of us Demons. He’s not exactly made in Asmodeus’ image. He‘s got more than lustful ichor running through his veins. ”

“And that means?”

“I’ll have you figure that out for yourself.”

The Demon stepped back and formed another tooth filled grin to form on her palm. A dark umbrella was spit out from the mouth before the gap closed again. She took her umbrella and opened it out, shielding herself from the sunlight as she turned to leave. Keir watched her quietly as she walked away, hearing her voice linger in his mind as he spread out his wings and flew back to the safety of Regal’s apartment.

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PostSubject: Chapter Seven   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:08 am

:chapter Seven:
Regal’s Apartment

Keir hurried back down the flight of stairs that led from the roof to Regal’s floor. As soon as he was on the right floor, he sprinted back and let himself back into the apartment, locking the door behind him.

Panting and heart racing, he headed back to Regal’s bedroom. He had to talk to him about his meeting with that woman. When he opened the door to Regal’s room, the Demon wasn’t there.

He heard water running in the bathroom and headed straight for the door, knocking on it impatiently, “Regal, are you in there?”

“Of course I’m in here, who else could it possibly be?” He heard Regal bark over the spray of water.

“O-oh, sorry, I just need to talk to you about something!”

Regal, who was currently in the shower and scrubbing the shampoo suds out of his hair, sighed. “Fine, just wait in the living room! Now isn’t the best time to talk!”

Kei groaned lightly and headed for the living room, sitting on the couch as he waited as patiently as he could. He couldn’t help but watch out the window nervously, watching the sun set.

Taking his sweet time, Regal continued to scrub at his scalp. He was going to be out soon, but now he felt like taking a bit longer just to mess with Keir. He washed his hair twice, took a bit longer to wash the rest of his body, and paced around the bathroom as he brushed his teeth and air dried.

After fifteen minutes, he couldn’t stall any more and came out wearing dark jeans and a navy blue turtle neck sweater that hugged his body snuggly. He walked into the living room, sighing as he passed by toward the kitchen.

“Alright, what did you wanna talk about?” He asked as he headed toward the fridge to grab an apple to shine on his shirt.

Keir leapt up and rushed to the kitchen, “I ran into another Demon today while in the park.” Regal didn’t seem surprised and continued to eat his apple with a raised brow. “She said she knew you and started talking about you.”

“I get around,” Regal mumbled through a full mouth. Keir groaned and shook his head.

“No! Like…more than that! She said that you to were close.”

“Once again, I get around.” Regal tossed his half eaten apple at Keir, who caught it with a somewhat unpleased expression. He set the apple on the counter as Regal turned on the sink and drank from the tap.

“She had mouths on her hand…”

Regal coughed a bit and rubbed the back of his hand again his mouth, turning off the sink again, “Ah. Now I know who you’re talking about.” He shrugged, walking past Keir again to grab his jacket and slip on his shoes. “Don’t worry about her. She likes to get into your head and use words to manipulate.”

“Like how you use unconsciousness and dreams?” Keir asked, somewhat curious. Regal looked over his shoulder, eyes narrowed with suspicion at Keir sudden interest.

“Yes. Demons of my rank are able to manipulate humans a bit easier than Lesser Demons.”

Keir played with the hem of his shirt nervously, “She said that you were made to be Asomodeus’ replacement.”

“I’m not a replacement,” Regal barked, a low growl in his voice as he snarled. “I am…” he sighed, shaking his head, “Don’t trust a Demon.”

“Should I trust you?”

Regal smirked slightly, buttoning his jacket, “No. However we’re in a slightly different situation. It’s up to you whether you find me trustworthy or not.”

Keir pondered that thought, wondering if Regal really was worth trusting. The Demon couldn’t help but chuckled when he saw the Angel actually contemplating if he could put faith in him. He turned and reached back into the cupboard, grabbing another bag of chips - this time sour cream and onion flavored - and tossed it to Keir.

“You must be hungry after flying around all day. Go ahead and dig in.”

The Angel blinked as he caught the bag, frowning a little, “Don’t you have anything…healthier?”

“Healthier? Those are healthy,” Regal murmured as he brushed by Keir as he headed back to his room.

Somewhat confused, Keir nibbled on his snack and followed Regal back down the hall and watched as the raven opened the window pulled back the screen.

“What are you doing?” he asked as Regal placed his hands on the sill and pulled himself up.

“It’s breakfast time for me. I’m off to hunt some souls,” he said with a shrug. The look on Keir’s face was that of disgust and horror; it made Regal laugh. “I’m just kidding. I don’t eat souls like the Gluttons do. I feed on sex drives, but that doesn’t cure my hunger. Demons need to eat real food too.”

“S-so…you’re going out to dinner?”

“No, breakfast. Keep up, Angel.”

“R-right…breakfast.” Keir rubbed the back of his neck, looking at the floor for a moment. Regal could see that the blond wanted to go with him, but he wouldn’t treat him just yet. He had a plan, one that he wouldn’t let slip up just yet.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so. Feel free to look around for what we have here,” he said before jumping through his window and flying up toward the rooftops. Keir sighed, heading back to the kitchen to look around.

The small bag of chips wasn’t much and hardly filled his belly. He scavenged, finding another can of the drink Regal had given him that morning. He was glad he found another one, and happily sipped at the fizzy beverage as he made himself a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Scared to head back out at night, especially with that female Demon lurking around in the shadows, Keir stayed inside and watched TV as he ate his dinner.

Meanwhile, Regal was scanning the city for the absolute worst food joint to go to. He flew over Little Italy and China Town, knowing he could find some grub that was delicious and terrible for the arteries. He landed in a nearby alley and pulled his wings in, slipping into the flow of people as he walked up and down the streets.

His plan to expose Keir to one of the seven deadly sins was flawless; make him addicted to the very foods that humans ate without a care in the world. Gluttony was by far one of the easier sins. It was simple to fall into a pattern of bad eating habits, especially when the foods are made with addictive elements like sugar or caffeine.

He groaned, finding none of the Chinese or Italian restaurants to be…greasy enough. Although notorious for being unhealthy, he could do better. He smirked when he thought of the many fast food joints that littered America. It was no wonder that Americans were stereotyped as overweight. Regal quickly made his way to McDonalds and ordered the greasiest, fattiest, and biggest meals he could.

Regal wasn’t a big fan of greasy foods himself. He liked the fact it was fast and tasty, but the additives and fats made him feel lethargic. He hoped that it would do the same to Keir.

Once he had his bagged food in hand, he headed out the back door and took off into the sky. It was dark by this time, the moon rising slowly over the horizon. He couldn’t see the stars as he flew through the cloud cover back to his apartment. Within forty-five minutes, he was returning home. The food was lukewarm by then, but still good.

He lowered himself onto the roof, tucking his wings and heading down the stairwell. He tried to walk in when he reached his apartment door but found that Keir had locked it. Grumbling to himself, he unlocked the door the same way he first unlocked the rooftop door, and let himself inside.

“I’m back with food. You still hungry?”

Keir looked up from his spot on the couch, nodding as he got up and stretched, “Yeah. Chips don’t really fill you up much.”

“I know. I went for the fast route to make sure I could get something back to you quick,” he purred with an easy smile, “Don’t want to keep you waiting.”

“Fast food?”

“It’s better than waiting a half hour for a meal to be cooked.”

The blond walked over, looking in the greasy bag at the wrapped burgers and fries. Regal reached in and grabbed two burgers, holding them up, “You prefer beef or chicken? Or maybe…” he grabbed a fish-filet and set it on the table, “Fish?”

Keir smiled and grabbed the fish filet happily, breathing deeply, “Wow this smells really good. I never thought it would.”

“It’s amazing what humans can come up with,” Regal said as he tore away the paper around his cheeseburger. He took a bite out of it and sipped at his large drink, heading back to the couch. He plopped down, kicking his feet up on the table.

Keir took a bite from his sandwich, making a soft mewl of pleasure, “It’s so delicious! Much better than I would have thought!”

“There is a reason why it’s popular on Earth. Fast, cheap, and tasty as hell. Of course, I’ve never actually tasted Hell before, so maybe it’s a figure of speech,” Regal chuckled. Keir laughed a little as well, sitting down next to him as he ate.

Both fell silent as they ate their dinner/breakfast. They both got lost in their thoughts. Regal watched Keir from the corner of his eye, trying to figure out if Keir was slowly falling into his trap. However, the Angel was also thinking hard about Regal and if he should trust anything he says; let alone his actions.

Regal took another sip of his drink, watching as Keir mimicked the action subconsciously. He smirked a little, knowing that this sin would be the easiest of the seven to complete. Crumpling up his wrappers and tossing it into the paper bag, Regal stood up to throw away the trash.

“All done?” Regal asked briefly, holding open the bag for Keir to toss his scraps away. The Angel nodded and gingerly placed his leftovers into the greasy bag Regal held. The raven laughed and shook his head, “It’s garbage: no need to treat it like it’s made of gold.”

“Sorry, habit…” Keir said sheepishly. Regal waved his hand in a nonchalant manner and threw away their trash. Keir looked up at Regal and twiddled his thumbs slightly, “So…are you going out tonight?”

“Out?” Regal asked as he turned, “Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“No reason! I just assumed that you’d go do…Demon things at night.”

Regal snorted, “Demon things? It’s much more specific than that.”

“Like what?”

The Demon shrugged, walking closer to him with a grin, “Oh you know, the usual: sucking the souls out of innocent humans, killing for sport, maybe stealing some cash from a local bank.” Keir expression of shock made him laugh even harder, “Damn you guys are so easily to fool!”

Keir ruffled his wings, some transparent feathers falling to his feet, “Don’t say stuff like that!” This was why Demons were so frustrating for Angels. All they did was lie and joke around. It was this infuriating behavior that drove Angels up the wall.

“That’s like telling an Angel to stop praying. You gotta learn to live with it.” Regal finished off his soda before dropping it in the trash and heading back for his bedroom window. “I wasn’t planning on doing anything for Jackal today. I was going to try and hunt down that Demon you were talking about and make sure she knows this is my territory and not to meddle with what is mine.”

He gave Keir a long glance, his eyes darkening slightly. Keir felt the soft marks on his cheeks chill, Regal’s brand searing with power. He couldn’t help but do the same to Regal in return, flaring his heavenly essence to make Regal feel the same sensation. It caused him to falter a moment before stalking into his room and opening his window.

“Don’t bother waiting up.”

Regal jumped back out of the window and dove down to the ground before pulling up to launch himself into the clouds. Keir hung out the window for a moment, watching his dark shadow fade away, before closing it shut and heading to bed. He needed a good night’s rest to deal with what Regal had in store for him.

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PostSubject: Chapter Eight   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:09 am

:Chapter Eight:
Two Weeks Later
Regal’s Apartment

Regal had been playing the good guy for a little over two weeks now, and he was starting to get tired of it. The constant praises and jokes were practically burning his throat. He couldn’t stand being with this “goody-two-shoes” of an Angel any longer!

However, he continued to act like he was becoming Keir’s friend, and perhaps his lover. His patience was being tested to the extremes, but he could see that his attempt at classical conditioning was working.

It was a simple concept that he knew could be used on the Angel. The only problem was waiting for it to take full effect. It was taking much longer than he expected, but it would be worth while in the end.

His plan was just like Ivan Pavlov’s experiment in 1903. The psychologist managed to condition his dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by repeatedly giving his dogs food at the same time as ringing a bell. Soon enough, they would begin to drool just when hearing the sound.

Regal’s concept was the same; give Keir delicious and addictive food at certain times of the day to hopefully make him crave the junk even more. After two weeks, Regal felt confident that his plans were succeeding.

Shortly after sunrise, Regal would turn on the TV and left the apartment to go grab some fast food. He was being adventurous by bringing home different fast foods, ranging from Burger King to Taco Bell, to even Pizza Hut. He figured the more Keir tasted, the more he’d be willing to have it.

When he would return home, Keir would be waiting; eating his grab-bag of chips and sipping his soda as he watched the same TV show that was always on at this time. They would eat, watch TV, and overall relax and talk about whatever was on their mind. They both avoided the obvious topic of their current living arrangements.

This was the normal ritual they did, and Regal was fond of it. Unfortunately, he slipped up one night and woke up later than usual.

The sun had already set and the moon had risen. He cursed himself for being late on his schedule, hoping it wouldn’t mess up his plans. He jumped out of bed and quickly changed into his clothes before running out of his room…

…and running into Keir walking through the front door with the iconic McDonalds bag in his hand.

“Good evening! Or…should I say good morning?” Keir said cheerfully. Regal blinked, surprised that the Angel had gone out and gotten dinner for himself.

“Ah…either is fine. You…went out at night?”

Keir nodded, sitting down and pulling out their usual, “I figured you were still tired, so I went and got dinner for us. I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t really have any cash on me. I used your wallet.”

Regal shook his head lightly, “Its fine…Father makes sure I have enough to get me by so I don’t have to worry about trying to have a mundane job while working for him.” He walked over, sitting down and murmuring a small thank you before taking a bite out of his burger. He glanced at Keir who was eating happily while humming the theme song of the TV show that was on, and grinned.

It worked. All of the time and energy it took to win him over wasn’t a waste! He had gone and gotten one of the worst foods a human body - or in this case a heavenly body - could consume all on his own!

He was so curious to see if the sin was final, if his plan was enough to make the Angel slip. He leaned closer a moment, trying to see if there was a physical mark on him somewhere. Keir glanced over, causing Regal to reach out and grab a packet of ketchup he didn’t really want.

“Damn…he’ll catch me if I stare.”

It seemed like more patience was needed. He would wait until morning to see if it was worthwhile. If not, he’d have to think of another plan; unless…he could somehow convince Keir to reveal his body. Regal practically purred with delight at his idea. It would be difficult, but it might be the perfect time to try. They had a whole two weeks to get close. This was much slower than he was used to. No harm in trying.

Regal casually scooted closer to Keir on the couch, draping his arm across his shoulders as he continued to eat. The Angel next to him stiffened slightly, uneasy at Regal’s movements. The Demon simply looked at him and smiled as innocently and boyishly as he could.

Keir cautiously leaned into his touch, resting his head against his shoulder. Regal remained still, laying his hand on Keir’s shoulder affectionately. The Angel seemed to not mind the touch, and in fact moved in closer to cuddle up to him.

Regal’s stomach twisted at the idea that he was trying to seduce an Angel, but sometimes Demons had to stoop lower than their level. He let his head fall on top of Keir’s, taking the moment to breathe in his scent. Underneath the familiar smell of his shampoo was the crisp and clean smell of an Angel’s essence, although tainted with darkness. It wasn’t as bad as he expected.

Keir tried to peek up at Regal to examine his expression, but couldn’t get a clear look at him without exposing himself. He wanted to trust Regal…to believe that maybe he was growing fond of him. Unfortunately, Keir knew better, and knew this was probably some sort of trick.

The Demon began to gently rub circles into Keir’s shoulder, trying to lull him to sleep. Slowly but surely, his ministrations began to work. Keir fell into a light slumber. Regal smiled deviously, waiting a full twenty minutes to make sure the Angel was truly asleep before attempting to manipulate his way into his dreams.

He shifted, laying Keir down onto the couch so he was positioned comfortably. The raven took a deep breath and expanded his wings to encase them in darkness, although his transparent wings did nothing. He gritted his teeth in annoyance and continued his ritual. On a normal hunt, he wouldn’t dare try this without some sort of cloak around them, but he was in the safety of his apartment and was certain no one would see.

Slowly, he closed his eyes and used his mind to gently pry away the layers of Keir’s subconscious like an onion. He couldn’t move too fast, knowing it was easiest to make a mistake on the outer layers.

The first few barriers of the dreaming mind were scientifically as recognized as REM sleep. This was where the body was overpowered by sleep paralysis and was unable to move. Dreams were also experienced in this delicate state of sleep.

Most Demons who were new to walking through dreams thought this would be the jackpot and would dive right in. However, this stage was so close to the waking mind that it was dangerous to slip into a dream immediately. The victim could wake up too soon. Not to mention it was painfully obvious for a lucid dreamer to know someone was trying to influence them if one tried to control a dream from the start.

Regal was much more specialized in this form of soul collecting. Being an Incubus, he was trained to slip into dreams, even those of Angels. He knew he had to dig deeper, past the deeper stages of sleep known as alpha, theta, and delta - in that order. This is where the dreams began to fade, and the body began to repair its cells. This was also where the body was easily influenced and not under the power of sleep paralysis. Sleep walking and talking could easily be induced, but Regal never played with that feature. It only made it more risky and wasted his time.

Once in the deepest depths of dreaming, Regal would slowly climb his way back to through the subconscious until he was back into REM sleep. Now, he was anchored to delta, rather than the waking world. If something were to go wrong, he could slip back into the stages of sleep rather than being forced out into the open.

This is his major goal, to ease his way into REM with a solid support system so he could influence his victim without being suspicious. After several hours of working his way through Keir’s mind, he was inside of his dreams.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting too see; Perhaps a dream taking place in Heaven or about doing some sort of good deed. He couldn’t imagine what types of dreams Angels would have. Regal wasn’t expecting it to be…so mundane.

He could see Keir, not finding it peculiar that the Angel was the star of his own dream. The Angel was sitting on the edge of a dock, seemingly staring out at the choppy water. Even in his mind, he was lost in his thoughts. Was there anything this Angel did except think?

Regal walked forward slowly, not wanting to startle Keir into waking. He needed to pretend he was meant to be there. The blond didn’t seem to hear him walking up, his footsteps quiet on the boardwalk. He stopped, standing behind Keir as he stared out at the water, expecting something amazing to happen.

“What are you looking at?”

Keir glanced over, not seeming surprised at Regal’s presence. This was somewhat unexpected for the Demon. It meant he was already a common subject in the Angel’s dreams.

“Nothing really…just thinking,” Keir replied softly, his voice somewhat hollow. Regal sat down next to him, his feet dangling over the edge and barely brushing the water. He noticed he was barefoot, which was strange for him.

“Thinking about what?” Regal prodded, hoping for more answers. Keir merely shrugged, sighing softly.

Regal knew that this was a dangerous situation to be in. He was already well established in Keir’s subconscious mind; one mistake and it’d be obvious he was pushing through from the outside. He had to act how Keir imagined he would. The only problem was he didn’t know how he should act.

He could act completely normal, but would that be too obvious that it was really him trying to pry into Keir’s dreams? If he acted more loving and gentle, would that be more accurate to Keir’s imagination? Or does Keir dream about him being the same cruel and mocking Demon he was? Would being too sweet be a red flag?

These questions swirled in Regal’s mind, causing him to lose focus for a moment to fade out of his dream. He had to cling on tight and clear his mind for a moment. Keir’s dream self didn’t seem to notice Regal fade for a moment.

For a second, Regal panicked, and decided to be himself. He chuckled a little, leaning closer to Keir, “You know, with that dazed look on your face, I’d think you were day dreaming about something pretty important.”

Keir glanced over at him, his face tingeing a bit as he looked away quickly, “Depends on what you mean by important.”

Regal’s shoulders shook lightly with amusement. Just like how he’d act in the waking world. His 50/50 chance had been correct when he decided to act normal. Of course, normal for him would be to try and seduce his victim’s while inside of their dreams.

It was dangerous to try and attempt such a thing with an Angel, especially one as prude as Keir. However, his curiosity to see if he could pull off such a feat was strong. He couldn’t fight back the desire to give it a shot.

“Of course, I speak of myself when I say something important,” he purred, sliding closer as he wrapped an arm around Keir’s form. The Angel’s face turned redder, but he didn’t move away. This was somewhat surprising, considering the conscious Keir would move away from any physical advances Regal might make.

“You’re important, but not that important.”

“Oh, not that important?” Regal asked, a light and playful tone in his voice, “But I thought you loved me?”

“I do love you!” Keir squeaked, turning to face Regal. The expression on his face was honest, but it hid something Regal couldn’t decipher. The Angel was hiding something…

“Really? I don’t know if I can believe that with the way you’re acting.” Regal pulled Keir closer, smirking against his ear and he softly nuzzled his nose against his hair, “I thought lovers were supposed to be close and honest with each other.”

“S-since when were you ever honest with me?” Keir asked, pulling away slightly. Regal sneered, cursing himself for saying such a stupid thing. He had to remember that Keir knew his personality better than his other victims.

“I just mean that if you want this whole bonding thing to work between us, we need to actually try to open up.” He forced a sigh, trying to sound like he was having a hard time admitting when he was about to say; although that wasn’t too far from the truth to begin with. “From now on I’ll…try to be more honest and…trusting.” He practically choked on the word.

It was convincing enough for Keir’s subconscious, which smiled back and rested his head against Regal’s shoulder, “Alright. I think I can live with that. I’ll try to be more open with you.”

Regal smirked, rubbing his hand against Keir’s shoulder gently. “I’m glad. I don’t want this to be harder than it should be. I’m sure Demons and Angels can find a way to get along somehow.”

“I think so too,” Keir said softly, closing his light blue eyes as Regal continued to hold him. Slowly, Regal began to become bolder in his actions; he kissed Keir’s temple and sighed softly, while his hands teasingly ran down his side to rest against his hip. Keir shivered slightly, aware of Regal’s movements, but not speaking against them.

Regal moved his lips to Keir’s neck, peppering kisses along the expanse of porcelain skin. Keir quivered again, a soft mewl escaping his lips. His hands moved over to rub Keir’s shoulders, trying to gently coax out his wings. They easily fell out from Keir’s shoulders, a blinding white light shining around them.

The Demon winced, trying to hide his face from the light. In Keir’s dreams, he wasn’t marked in a physical way; he still had his white wings. He let his own wings fall out, happy when they were too a solid shade of black. He curled them around his body, protecting himself from the white light that shone from Keir’s wings.

Doubt started to cloud his mind. If Keir’s dream self was untainted, would any sin placed on him in the waking world transfer? If not, Regal was doing this all for nothing. If it did, he’d have to dig deeper.

His hands roamed lower, brushing over Keir’s stomach to pull him into his lap. He crouched over him slightly, his face buried into the crook of Keir’s neck as he continued to tease his throat with soft kisses. The gentle touches made Keir shiver, his wings shaking slightly.

"W-what are you doing to me?" the Angel asked meekly, glancing back at Regal as he attempted to sit up straighter. Regal blinked, hiding his expression from the blond as best as he could. Was he catching onto his game?

Regal lifted his head and looked at Keir with innocent eyes, “What do you mean? I’m not harming you, am I?” he asked brushing his nose against Keir’s jaw. He knew he was being too affectionate, but he hoped Keir would brush it off.

"No, you're not harming me…” he replied, slightly stuttering. “B-but… You're doing…something…”

“Damn…he’s catching on.” Regal thought to himself bitterly as he continued to hold Keir close. “I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.”

“This…all of this,” Keir murmured as Regal placed another gentle kiss along his jaw line. “You’re never this…this touchy.”

Regal smiled sweetly, “This is how people show their love for one another.” His hands moved, trailing up Keir’s chest tenderly. Keir stuttered incoherently for a moment, his muscles tensing under Regal's tender touches.

"I..." he began, trying to get the words out. His eyes were half-lidded, his body beginning to accept the gestures of affection. Regal smiled, his fangs showing slightly. He used his wings to help push Keir over, looming over him as he lay against the dock.

“You?” he asked teasingly, his eyes dark. Keir didn’t respond; his face flushed a deep scarlet as his mouth parted slightly as if his words got caught in his throat. Regal took the moment to lean dangerously close to Keir’s face, their lips barely touching. His right hand moved to caress Keir’s cheek, his thumb brushing against his cheekbone softly. “Demon got your tongue?”

Keir's lack of response made Regal more eager to possibly slip in another sin. With the gentlest smile he could make, he bent his head down and pressed his lips gently against Keir’s.

The last time he had kissed Keir, it was when he marked him. Before that, it was just to make the Angel weak enough so he could escape from him. Now, however, it was different this time around.

It was always a new sensation when kissing someone in their dreams. The kisses were often more sensual, if not “dreamy” and light. Most times it felt almost surreal and unnatural - almost too good to be true. Kissing Kier in his dreams definitely felt…better than kissing him in the waking world. However, it was still warm and loving. It was still Kier kissing him, not a fantasy. He was starting to get lost in it when Keir’s hands snaked their way up Regal’s back and pulled at his hair to tear their mouths apart.

He hissed, wings flaring angrily as Keir pushed him away, “What the hell?” His focus on Keir was turning fuzzy fast, and he realized almost too late that Keir was forcing himself awake. Regal let go of the anchors that kept him tied into Keir’s dreams and let himself get pushed out by Keir’s waking conscious.

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:Chapter Nine:

Regal physical body loomed over Keir’s sleeping form, in a trance of sorts as he worked inside of his mind. As Keir forced him away, he was pushed back into the coffee table. It knocked over, their drinks and leftover food spilling onto the carpet. He grunted and rubbed his head, lifting himself onto his feet as he saw Keir stirring.

Most times, he’d hide in the shadows and wait for his victim to fall back asleep. But this was Keir. He was dealing with an Angel who could fight back. There was no where to run or hide. They were bound and unable to run away without the other knowing. So he stood his ground and waited for the blond to wake up with a start.

Keir sat up dizzily as he came out of his dreams. His head rushed and his eyesight went fuzzy for a moment as he tried to focus on Regal who stood at the foot of the couch, watching him.

It didn’t take Keir long to realize what Regal had done. He flared out his wings -- now transparent -- in rage, “You were in my dreams!” Regal snickered slightly and shrugged.

“Glad to know you’re dreaming about me.”

“You know what I mean!” Keir said angrily, stand up to storm over to Regal, “You tried to seduce me!”

“It was working too, until those meddling kids showed up,” Regal said in a monotone voice, rolling his eyes. “Of course I did. I’m an Incubus, it’s what I was bred to do. You can’t blame me for doing what I’m raised to do.”

Keir flared his wings again, shaking them angrily as he stood face to face with Regal, “I can blame you! I thought we were trying to make this work!”

Regal glared, his own wings slipping out to spread out behind him, “I am trying! You’re just making it difficult for me!”

“Bullshit!” Keir screamed, surprising himself and Regal. Angels were never one to curse or swear. That was more natural for a Demon. They stared at each other, wide eyed and wings fluttering.

That’s when he caught sight of it; the imperfection Keir. The proof that these two weeks together were not a waste. His wings, still transparent, had a dark spot on them. The tips of his wings were more opaque, more solid in color. The color that tainted the Angel’s wings was a dark gray.

He smirked, unable to hold back the devious joy that was welling up inside of him. It worked, it actually worked. His own wings tucked in as he shook off the laughter that bubbled up in his throat.

“What are you giggling at?” Keir growled, his eyes flashing a bright blue . Regal merely shook his head and turned away. “Answer me!”

“If I were to answer, you wouldn’t believe me would you? After all, Demons only lie, right?” Regal said coyly, bending down to set the table upright again. Keir hesitated for a moment before moving to pick up the items that had fallen to the floor. Dark stains where their sodas had spilled were left on the carpet.

“You’re not giving me any reason to trust you, Regal,” Keir said quietly, his voice still laced with anger. Regal scoffed, laughing to himself. The action only made the blond angrier.

“Listen, kid. I don’t care if you trust me or not. I’m just doing my job. So kill me if my curiosity overtook me.” Regal’s lack of care made Keir’s blood boil. How dare a Demon mock an Angel by acting like his privacy was worth nothing.

Despite being in love with him, Keir couldn’t help but be enraged. He lunged at the Demon, tackling him onto the floor as his wings beat heavily behind him. If his wings weren’t transparent, this would be a very dangerous place for a Demon to be; trapped under an Angel with their wings exposed completely. Regal was lucky in that sense, as he growled and clawed at the Angel pinning him onto the floor.

Regal pushed Keir back, his own wings thrusting out to help him gain leverage. However, Keir was strong despite his slim build and shorter height. He pushed back, his eyes glowing a bright white in contrast to Regal’s nearly black eyes.

They tumbled and rolled, much like they did on their first meeting in Paris three years ago. Despite what they have gone through, regardless of the feelings they had for each other, their DNA still was programmed to fight when near each other.

Regal flapped his wings hard, using the momentum to drive Keir into the carpet. He growled, his fangs baring as the Angel struggled to push him away. The Demon chuckled, his eyes darkening until they were as black as the ichor that ran through his veins.

“Foolish Angel. You think you can overpower a Demon?” he growled, his voice resonating with dark energy. He sounded less like a human and more like a beast. Any other creature would cower in fear at the tone. However, the Angel hardly flinched.

“What makes you think you can subdue an Angel?” Keir snapped back, his voice too echoing with power and light energy. It sounded as if he had a choir of Angels around him, all talking in unison.

Keir grasped Regal’s wrists and twisted his body suddenly, forcing the Demon to roll off. Regal continued the movement, rolling until Keir was pushed underneath him again. He straddled his waist, pinning him tightly as he lunged at him. Keir pushed his hands up to grab the Demon’s face in his hands to avoid having his throat ripped out by fangs.

Both were lost in the moment, unaware of the dangers they were putting themselves in. Not only were they both close to maiming each other, which would break the rules of Heaven and Hell, but they were close to exterminating their bond. If one died, the other would as well.

Just as Regal was about to bite off Keir’s hand in an attempt to get at his throat, Keir let his energy flare. He managed to wriggle his body enough to free a leg to kick Regal off of him, using his build up of power to help him.

The Demon cried out, screaming as a burning sensation exploded from where Keir had kicked him. He doubled over, gasping as the hot twinge of Heavenly flame licked his skin. His body was not really on fire, but the pain of it felt just as real. It took his breath away as he writhed in agony, hand gripping his side.

Keir blinked out of his rage, he gasped and hurried over to Regal’s side, “Regal! Are you ok? What happened?”

The Demon tried to respond, but could only hiss in anguish. Regal had heard about an Angel’s wrath being the most painful experience in existence, next to God’s wrath of course. However, he never imagined he’d be alive to suffer through it.

Keir pushed Regal slowly onto his back, trying to soothe him through his pain. He lifted up Regal’s sweater to see that the edges were singed. Once pulled away, Keir could clearly see the white hot burn that was on Regal’s waist where his ankle had connected.

“Oh no, oh no this is bad!” Keir quickly spread his hands over the burn mark and slipped into meditation. He prayed quietly to himself, trying to focus his energy into his palms.

He laid his hands on Regal’s waist, allowing the healing aura to spread out. The excruciating burning faded away slowly, turning area turning cooler in temperature. Regal sighed, thankful that it was easing away. After a moment, he opened his eyes to glance down at the area that was being healed. For once, he was glad that Angels had the ability to heal those who were wounded, even Demons. He groaned and closed his eyes again, wanting to rest after feeling like his waist, hips, and chest were busting into flames.

Keir stopped when he felt that the burn was no longer expanding. He sat back, sighing as he helped Regal to sit up. The Demon gritted his teeth, glancing down at the wound.

“What the hell…?”

“I think…I think my halo touched you,” Keir murmured, using the edge back of the couch to prop Regal up. The raven glanced at him, somewhat confused as he looked down at his wound. All that remained was a very white patch where Keir’s halo had touched him.

“I thought halos floated around your heads like some stupid hat…” he grumbled, his fingers touching the still sore area. At least it wasn’t burning anymore.

“Not all Angels wear it that way. We can have it wherever we like, but once we choose it‘s permanent,” Keir explained as he lifted the edge of his pants to show off the thin strand of metal around his ankle. It shone brightly, flecks of gold and silver embedded in the angelic material. “As a kid, I though having it around my ankle would be cool and different, but it’s been more of a hassle. “

“No kidding.” Regal sighed, cursing himself for being so stupid. Why he never thought about Keir’s halo was beyond him. It was the most iconic thing for an Angel next to their white wings. He should have assumed he would have it hidden someplace. “I’ll make sure I stay away from your ankles from now on…”

He grunted and stood up, wincing as his side ached. Keir scrambled to his feet, ready to help him if he needed it.

“I’m so sorry, Regal…I didn’t mean to hurt you…”

“It’s natural to want to hurt each other. So don’t worry about it.” Regal made his way toward his bedroom, feeling completely drained after a short scuffle. That damn halo sapped away any strength he had left.

They didn’t look like much, but those were weapons in disguise; designed to protect the Angel from enemy, namely Demons. They were infused with the purest energy that can be created by God to burn anything that was deemed “damned“. Demons were at the top of that scale, the most susceptible to their threat. Vampires and werewolves were next, then fairies, and finally witches and warlocks. Other damned creatures varied in between, but those were the top five.

Those deemed “acceptable” were neutral parties such as humans and humanoid creatures including mermaids and harpies, oracles and prophets, and earthly animals. They were not blessed and unable to bear a halo themselves, however they were not harmed by their touch. No other creature in the cosmos was deemed blessed except saints and Angels -- and griffins, although no one ever figured out why.

Some halos were designed with thorns sticking out. Others had razor blade edges that would cut anything that tried to touch them. Most would overflow with power whenever the Angel who owned it became enraged. That’s what Regal assumed had happened with Keir: his halo only did what it was meant to do, protect its owner. After all, Demons were made with claws and fangs. They used hand crafted weapons for protection, rather than physical traits.

Regal flopped into his bed, closing his eyes immediately as his head hit the pillow. He didn’t hear Keir following after him, and assumed that the Angel had decided it was best to leave him alone for the daylight hours.

He took this moment to call on his Father for support.

After a few moments of silent calling, Jackal appeared in Regal’s bedroom in a cloud of dark smoke. He loomed over his son, smiling somewhat fondly, “You called?”

“He’s more of a hassle than I expected,” Regal groaned, rolling over onto his back to face his father. “Much more of a fighter.”

“Angels were made to be warriors. Remember that.” Jackal raised a brow and waved his hand over Regal’s shirt to lift it up, “Ahh…you came in contact with his halo?”

Regal nodded, sneering, “He keeps it on his ankle. What a strange and useless place.”

“Not so useless is it? It managed to harm you,” Jackal said with an easy smile. Regal huffed and sat up, throwing his legs over the edge of his bed so his father could sit beside him. Jackal sat down, crossing his legs and folding his hands in his lap. “So, why have you called me?”

“I managed to place a sin on him. His wings are turning opaque again, but gray instead of white,” Regal explained in an excited whisper. He wasn’t certain if Keir was listening through his door, but doubted it. Still, it was best to not underestimate Keir’s sneaky nature. “I have six more to complete. I was wondering if you’d give me advice.”

Jackal chuckled, patting his hand on Regal’s back, “It pleases me to know you want your father’s advice. However, I can’t do anything to help you.”

“What?” Regal asked with surprise, “Why not? You’re the ruler of Hell. Surely you can do something to help.”

“Oh, I certainly have the power to help, but it wouldn’t be fair to give you tips.” Jackal turned slightly to clasp his hand on Regal’s shoulder, looking him in the eyes, “You’ve matured now and can figure out what to do on your own. I have faith in you.”

Regal smiled, his pride boosting as his father praised him. His wings fluttered happily behind him, although Jackal scowled at that. He quickly tucked them back in, hiding his blatant sign of being marked by an Angel.

“Although, this scuffle should have never happened,” Jackal stated firmly, standing up from the bed. Regal deflated slightly at Jackal’s sudden change in demeanor. He sat up straighter, furrowing his brow with confusion.

“I don’t understand.”

Jackal pointed toward the door, “He should have never been able to mark you, let alone wound you. You’re letting your guard down far too often. Any more and you’ll be wrapped around his finger.”

“What do you suggest I do?” Regal replied shortly, bristling with annoyance. He hated when his father would praise him, only to kick him back down.

“Punish him. Make him realize what he did was a mistake and make him suffer for it.” Jackal said harshly. Regal remained silent, unsure of what to do as punishment. In Hell, whippings were common place for punishment. As though reading his mind, Jackal paused and stroked his chin, “However…anything too severe, and you may be breaking heavenly laws. Not to mention you may start harming yourself due to your bond.” He waved his hand and sighed, “Make him sleep in the floor. That’s a simple punishment for the severe harm he caused. Unfair, but it’ll work for now.”

“How long should I punish him? Certainly not only for tonight,” Regal said as he stood up, wincing slightly as his burn ached.

“You’re exactly right. A simple punishment for only tonight does not pay the price of harming one of my beloved sons,” Jackal purred as he ran a hand against Regal’s cheek. “Deny him sunlight. Angels thrive on it and grow stronger from it. Lock him in the house during the day and force him to join you at night. If he continues to struggle, take away his human luxuries. Make him sleep on the floor, take away his TV time, feed him scraps of food. Continue the process until he is practically begging for your mercy. Break him until he is completely under your control. Treat him like a pet, and soon he shall obey like one.”

Regal smiled up at his father, bowing slightly with his hand over his chest, “Of course Father. I hope I do not disappoint you.”

Jackal gave him a quick pat on the head before stepping back, breaking the contact, "Now, I must be heading off. Do try and get some rest. I would hate if you didn't perform horrible deeds in your best condition." He winked, a grin spreading across his features before he disappeared in another cloud of smoke.

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PostSubject: Chapter Ten   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:12 am

:Chapter Ten:

Regal awoke with the sunrise the next morning. Despite the sun in his window, he forced himself to get up and trudge out of his room and down the hall. He went from room to room, swiping his hand over all the locks to the windows and doors. He continued on to the living room, braving the light as he closed the blinds and locked the windows and front door.

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Keir sleeping on the couch, his limbs dangling off the edge. Regal sneered, stalking past him to go back to his room. Now that the apartment was locked and dark, he could go back to sleep.

The Demon curled back up in bed, burying himself into the blankets and hiding his head under the pillow. As he drifted back to sleep, he wondered how easily the Angel would handle being locked inside for the day. A part of him hoped that the Angel would lose his cool and would start to obey his orders. Yet another small part of him enjoyed the fire that burned inside of the Angel. Regal decided he liked a challenge as he fell asleep.

When Keir woke up a few hours later, he was greeted with the sunlight trying to break through the closed curtains. With a large yawn, the blond got up and trudged over to the window and pulled the fabric back. He smiled, feeling warmer as the sunlight shined on him. He tried to unlock the window to get some fresh air, but found that it wouldn't budge.

Confused, he tried to unlock it, but the small lock was also stuck in its position. He quickly moved to the front door, hand grasping the knob firmly. He twisted his wrist, trying to open the door. No matter how hard he tried, the door remained shut.

Panic flooded his senses, and he quickly ran from window to window, trying to open them. His wings fell out, trying to spread out to full wingspan to help ease the sense of claustrophobia that was growing on him. Winged beings never did well in closed spaces, and Keir was no different.

Keir burst into Regal's room, breathing hard as he desperately tried to find an escape. The Demon glanced over at him nonchalantly, not at all surprised to find the Angel in a panic.

"Good morning," he said easily, stretching as he curled back up into his pillows. Keir ignored him and bounded forward, jumping onto Regal's bed in attempt to reach his window. The Demon growled as he was bounced around by Keir's movements and grabbed his calf, pulling him down.

"Hey! Get off, I was sleeping!"

"Why are all the windows locked? Why can't I get out?" Keir asked frantically, his blue eyes wide with fear.

Regal laughed, "Who would have guessed that you would be so desperate to leave me." Keir bristled, his wings shaking.

"I don't want to leave you! I just want to get out and fly!"

"Should have thought about that yesterday," Regal sneered, sitting up as he ran a hand through his tousled hair.

"W--what?" Keir asked shakily, somewhat confused.

"This is your punishment for burning me with that damn halo," Regal grunted, standing up with a grimace. His side was terribly sore and his back was stiff. "You're forbidden to leave this apartment during the day. You're free to fly at night when I leave."

Keir paled, glancing at the window above Regal's bed. The sunlight flooding in shone on Regal's back, creating a strange halo to form around his body. "I didn't mean to hurt you..."

Regal sighed, "I figured as much. Still, consequences must be made. Once you behave, you'll have your privileges back."

The Angel bit back a whine, nodding slowly as he started to head out of Regal's room. He paused, turning back to stare at Regal as he rummaged through his clothes to find a fresh sweater to put on.

Keir couldn't help but look the Demon over as he changed. His back was well defined, the muscles toned to perfection. Thin white scars covered his back, an almost elegant pattern of lashes that covered his back. On his shoulder blades, two light patches -- as if birth marks on his skin -- showed where his black wings emerged. It was somewhat surprising to Keir, that the marks on his back were not dark like his wings. They were similar to the patches Angels had on their own shoulders.

His gaze grazed up to Regal’s torso, just as he covered it with another dark colored turtleneck sweater. Even covered by fabric, the shirt clung to him just right to show off his strong shoulders. Regal turned, raising a brow as he caught Keir's stare.

"Something on your mind?" He asked gruffly, his gray eyes narrowing slightly. Keir flushed and rubbed the back of his neck, clearing his throat.

"I was just wondering what I should do while I'm...ah...detained."

Regal shrugged, "I don't care. Watch movies or sleep. But keep the curtains drawn shut. I want it to stay dark."

Keir nodded solemnly and headed back to the living room. Regal eyed him as he left, sighing as he continued to get dressed. It was still far too early to be waking up, but that damn Angel ruined those plans. He walked over to the mirror, groaning when he saw the bags forming under his eyes and his five o' clock shadow. he doubted that he'd be able to pick up any women looking like this.

He stepped out, heading for the kitchen to look for something to eat. Keir was there when Regal came around the corner, searching for food.

"Are we out of grub?" He asked briefly as he grabbed a can of soda. Keir nodded and sighed, grabbing the last bag of chips they had. "I'll run out and shop," Regal said as before chugging down his drink.

"You're going out? Now?" Keir asked, voice rising in surprise. Regal nodded, grabbing his black jacket off the coat rack. "But it's daylight!" Keir argued.

"Your point?" Regal snapped, still somewhat cranky from his lack of sleep. "I'm not some vampire. I won't burst into flames."

"But won't you get tired?" Keir asked with worry lacing his voice. Regal sighed and walked over to him, resting his hand on the Angel's shoulder.

"I'm not a child. I can handle a few rays of sunshine. So don't worry so much. I'm just getting groceries," he said calmly, trying to soothe Keir.

The Angel smiled a little, "Alright. Just don't get completely drained." Regal blinked, caught off guard again. Keir was wishing him well. Even after everything that had happened in the last few weeks, he was honestly looking out for Regal's well being. He murmured a short thanks and unlocked the front door so he could leave. He closed it behind him and locked it once more before heading out.

The light on his skin gave him a headache five minutes after he started walking down the streets. Regal rubbed his temples, gritting his teeth as he weaved his way through the crowds. He wasn't accustomed to the warmth of the spring weather on his shoulders. He preferred the night time climate. Tugging on the collar of his sweater, he continued to trudge his way to a local bakery.

He stepped inside, the smells of fresh baked goods washing over him. He sighed, his mouth already watering. Regal loved sweets more than he'd normally let on. Cookies and cupcakes were his favorites, but he had a soft spot for danishes. He grabbed a small basket and placed some of the various treats inside before walking around to buy the essentials.

Mundane tasks such as this were his least favorite thing to do. He didn't want to be bothered shopping for food he could easily steal under the darkness of night. However, he had a roommate to care for now...

He shook his head and growled, paying for his food quickly before leaving. What the hell was he thinking? A "room mate to care for"; that was nonsense! Like he would ever show compassion for that Angel.

Regal ducked back into another store, walking down the aisles until he found the rack of sunglasses. He pulled a random pair off and glanced around him. No one was near him, and from the way he was facing, the cameras were trained on his back.

Swiftly he tore off the tag and slipped the glasses over his eyes, shaking his hair over the edge. He continued to "shop" around before turning and heading back out of the store. He nearly made it out before he heard the shout of a security guard behind him.

He darted out of the shop, bolting down the street as fast as he could. He could hear the footsteps and shouts of the security guard behind him. As soon as he saw an alley, he took it. Half way down, he jumped into the air and expanded his wings. He launched himself as fast as he could, diving out of view just as the security guard rounded the corner.

Grinning and laughing to himself with childish glee, he spiraled through the air as he flew into the clouds. It felt good to do a bad deed, even if it was just stealing a pair of sunglasses. It had been so long since he had done anything devious, not including placing a sin on Keir.

The sunglasses did help him see better in the bright sunlight. Though it did nothing to protect his body. It drained him of energy, making him far more tired than he normally would be at this time of day.

His altitude lowered, causing him to land in the shadows of a large building. He landed heavily, stumbling a bit as he leaned against the brick wall. The Demon panted, feeling worn down from the sun. He slid to the floor, reaching into his bag of food to grab a cookie to eat to try and regain energy. He sat in the shadows, soaking up the darkness as best as he could.

After almost an hour of recuperating, he got up and slowly headed back to his apartment. He didn't feel strong enough to fly, so he walked and used the humans around him as shelter from the sun. For once, he ignored the stares of some women as he passed, not feeling up to flirting.

He hiked up the steps to his second story apartment and came through the front door, kicking off his shoes and shrugging off his jacket. Keir was sitting on the couch, flipping through TV channels with a bored expression on his face. However, when Regal came through the door, his face seemed to light up with joy.

“Welcome home!”

“Nn…” Regal grumbled, locking the door behind him as he went to put away his groceries. It was enough to get them through the day until he properly went shopping at night.

Keir got up from his spot on the couch and walked over to the kitchen, leaning on the counter as Regal slid a bagel over to Keir. He smiled happily, murmuring a quick thank you before taking a bite out of the cinnamon sugar bagel. The Demon yawned and went to sit down on the couch, flipping through the TV guide unenthusiastically. A familiar movie title caught his eye and formed another idea form into his head. It wouldn’t help place a sin on Keir, but it would scare him into obedience.

“Hey Keir,” he called, glancing back over to the Angel. The blond looked up as he put away the groceries. “Feel like watching a movie?”

“I thought I was being punished,” Keir said warily, walking over so he could look at the TV. Regal shrugged

He looked away and noticed the air popper in the kitchen. He smiled and stood up. “How about a movie night?”

Regal shrugged, waving Keir over with his hand, “I said your punishment was being locked inside. I never said anything about movies. Besides, I think you’ll enjoy this. It shows the life about humans more in depth. You are curious about humans, aren’t you?” he asked coyly. Keir nodded, chuckling a little.

"Yeah, they don't make sense to me sometimes.." he admitted, smiling softly. He walked over and took a seat next to Regal, easily sliding into his arms. It was strange for both of them, how easy they were able to sit next to each other. Although only knowing each other for a few years, and being stuck together for less than a month, they were comfortable with each other -- for the most part.

Regal smiled down at him, his fangs poking out a little, “The movie that’s on will hopefully help you understand how their minds work. Especially under extreme or stressing situations.”

“Oh…that sounds interesting. I know that humans can suffer from stress, while some thrive on it,” Keir murmured as he pulled a blanket over them. Regal turned up the volume as the movie began to play.

“It’s better in the theaters. It a bigger screen, louder, and very dark,” he said briefly, glancing over to see Keir’s confused expression. “A theater is a place where humans gather to watch movies on giant TVs, eat good food, and escape from their lives.”

Keir made a soft sound in understanding before cuddling up close to the Demon. Regal stiffened, somewhat uncomfortable by Keir being so close. He brushed it off and focused on the movie as it started.

Immediately, Keir tensed up, completely horrified at the scene: two men handcuffed to metal pipes in a dingy bathroom, a dead body with blood pooling around him in the center. Regal was unfazed by the scene, actually smiling when the familiar beginning of “Saw” began.

“I….I don’t know if I’ll like this movie…” Keir said quietly, his voice already low with worry.

“The beginnings are always slow. Just like real life. It’ll get better,” Regal said, his voice light as if he were watching a Disney film. He completely ignored Keir’s obvious nervousness and brushed it off as if it was nothing. His reassurance of the movie getting better did nothing to ease Keir’s nerves.

He clung tightly to Regal’s shirt, watching with wide eyes as the plot began to unfold. Despite it being a scary and gory movie, it caught his attention. The concept was intriguing, and it did make him question the motives of humans. He could almost say he was enjoying it until the flashbacks began.

The moment the blood began to spill due to Jigsaw’s games, the Angel's eyes opened wide with terror. He clutched Regal tightly, his knuckles white from the force. He was frozen to the spot, unable to utter a word nor turn away from the horror, no matter how much he tried to. His stomach churned as the movie went on, and Keir couldn’t help but wish that this was all some sick nightmare he could wake out of.

Regal reclined in his seat, completely unaffected by the sight. Bloodshed and death was normal for a demon, something he was used to seeing. He glanced down when he felt something wet on his shoulder and saw that Keir was crying silently, eyes wide and glistening with tears. He felt the tremors of Keir’s quiet sobbing and pulled him closer.

He didn’t know why he pulled the Angel closer. It was merely an act of reflex. Despite this being another form of punishment to teach the Angel to obey him, something inside of him didn’t want the Angel to cry.

When Keir pried his eyes away from the TV, looking up at Regal with pitiful expression in his eyes, Regal sighed and turned off the TV. He couldn’t stand seeing him like that. He didn’t understand why, but he knew he didn’t like it.

Keir whimpered, wrapping his arms around Regal for comfort he knew he wouldn't get. Yet when Regal didn’t pull away, he curled closer and buried his head into the Demon’s chest to try and block out the replaying images in his mind. He tried to focus on Regal’s rapid heart beat, the way his breathing seemed to grow heavier as if something were pressing on his chest.

Regal felt like he was being suffocated. He couldn’t comprehend what he was feeling. Everything around him felt humid and sticky, as if this growing feeling refused to let go. Something was bubbling up inside of him, and he wasn’t sure what. The urge was starting to grow at an immense rate, and he couldn’t bear the feeling any longer.

The Angel could feel Regal’s growing anxiety and looked back up again. The pained expression on Regal’s features snapped Keir out of his own fears and helped him focus. He sat up slightly, brushing Regal’s bangs from his face, “Regal…are you ok?”

“I…don’t know,” he murmured, trying to take deep breaths to relax. But he couldn’t, not when he could clearly see Keir’s face; the Angel’s face puffy and red from crying, his eyes shining with fresh tears. The Demon grimaced, forcing himself to look away.

“Tell me what’s wrong!” Keir said quickly, already prepared to heal Regal if he needed to. The Demon shook and shoved the Angel away, pushing him into the cushions. He stormed to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him as he locked the door. Panting, he stripped down and turned on the shower. He blasted the water, making it ice cold and jumping inside to try and clear his head and cool down the hot suffocation he was feeling.

Regal rested his forehead against the tile, letting the icy water drip down his back and onto his feathers. His wings shook softly behind him, splattering the excess against the walls. By the time the feeling in his chest passed, he was shivering and ready to get out. He remained in the shower, running a hand through his bangs to slick them back.

He desperately wanted to call his father to ask him what he just experienced, but he decided against it. He had just called on him last night. To keep asking him for help would make him look weak. The Demon needed to cope on his own, find something that would help ease his anxiety.

Hunting always helped him relax. Whether it was for lustful humans, or overall sinful ones, it cleared his mind. Regal stepped out of the shower, shaking out his hair and wrapping a towel around himself. He quickly moved to his bedroom, ignoring the worried glances Keir gave him. He changed into fresh clothes, this time a loose fitting tee and dark denim jeans before opening his window.

Keir, who was still worried about Regal despite the horrors he just tricked him into seeing, peered into Regal’s room. He was just as curious and distraught over what had come over the Demon just as much as Regal was. He doubted that it was the movie that bothered him, so what was it?

“Regal, where are you going?”

“I’m off to do Demon things,” he mocked shortly, his voice gruff and angry. Regal unfurled his wings, allowing them to catch the cool air. The clouds in the sky blocked out most of the sun, making it easier for him to fly without getting his energy drained more than it already had. He could smell the essence of innocents roaming the streets; it soothed his nerves somewhat.

“Are you sure? It‘s still daylight…” Keir asked, walking up to the window. Regal ruffled his wings, shaking off some wet feathers that hadn’t completely dried.

“I’m certain,” he barked, glaring back at the Angel. “Go do Angel things. Just leave me be.”

“But what about my punishment?” Keir asked nervously, walking up to the window. He could smell the essence of innocents roaming the streets.

“I don’t care anymore. Do whatever you want! Just don’t follow me.” He leaped out the window and headed toward the outskirts of the city, leaving Keir confused and still slightly traumatized in his bedroom.

Keir watched him silently for a moment before shutting the window and turning to rest on the couch. With a sigh he plopped onto his makeshift bed and stared at the closed window. He sat there for a long while, eyes drifting closed as he relaxed; but just as he was about to completely calm down, images would flash in front of his eyes and startle him.

He whimpered, praying to Gloria to help him get through this. Although she didn’t answer his calls, he did feel somewhat better. Keir glanced at the window and bit his lip. Regal did say he didn’t care if he went out. Not to mention that he was worried for the Demon’s well being. With tired determination, Keir threw open the window and took off into the sky, searching for his companion.

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PostSubject: Chapter Eleven   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:12 am

:Chapter Eleven

Regal hovered through the air like a bird of death; his shadow casting long shadows along the sidewalk as he looked for trouble. He normally hunted at night, but he was desperate. His job was to slip into innocent women’s dreams and steal their lustful souls, however he liked to drift over the city and cause some mischief from time to time. It was normally a lesser Demon’s job to cause mayhem, but he frankly didn’t care. Not when he was this distraught.

He noticed a young couple crossing the road as he turned toward the outskirts again. Regal lowered himself so he could read their auras. He could smell the scent of adultery on the man’s skin. Smirking, he angled himself back up, pushing himself higher into the atmosphere until he was brushing up against the dense rain clouds. He followed high above them, eyes tracked on their forms as they made their way through the back roads. Once they were in the shadows of the buildings, far from the high traffic of the main streets, he tucked his wings in and dove down.

His feet skimmed the roof of a building before he hovered to stop a stop, balancing on the edge. Regal watched as they crossed to the other side of the street, farther from where he was perched. His claws extended, digging into the brickwork of the building. He crawled down slowly, his wings keeping him balanced as he slowly crept down.

Regal slid into the shadows, walking at the same pace as the couple as they walked parallel to them. He grinned wickedly as his prey stopped and went into a small coffee house. Patiently, he waited from across the street, watching them as through the window. He couldn’t help but laugh when the man rested his hand on his date’s waist. Such a subtle move; Regal was certain he used it on all the women he slept with. A truly damned soul, corrupted with lust.

Right up his alley.

Regal was being extremely reckless, hunting in the middle of the day. He assumed the cloud cover would give him enough cover, but even he was acting careless by going this far for a small hunting kick.

After checking his surroundings, he let his demonic power focus in his palm, warming as it grew tighter and more concentrated. It felt like a spring being loaded into his hand. Regal curled his fingers, leaving his middle and pointer straight and his thumb up. His hand resembled that of a gun, and was as deadly as one.

Within the safety of shadows, he lifted his arm and closed on eye, targeting the man as they came out from the shop. He aimed at the center of his chest, and with a smirk, murmured the word “bang” in a snide tone.

As he flicked his wrist up, he let the built up energy release. In moments, his bullet of energy shot through the air and embedded itself into the man’s chest. Invisible to the human eye, there was no physical damage on the man’s body as he crumpled forward and clutched his chest. His partner started panicking and screaming, crying for someone to call 911. Regal merely laughed and sunk back into the alley, watching the chaos unfold.

He wasn’t a reaper. It wasn’t his job to take damned souls to Hell. He merely found it fun to take a kindred spirit back home. Regal sighed, listening to the sweet music of oncoming sirens and petrified screams.

Unfortunately for him, the shrieks attracted more than just the police. He felt the tendrils of warm crawling over him before he saw the flash of white in the sky. At first, he thought an Archangel had come, but was surprised to see that Keir had come to the rescue.

The Angel hadn’t planned on finding a human in peril. He only wanted to fly in the sunlight and perhaps give some humans good fortune, such as having them find a dollar bill on the street. When he saw the ambulance rushing through the streets, he followed until he saw the hurt man on the ground. Forgetting all the rules about exposure, he brazenly swooped down to hover over the man.

His presence merely made the crowd surrounding them scream louder: some in terror of this winged being, others relieved at his arrival. Those who weren’t frightened were probably religious. It made Regal sick as he watched Keir begin to heal the man he had shot down.

“Keir…what do you think you’re doing!” he growled to himself, clenching his fists with infuriation. He was between a rock and a hard place. If he remained hidden, he could easily get away from the situation. Keir would be in trouble with Gloria for exposing Angels into the human world. Perhaps she’s force him to go back to Heaven. She might even release the bonds between them!

But Regal knew better, and he knew that having Keir in Heaven wouldn’t break the link they had. It would only make it last longer. So, ignoring his judgment, Regal rushed out of the alley, pumping his wings to launch himself back into the air. He dove over the crowd, making everyone -- including the religious freaks -- to scream in terror.

Keir was allowing healing energy to flow through his hands and into the struck down man, just as he had done for Regal when he was hurt. Upon Regal’s arrival, he glanced up but refused to move.

"I am doing what I am made to be doing, no?" he hissed angrily at Regal who landed in front of him, "I am an Angel, after all."

Regal growled and flapped his wings angrily, blowing dust all around them to block the bystanders. When a human tried to step too close, he snapped and barked with rage, keeping them back. He walked over and grabbed Keir by the back of his shirt forcefully and yanked, “Let’s go. Stop meddling.”

“No! I will not leave until he is healed!” Keir argued back, pumping his wings to keep him away from Regal and closer to the human. Regal dug his claws into Keir’s shoulder and pulled. The action made Keir cry out in pain.

“Now!” Regal barked again, tugging. He felt a twinge in his own shoulder, their linked souls sharing the pain. Keir finally gave in, following Regal as he guided them up and away from the crowd.

Keir yelped softly and whimpered as Regal ripped out his claws from his shoulder. He held it tightly, trying to ease the pain as he glanced back at the crowd and the poor man. He noticed small and lanky demons flooding the area, leaping onto the humans and wiping their memories so they would not remember seeing the Angel or the Demon. He shuddered, flying closer to Regal as the Demon hovered over him. As much as they were annoying, they came in handy for times like this.

“You almost ruined everything,” Regal hissed furiously, “You’re lucky that Cleaners exist to erase these mistakes!” Keir looked at him sadly, although something deep inside resonated in his gaze.

"I couldn't just leave him there! You know that!“ he chided unhappily. Regal flew ahead of him, stopping to make the Angel halt.

“That wound on your shoulder is all I’m going to give you for disrupting my plans. Meddle with my affairs again, and I won’t be so lenient,” he growled lowly, his eyes turning black with wrath. Keir bit his lip, biting back a sour reply, and nodded shortly. Regal flipped in the air to head back to the apartment. Keir followed the Demon.

Regal could sense Keir’s despair and groaned to himself. He couldn’t stand that this kid could make him feel…guilty. He sighed and dove for the ground, barely missing tree branches as he flew through the tree tops of central park. He slowed down, feeling his feathers tugging on stray twigs as he perched on a branch delicately. It bent under his weight, creaking softly as he remained still.

Keir carefully maneuvered himself around the branches to avoid getting his feathers caught before landing gracefully onto a nearby branch. Unlike the Demon’s, it did not shift from his soft landing. Keir could sense Regal’s annoyance. It seemed to radiate off him as he hunched over the tree branch his wings bristling behind him.

"What is it?" he asked softly, not wanting to anger the Demon further.

Regal twitched and spun to look at Keir fiercely, “Don’t make me….” he muttered, his claws digging into the branch. His wings fluffed up and fluttered as Regal denied to break eye contact with Keir. The Angel flinched in reply, his face full of fear and confusion as the Demon poured his anger on him.

“I…I…” he stuttered, unsure of what to say. He knew that in Demonic culture, he had made a big mistake trying to save a life. However he knew he was only doing what he was born to do. Regal growled and clenched his fist, his fangs biting into his lip until it bled. That feeling was coming back stronger than ever. His chest was tightening, as if he was about to get sick. He closed his eyes and hissed, his shoulders shaking as he tried to push down the feeling. It came back in waves, making his head spin.

Regret. That’s what he was feeling. It came to him so suddenly, the answer to the problem he had faced today. Demons weren’t made to feel regret or remorse. They were cold hearted and deadly. To feel this emotion was blasphemy. Yet no matter how hard he tried, it refused to stay down. He couldn’t fight back what was coming up.

Swallowing his pride, he let out a shaky breath and gave into the pressure, “I’m sorry.”

Keir blinked, taken back by the soft grumbled response, “W--what?”

He growled, not wanting to say it again, “God dammit, I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry I hurt you! Now just stop making that face! You look like you’re about to cry again!” Regal screamed, wincing at the fire that rose up in his throat. Keir’s eyes widened with shock as Regal said the single name forbidden for Demons to say. He was frozen in his place, watching as Regal coughed and choked, holding his hand against his throat as the burning sensation in his throat refused to fade away.

Why he burst out at Keir in apology was beyond Regal. Normally he wouldn’t have the urge to apologize to anyone except his father, let alone an Angel. Yet it came out of him without warning, causing him to spot out Gloria’s formal name in vain. He was vaguely aware of Keir finally breaking out of his stunned state to hover from his tree branch and onto Regal’s.

“It’s ok, I forgive you,” he cooed as he laid a comforting hand on Regal‘s back, rubbing it softly as he allowed his healing abilities to flow into Regal to help soothe the pain. “I still love you. It’s ok.”

Despite the warm healing sensation spreading through his chest and up to his throat, Regal shook in agony. He closed his eyes and kept his head low, trying to focus on Keir’s hand. After what felt like hours to the Demon, the fire finally ceased. His body visibly relaxed, as if released from suffering. Keir continued to rub his back, although he stopped healing him, "Are you feeling better?"

Regal grunted softly in response and let his wings droop slightly. He did feel better. The weight in his chest was gone, and the ache in his throat had faded. He lifted his head, looking toward Keir with dark eyes. Again, the Angel had protected him from being harmed. He even said he stilled loved him after everything Regal had put him through. Another act of kindness and forgiveness he couldn’t quite understand.

With a soft sigh, he pulled his wings in tight and leaped off the branch, landing silently into the leaves below him. “I’m heading home…” he mumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets as he headed back in the general direction of his apartment.

Keir jumped down after him, landing with his wings out so that he made no sound. "I'll follow you then,” he murmured softly as he walked close to him.

Regal shrugged, trying to brush off the fact that Keir healed him for a second time. Although his final destination was the apartment, he wandered for hours, walking aimlessly through the city. Even into the night, Regal roamed, letting the darkness of the moon help reenergize him. Although, even with the moon shining brightly, he didn’t feel up to spending the night causing mischief. He had enough of that for one day. The Angel followed him diligently, ignoring how the darkness made his skin crawl and made him feel more tired.

He walked closer to Regal, so their arms were brushing as they walked through the park in laps. Regal’s wings were expanded fully, soaking up every droplet of moonlight. Keir kept his wings in tight, not wanting to lose the warmth of daylight that they held.

By the time Regal decided he had enough of walking around and headed back to the apartment, the sun was beginning to rise. He could feel the warmth already giving him discomfort. Keir, however, smiled when he felt the sunlight coming over the horizon. He casually made his way between the rising sun and the Demon, casting his shadow upon Regal to protect him from the sun‘s rays.

Regal felt the cooler air of the shadow on his back and smiled softly, letting down his guard as he basked in the dark. It was actions like these that made him wonder if Keir truly did love him unconditionally, like he said so boldly before.

He let his wings open freely as he flew up into the air, hovering in front of his bedroom window. Regal fumbled with the lock, feeling tired after a long night. As soon as his window was open, he stumbled in ungracefully and landed on his bed in a heap. Keir flew in steadily, hovering over his body as he watched Regal reach tiredly for the blankets. The sunlight on his back drained him more, and he lethargically made his way to the corner of his bedroom in an attempt to find darkness.

Keir turned and closed the curtains, shrouding the room in darkness. The sunlight tried to shine it’s way in, but Keir stood between Regal and the sunshine. He floated over to the Demon and landed next to him quietly. Regal curled up into the corner and closed his eyes, pulling the blanket tight around him.

“I hate the sun..” he muttered under his breath. Keir chuckled slightly, a soft and loving smile on his face.

“I figured as much,” he said lightly as he sat down in front of Regal. He sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs tightly. He rested his head on his knees and yawned loudly, worn out after staying up all day and night. He wondered if he could sleep after the day he had. He rubbed his eyes, groaning softly, “Regal?”

But the Demon was already asleep, exhausted after the long day. Even with the energy he had restored from roaming all night, he was still tuckered out. Keir smiled, examining his sleeping face as the raven slept.

He looked at peace like this, as if he were an ordinary human. No malice or mischief in his expression. No dastardly plans or evil intentions. He looked, dare he say, innocent as he slept. Keir wished that maybe Regal was innocent at heart; that if he wasn’t raised a Demon, maybe he would have turned out differently.

He closed his weary eyes and drifted off to sleep as the sun warmed his back, protecting Regal from the dangers of the sunlight.

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:Chapter Twelve:
One Week Later

Regal huffed softly to himself as he checked off another day on the calendar. One month wasted. He had only managed to place one sin on the Angel in the span of four weeks. He felt like he was failing at making him fall.

He needed to step up his game, start taking bigger risks. If he kept playing it safe and tried to win Keir’s trust, he’d never make it in time. He cursed his father mentally for giving him such a short time span to make the Angel fall. He could almost hear Jackal laughing in his mind, mocking him quietly.

The sun was going down and Keir was beginning to get ready for bed. Regal watched him from the kitchen as the Angel fluffed up his pillows and curled up onto the sofa; he was far too tall to fit properly on it and had to curl up in order to lay comfortably. Regal sipped at a soda as he observed him. He had stopped punishing him for the halo incident a few days earlier. Although he still had a burn mark on his waist where the heavenly metal had branded him, he didn’t see why Keir needed to be punished after everything that he had done. Regal thought that Keir had proved his loyalty enough within the short time span to know he wouldn’t try it again.

He finished his drink and tossed his can into the recycling bin. He yawned, still groggy after just waking up from sleeping. Running a hand through his tousled hair, he walked out of the kitchen and toward the bathroom to get ready for a night out on the town. He had no ideal plans; perhaps steal some movies from the store or seduce a soul or two.

Looking in the mirror, he saw that he still had bags forming under his eyes. Even after a few nights of rest, he was still drained. He ran a hand across his chin to feel the stubble that was there. He sighed, turning on the faucet to splash water onto his face before beginning to shave. Once again, mundane tasks he wished he didn’t have to deal with. It was the sin of sloth awakening inside of him. He didn’t want to bother with shaving, or going to buy food, or answering the door when the bell was rung.

The annoying ring echoed through the hall just as he pressed the razor to his throat. He growled lowly to himself and paused, “Keir! Get the door!”

The Angel, who was relaxing on the couch and reading before going to bed, jumped up with surprise. He heard Regal call from the bathroom and got up, shouting a quick, “I’m coming!” before heading to the door.

Regal had stopped locking the doors with his powers shortly after their incident with the shot down man. They now used standard locks with keys. Keir wondered who could possibly be coming at this hour as he opened the door.

Keir paled when a familiar face greeted him. Standing in the doorway was the female Demon from the park. Clad in black and orange, she looked like she was ready to go to a Halloween party. Although Keir understood what the color combination meant in Demon terms. Black was associated with dark energy, while orange was linked to Gluttony; just as Regal preferred to wear deep blues to represent Lust -- although sometimes he wore green because he thought it complemented his natural looks better.

“Surprised to see you here, Angel~” she purred, twirling her umbrella in her hand as she tapped the silver tip on the floor. Each clack it made sent shivers of Keir’s spine.

“Ahh…h-how can I help you?” he murmured quickly, trying to remain calm. He didn’t want to see her again ever. She terrified him and made him feel uncomfortable, more so than Regal ever did. He couldn’t understand what made her terrifying to him. Perhaps it was because he was recently marked with her sin; although he wasn’t aware of that just yet.

She tossed her umbrella into the air, opening the mouth on her palm to swallow it as it fell back into her hand. “I’m here to meet up with an old friend,” she said with a toothy grin, her fangs flashing slightly, “Though I’m sure you’re aware of that, aren’t you?”

Keir narrowed his eyes, his blue irises flashing dangerously, “Sure thing…wait here.” He closed the door, not giving the Demon a second chance. He locked it, just to make sure, and headed for the bathroom. If it was his choice, he wouldn’t let her in; but this was Regal’s company.

“Regal,” he started, walking up to the doorway of the bathroom. The Demon was washing his face off with a wet washcloth when Keir came up.

“What is it? Who was at the door? If it was the landlord, you can tell her I’ll have the money in by next we-”

“It’s that Demon I told you about. The Glutton.”

Regal froze, eyes darkening as he set the cloth down. “She’s standing in the hall?”

Keir nodded quietly, his eyes darting over quickly before resting back on Regal, “She said she wanted to see you.”

The raven sighed, walking past Keir into the hall, “I’ll handle it from here.” He paused, turning back to point to his bedroom, “You. Stay in there. I don’t want you coming out when she’s here.”

The Angel nodded, happy to be away from her. He headed back to Regal’s room, looking over his shoulder as the Demon walked up to the front door.

Regal feigned a smile, leaning against the doorframe, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” His eyes grazed over her figure for a moment, unable to help himself. She laughed lightly, her voice grating his ears.

“Regal, so good to see you. May I come in?”

“I don’t normally let other Demons into my home, Viraine. But for you, I’ll make an expectation,” Regal said with an easy smile. He moved aside, allowing her to walk into his home. She looked around for a moment and turned back to face him.

“Nice home you’ve got here. Staying put I see?” Viraine asked with a coy grin. Regal shrugged, closing the door before walking over to her.

“I’ve grown to like the city. The high buildings make it easy for me to hide.” He walked up close to her, his shoulder brushing against hers as he bent down to murmur in her ear, “There’s also more fodder to choose from.”

Both of them laughed, their voices mingling together to create and eerie music of mirth. Keir could hear it from inside of Regal’s room and shivered. He liked Regal’s laugh, but this sounded fake and forced.

Viraine sighed lightly and leaned against the couch, her red painted nails tugging at the fabric as Regal went to grab her a drink. “You know, I kinda missed being in your bachelor pad. You always furnished it nice.” Regal pulled out a wineglass and brought out a bottle of red wine from the bottom cupboard. He popped the cork out with his teeth and poured her a generous glass full.

“How else is an Incubus going to seduce women if he doesn’t have a proper place to take her?” he mused, handing her the glass. She got up from her spot and sauntered over, almost gliding over the floor with practiced grace. She smiled and took the glass, swirling the wine in it gently as he poured himself a drink.

“Very true. Though I can’t imagine you’ve had many visitors with that Angel around,” she said shortly, clinking her glass against Regal’s as soon as he lifted it. She took a sip and sighed, reveling in the taste, “You always get the best wine.”

Regal couldn’t help the low growl that rumbled in his chest. She was starting to focus on Keir. His eyes flickered down the hall, “I have bigger fish to fry, so to speak.”

“Oh? Are you trying to make him fall?” she said a bit too loud for Regal’s tastes. He sneered, taking a drink from his glass. He didn’t want Keir to overhear them, although he was certain the Angel could.

“That was certainly the plan,” he said shortly, walking around so he could move to sit on the couch. Viraine went to follow him but paused, wrinkling her nose.

“That reeks of his scent,” she hissed. Regal lifted a brow, somewhat confused at her statement. She waved a hand at the couch, “That. It smells like the Angel.”

“Oh, yes. He sleeps here during the night while I’m out.”

“You let him sleep here?” she said with a laugh, “You treat him as if he were a room mate!”

Her laughter was beginning to get on his nerves, just as it did in the past. He could practically hear Keir in his bedroom groaning as he tried to cover his head with his pillows. The Angel was laying on Regal’s bed, burying himself in the blankets as he tried to hide away from Viraine.

“I treat him as if he were a pet. If he were my room mate, we would have already shared a bed,” Regal said tersely, eyes narrowing. He smirked, the corner of his mouth turning upward, “You would know that well, Viraine.”

She grinned widely, her already large mouth seeming to grow bigger as her fangs elongated. Her eyes twinkled deviously, the color changing from a vibrant scarlet to a dark garnet. “I do know well, Regal. After all, you were my mate in the past.”

“Best to leave it in the past as well,” Regal murmured quickly before having another drink. His history with Viraine was made up of mostly juvenile mistakes. When they first met they hadn’t learned how to use their abilities to their full potential yet. Instead of indulging themselves in their studies, they often played in the tunnels underneath the castle. On several occasions, they nearly fell into the pits of Tartarus.

Once they were old enough, they started spending more time together. He thought that courting with another sin affiliated Demon would help him gain power. Regal had misjudged completely when he thought a Glutton would help him obtain it. It was almost as bad as trying to court with a Greed Demon -- it’s always take and never give with them.

Even as kids, their relationship had never been one that was gentle and loving. Most times they fought and scrapped with one another. Once mature, the only times of intimacy were strictly kept to the bedroom. Still, he never felt satisfied. Being an Incubus, he wanted to sink his claws into something tangible after a good romp in bed. Demons were always difficult because there was no soul to steal; they were already damned to begin with.

He never did find out if her feelings for him were stronger than he had assumed. He had broken off their courtship before anything permanent came from it. Regal had began to focus on his duties and on becoming higher in rank rather than finding a Demon to screw around with, let alone settle down with. If she had any hard feelings about it, she didn’t show it.

Although they had grown apart -- however, they were never extremely close to begin with -- it was nice to see a familiar face on Earth. She laughed lightly, taking another sip from her drink as she watched Regal swallow his down.

“One would think you’re the Demon affiliated with gluttony by the way your slamming that drink down,” she teased. Regal rolled his eyes and set his now empty glass down.

“Let’s just cut to the chase. Why did you come to visit? You’re not one to make house calls,” Regal said abruptly as he leaned against the bar and crossed his arms. Viraine was never one to be trusted. Her wit was sharp, and her tongue even sharper. She had a way with words no other Demon could match. Not even Demons were safe from her trickery.

“Can’t I just come to see an old friend?” she said innocently, her voice softening as she batted her thick eyelashes. Regal scoffed quietly.

“Not unless you have something up your sleeve.” Regal and Viraine stared each other down in silence, summing each other up. It had been years since they last saw one another. They had both gotten much stronger, and much more experienced in their field.

Their long silence confused Keir, who was sitting with his ear pressed against the wall. His curiosity got the best of him and he wanted to know why she was here. She already told Keir what she wanted him to know, although she left out details about Regal. Maybe she would slip up when talking to him. He might learn what else Regal may be hiding about himself.

Although Keir couldn’t see it from Regal‘s bedroom, Viraine smiled and shook her head slightly. “You know me too well,” she whispered. Regal remained stoic as she finished her drink in one solid swallow, and walked over to him, “Perhaps a bit too much. You know every detail about me, don’t you?”

“I can’t say I know every detail,” Regal said sternly, his voice loud and clear enough for Keir to listen. He knew that the Angel would be eavesdropping, and for some reason he wanted him to listen in.

Viraine snarled, her eyes turning to slits as she glared at Regal, “I’m not here to play guessing games, Regal. I am here for answers.”

“Such as?”

She thrust her hand out, pointing down the hall, “Why is that Angel living in this apartment with you?”

“We’re bound. As I marked him, he marked me. He owns me as much as I own him,” Regal snarled, his voice sharp. It was hard to admit that he let an Angel mark him. Her eyes flashed red, signaling to Regal that she didn’t believe him. “If you don’t believe me, look at my wings!” He barked as he flared them out, showing how transparent they were. It stung his pride to show them to her. He didn’t want anyone to see just how foolish he had been, how big of a mistake he had made. She didn’t seem impressed.

“I already know you were marked!” Viraine reached out to brush her fingertips against Regal’s cheeks. The gesture would have once sparked desire in his gut, but now it made him seethe. “You share the same mark,” she murmured softly. She stepped closer, until their bodies were almost touching. Regal remained stiff as she backed him against the counter. “Tell me, did you mark him the same way you do all your victims?” She stood up on her tiptoes, her lips barely brushing against Regal’s, “Or was he special?”

Regal let his eyes close for a moment, controlling himself before he shoved her back. “Step that close to me again and I will rip out your throat,” he growled menacingly, baring his fangs. She hissed in response, her hands flexing as her secondary mouths opened and screeched. The sound grated Regal’s ears, and he knew that Keir must be suffering from the sound as well.

She moved closer to Regal, rounding him slightly so she was heading for the hall. Regal quickly shifted to move in way, his back facing the bedroom where Keir was sheltered. He spread out his wings, the tips brushing against the walls, blocking her path.

“You’re protecting him? You’re protecting an Angel?!” she screeched, eyes wide with rage. Regal growled lowly, not letting wrath consume him. He needed to have complete control in the situation.

“He is my property. I will not let any other Demon touch him,” he warned, his voice bellowing with sincerity. “I will fight anyone who tries to lay a finger on him.”

“Possessive, aren’t we?” Viraine mocked, “Tell me, how are you going to keep protecting him if your plan to make him fall? That‘s not very caring of you.” Regal’s eyes seemed to flash darkly in response. She grinned, his lips pulling back to show off her fangs, “That’s what I thought.”

“I am not one to care about others. He is my sole property until he has fallen. Once he is a Demon, I will abandon him and move on, just as I did to you.” He spat in a hushed tone, making Viraine seem to seethe with anger. “Mark my words, Viraine. I will succeed, and I don‘t need anyone else to interfere.”

Viraine stood up straighter, willing her extra mouths to seal shut before. She took a deep breath, calming herself for a moment before stepping back. “It’ll be fun seeing you try. You know the risks of having and Angel as a pet. I came here to help free you, but you refuse my assistance.” She pulled off her necklace, the black gem attached glowing a deep violet before a small portal opened before her feet. “Try not to bleach those wings while I’m gone.”

She hopped through the doorway, the seal closing behind her. Regal watched as the portal dissipated from view, furling his wings in before releasing a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding. She had said she was trying to help, but how would harming Keir possibly help him?

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:Chapter Thirteen:

Keir stepped out of the bedroom cautiously, peeking down the hall before fully coming out. “Regal?” he called out softly, not wanting Viraine to hear him, “Is she still there?”

He could see Regal’s back in the hall, the light casting long shadows that reached down the corridor. He turned, glancing over his shoulder towards Keir. The shadows masked his face, but the Angel could see Regal’s eyes glowing a light gray.

“She’s gone for now.”

The Angel came from his hiding place and up to Regal. He looked at his companion for a moment, trying to read the expression on his face. He seemed conflicted, as if battling something inside of himself. He couldn’t imagine what Regal must be going through, so he simply wrapped his arms around Regal and hugged him. Regal went rigid, caught off guard by Keir’s action, “What are you doing?”

“Hugging you,” Keir said simply, his voice light with compassion. Regal sighed and let Keir hug him for a few moments before lifting his hand to pat Keir’s head.

“Alright alright, you can let go now. It’s not like I got hurt again,” he grumbled, shrugging Keir’s arms away from him. The Angel chuckled softly and smiled up at him. His blue eyes showed nothing but concern and adoration. He cleared his throat and glanced at the clock on the wall. “I have to head out. I have business to attend to.”

“Does that involve shooting down more innocents?” Keir asked warily, his voice suddenly very cold and serious.

Regal shook his head silently, “I’m not planning on trying to shoot down more innocents for a while. I have bigger matters to deal with, such as feeding.” Keir raised a brow with confusion, causing Regal to roll his eyes, “I’m in Incubus. When I reap souls for Jackal through dreams, I also take some of the energy as well. It makes me stronger. I’m sure it’s the same for Angels as well.”

“Oh!” Keir said with understanding, “Yes, that makes sense. Although Angels don’t feed off of human souls. We get more powerful through prayer.”

“Prayer?” Regal scoffed, his expression turning into one of amusement, “How do prayers help you get stronger?”

“Easy! When a person prays, an Angel is sent to try and respond. The more people who are praying at once, the more energy is sent to the Angel,” Keir explained enthusiastically. “It’s like if a group of people were praying for someone to get over an illness. The more people praying at once for the ill person, the stronger the Angel will get if he can succeed.”

Regal had to admit, it was interesting. It was no wonder some Angels were stronger than others. “So it all depends on whether or not you can answer a prayer, and how many people are praying at that time.” Keir nodded with a grin. “It sounds complicated,” Regal mused.

“Your ways of getting energy sounds complicated to us too. Having to go into someone’s mind seems much more difficult that placing blessings,” Keir said with a huff.

“Practice makes perfect I suppose,” Regal said gently with a smile, a genuine smile that caught both of them off guard. Keir beamed up at him, happy to see Regal’s first true smile. Regal looked down at Keir’s hands and reached out to take one, lacing their fingers together. “I have an idea. Would you like to come with me on my appointment?”

“Go with you?” Keir asked hesitantly, his hand gripping Regal’s a bit tighter, “I don’t know…I wouldn’t like to see any more violence…”

“It won’t be violent. It’s more like window-shopping rather than actual soul collecting, “Regal explained smoothly. “I would like to have some company with me.”

Keir paused for a moment, trying to decide if he should believe Regal. The Demon had tricked him multiple times before, why would this be any different? However…he had just heard Regal say he would protect Keir from Viraine, and from any other Demon that tried to get near him. Maybe he was warming up to the idea of having him around.

“Alright, that sounds fun!” Keir decided with a giggle. Regal smiled again and tugged on Keir’s hand lightly.

“Then let’s head out. I have plans to go to one of the clubs here. Lots of people to observe. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a soul that needs some saving,” Regal threw in at the last second. He wanted Keir to feel like going out with him on this “date” would be worthwhile. If there was a possibility of Keir saving a soul, he’d let him take it.

“Let me just change into something warm,” Keir said quickly, hurrying over to the small basket of clothes that was filled with new clothes Regal had bought for Keir. He pulled on a jacket and wrapped a scarf around his neck before hurrying back to Regal.

Regal pulled out his pocket watch, clicking open the secret hatch to reveal another small black gem. He created a second portal, murmuring his destination under his breath before stepping aside to let Keir go through first. The Angel walked forward, nervous to step through again. He glanced over at Regal who assured him it didn’t lead to Hell. Keir nodded and stepped through, Regal following close behind him.

Keir glanced around, trying to figure out where they had traveled. It wasn’t exactly what he imagined. The street was lined with buildings, flashing lights, and tons of people. The sounds of a carnival filled his ears and made him dizzy. The pavement sloped down to a large pier, where a huge two story boat sat waiting. People in blue smocks crowded the dock, pushing their way onto the boat. As it pulled away, Keir looked up to see that it was heading toward two large waterfalls that sprayed with water as they came closer.

“Niagara Falls. On the Canadian side. This area is much more fun than the American side in my opinion,” Regal said briefly as he landed next to him, closing his portal behind him.

Keir looked back at Regal with amazement. “I can’t believe this, it’s like a festival!” Regal chuckled again and took Keir’s hand, leading him down the street toward the crowd.

Keir looked around as they walked by, looking into the different buildings with amazement. Wax figures greeted him from inside the wax museum and a large gorilla figure hovered over him from the top of the Ripley’s museum. The bright flashing lights of the ferris wheel in the center of the strip caught his eye, and Keir tugged on Regal’s hand as if he were a small child.

“Regal, let’s go on the ferris wheel!”

“No can do,” Regal murmured as he pulled Keir along side with him. He headed away from the crowd, down a back road, “We’re still on business. We have places to be.” Regal continued to guide Keir through the streets, heading away from the hustle and bustle of the Falls, and headed deeper into the run down city.

He finally stopped in front of an old vacant building on the outskirts of town. It looked like it was an old home that was now forgotten. The siding was beginning to peel away and the windows were boarded up. The door hinges were rusted and squeaked when Regal forced it open, leading them into a dark foyer. Keir timidly followed Regal as he walked inside, jumping when the door slammed shut.

He huddled close to Regal, practically walking on his heels as they walked through the hall toward the cellar. Regal could see easily in the darkness, his pupils dilated until his eyes were a deep black color. His hand reached out to take Keir’s, directing the Angel in the right direction.

They began to descend down the stairs, going deeper and deeper into the darkness. Keir’s hand squeezed Regal’s tightly, his wings pulling out slightly.

“Keep those in. Your kind isn’t easily welcomed here,” Regal warned. Keir nodded and tucked his wings back in fully. Now he could hear the thrum of music beating from deep inside the cellar. The stairwell seemed to descend impossibly deep, never coming to an end.

“Where are we going?” he asked softly, afraid that if he spoke too loud, he might ruin whatever plans Regal had.

“An underground club for the damned. Demons, vampires, werefolk, and the like,” Regal explained. “That’s why if you pulled out your wings, we might be in some trouble.” Keir made a small sound of understanding.

“So why are we here?”

“Like I said at the apartment, we’re window-shopping. Sometimes human souls just don’t have the right flavor.” Regal smirked, licking his lips as he reached the bottom of the stairwell and pressed his hand against the wall. It pushed under his weight, moving to the side to lead them down another corridor. It was just as dark, but small torch lights lit the way. The music was much louder now and flashing lights could be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Keir caught the tone in Regal’s voice and instantly understood why they were here. Regal was looking for a potential soul to steal via dreams. He was looking for a one night stand.

Regal pushed back a curtain at the end of the hall to reveal a large cove where flashing lights dangled from the ceiling and artificial smoke clouded the room. The smell of witch brew, an intoxicating drink common among places like this, overwhelmed Keir and caused him to cringe slightly. Regal didn’t seem to mind the smell, and in fact embraced it as he took in a deep breath and smiled.

Dozens of the damned creatures were dancing to the pumping bass music that echoed in the small cavern. Vampires and werewolves danced against each other without any hint of rivalry. Keir even saw a lesser demon serving a warlock a sparkling drink at the makeshift bar. Regal made his way over toward the crowd, leaving Keir by the wall.

This was his element. He was bred to thrive in places where alcohol destroyed inhibitions and the mind was clouded by carnal urges. After minutes, he was up against a well dressed vampire who continued to flash her fangs at him with a dark look in her eye. He had to admit, the idea of biting was a turn on for him. He flashed his own fangs, albeit not nearly as impressive as hers, and got a chuckle out of her. He put her on his mental check-list before moving off to find another potential meal.

Keir stood toward the side, hiding in the shadows. He knew that it did nothing to protect him from this dark world. He was certain they could sense he wasn’t like them by the way their glanced over and snarled. He kept his wings pulled painfully tight, afraid to let one feather show. He watched Regal move from woman to woman, and sometimes even hovering around a stray man. It made his stomach churn to think that Regal would be searching for someone better. He didn’t have to look for affection when he had Keir right next to him. Was this feeling easting away at him jealousy?

He felt something brush up next to him and squeaked, shying away. A werewolf, a female, stood close to him. She growled lightly, her tail swishing against Keir’s leg.

“You look a little lost, hun,” she purred, her voice low and gravely. To Keir, it made her just a little less attractive; one thing he enjoyed about Regal was how smooth his voice was.

“I’m with a friend…” he said timidly, her arms circling himself. She looked over toward the crowd, her yellow eyes flashing with the lights.

“Oh I see him, that Demon hmm?”

Keir nodded. The werewolf chuckled hoarsely and sighed, “That’s such a shame. It looks like he’s not really taking notice to you.”

The Angel narrowed his eyes with annoyance, “What do you mean?”

“Just look at him!” She barked, pointing over at Regal who was dancing up against another person, though Keir couldn’t tell what species she was -- probably a fairy.

“He’s…working,” Keir grumbled, leaning against the wall. She seemed to scoff at the idea. “He is! He brought me along--”

“For show?”

The words stung him, sparking a feeling inside of him that made him want to yell at the she-wolf and prove her wrong. Is eyes flashed a bright white, causing her to step back slightly. She growled, her lupine ears falling back aggressively. Keir felt his wings threatening to flare out, his shoulder blades itching to show off his wide wingspan.

Before he could do anything irrational and dangerous, he caught sight of Regal heading back toward him in the crowd. His face looked hard and unreadable, yet his eyes were dark with hostility.

“Step away from my property,” he said lowly, striding up between Keir and the she-wolf. He boldly flared his wings, unafraid to display them. In the dark, they looked solid again; massive and as dark as tar.

“Your property?” she snarled, her eyes turning to slits as she eyed Regal down. Keir moved behind him, shaken out of his sudden aggressive state. Her gaze flickered to Keir, staring at him harshly before laughing -- her voice shrill like a hyena’s laugh. “You telling me that guy is your pet?”

“Of course not. He‘s my subordinate,” Regal said smoothly, not affected by the remark. “Don’t confuse him for your kind. Dogs like you are kept as pets,” he snapped back, his voice laced with malice. She seemed to bristle at the remark, a low growl forming deep in her chest. Regal smirked and turned to face Keir, taking his arm to lead him away from the she-wolf.

“Regal, that was rude of you…” Keir murmured softly, glancing back to look at the canine as she headed back to her small pack. Regal scoffed lightly.

“And letting her call you a pet wasn’t?” Regal stopped, pushing Keir against the wall roughly. Keir could feel the Demon’s arms pinning him to the wall, encasing him so he couldn’t escape. Their bodies were close, his face close the Regal’s. “You’re not a pet. You’re my…” Regal paused, closing his eyes, “I’m not sure yet. But you’re not a pet.”

Keir smiled just a little, his eyes softening as he stared at Regal. He looked somewhat vulnerable with the way his peppered hair fell over his eyes. Keir’s hand reached up, his finger tips brushing away his bangs softly. Regal’s eyes flashed up, catching Keir’s for a brief moment before he pulled away.

“I still have business to attend to…” Regal murmured, his voice nearly drowned out by the music. He turned to head back into the crowd. Keir followed behind, his hand reaching out to grasp Regal’s.

“Should I follow?” he asked loudly to make sure Regal could hear him. The raven shrugged, keeping his eyes on the crowd. Regal wasn’t paying attention to Keir now completely focused on his work. Regal saw the vampire and fairy from earlier mingling and smirked.

He walked over, wrapping his arms around their shoulders as he murmured softly in their ears. Keir couldn’t understand what he was saying to them, but he hated the way they were so close and how they spoke back. He wasn’t sure if it was the witch brew or Regal’s natural charm that made them cling to him, but Keir knew he didn’t like it.

A cold sensation washed over him, tingling his wingtips as it spread up to his shoulder blades and over his chest. A large weight was forming and causing his stomach to twist into a knot. This feeling was overpowering, eating away at him from the inside.

Instinctively, Keir walked over to Regal’s side just as the fairy dared to stand up on her tip toes to brush her lips against Regal’s cheek. He pushed himself between them, earning a hiss from the women.

“Excuse me! I was talking!” she said shrilly, her voice much high in pitch than he first expected. The vampire snarled as Keir took a step closer to her. Regal raised his brow and watched Keir silently, studying the scene that was unfolding.

“You’re allowed to talk, but not so close to him,” Keir barked with authority in his voice. “In fact, I think it’s best you don’t get near him at all!”

“What makes you think you can tell us what to do?” the vampire hissed, her red lips pulling up to show off her fangs. Keir didn’t flinch, too overwhelmed with the feeling of vigor.

“I marked Regal, and that makes him my property. I have every right to control him just as he has the right to control me,” he said loudly. It seemed that the room went quiet and all eyes were on him as he continued to put himself between the two women and Regal.

The fairy and vampire glanced over at Regal, eyeing him with a scrutinizing glare. The Demon simply shrugged in response, letting his wings flare to catch the flashing lights to show that they were not solid and tilted his head so they could see the glimmer of Keir‘s mark on his cheeks, “He’s telling the truth.”

Keir looked over at Regal, feeling a surge of power sweep over him as the inhabitants of the club cringed away from them, appalled that the Demon had let himself get marked by someone clearly bred from grace. He felt a wave of pride come over him, mingling with the icy feeling that lingered in his wings. He was satisfied that they were intimidated by him, and that the dared to not come closer.

Regal looked over at Keir and simply chuckled, turning to face the crowd that was beginning to form. Keir looked around him and suddenly felt trapped, his sense of pride seeping away. He was surrounded by the damned in a place where he couldn’t escape by flying. He stepped backwards, his back bumping up against Regal’s side.

“You all look shocked. Haven’t you heard of a twist of fate?” Regal called out, his voice light as if mocking those around him. From the back, they heard a witch call out that he was a lunatic. Regal merely laughed, “What can I say, an Incubus sees no boundaries when it comes to love!”

“Love?” A Demon growled, his voice laced with venom. “Demons are unable to love. Especially not the prosperous!” Keir furrowed his brow, glancing over at Regal briefly.

“Prosperous?” he whispered, confused at what the Demon had said. Regal bent his head down to murmur in his ear that it was a slang term for those who are blessed.

“It’s similar to calling the damned the “hopeless”. We have no chance to ever be forgiven for sins we were born with. We are forever chained to Hell.” Regal looked back at Keir to examine his expression. Oddly enough, he could see compassion in those large blue eyes, as if he felt bad for those who didn’t choose this life. Before he could speak, they heard a soft chuckle beside them.

They turned, faced by a warlock with black hair streaked with violet. He was well dressed in a suit and tie, white gloves covering his hands to hide the marks that warlocks wore. His golden eyes seemed to bore into Keir, causing a shiver to run up his spine. Regal seemed to stiffen beside him, keeping his eyes on the stranger.

“It’s a surprise someone of your status would make such a slip-up, Regal,” the warlock purred, a grin forming on his face. Regal growled as he dared to step closer, the heels of his shoes clacking against the stone floor. “An Incubus falling in love with an Angel? How bizarre.”

The crowd around them gasped, stepping back in fear. Keir turned, watching as they kept their distance. Even the fairy and vampire that was trying to confront him stepped back.

“Pythos. I never imagined seeing you in a place like this,” Regal replied smoothly, moving to step in front of Keir slightly as he put himself between the Angel and the warlock.

Pythos shrugged and sighed, “I felt like seeing the wildlife.” His remark caused a ripple of anger to resonate through the crowd. Even Keir felt somewhat offended by the statement, his compassion and empathy causing him to sense the crowd’s resentment.

Regal laughed, “We share the same interests. However, even I’m impressed that you were able to find out what my partner was. How did you figure out he was an Angel?” Regal asked, the chuckle in his voice sounding strained to Keir’s ears.

The warlock simply laughed, “I’m a warlock. How else do you think I found out?” Regal sneered, turning back to face Keir, murmuring about ‘damn warlocks and their magic’. Keir touched Regal’s shoulder, leaning close to him as he looked back at the warlock who was eyeing him deviously. Regal remained stoic, glaring hard at the warlock. However, Keir could sense the annoyance radiating off him. He was obviously irritated by Pythos’ presence.

“Regal?” Keir asked quietly, taking the Demon’s hand in his own. He felt Regal tense underneath him and could sense the stress that was building inside of the Demon. For once, Regal was caught off guard; this assignment was never meant to head in this direction.

“What’s the matter, Regal? Aren‘t you glad to see an old friend?”

He felt a strong sensation build up inside of him. Keir felt angry that Regal was upset. The reaction that was stirring inside of him was foreign to him, but felt completely natural. Caught up in the moment, Keir pushed himself away from Regal and stormed up to the warlock, his eyes flashing a bright white as his wings spread out, “Friend or not, he does not want to see you.”

“Oh? Aren’t you bold?” Pythos mocked, moving to come closer to Keir, “Has his mark affected you in some way?” Keir remained grounded in his spot, although his eyes widened slightly by the warlock’s words.

“Affected me?” he asked, his fists clenching beside him as he tried to keep control of the welling resentment that grew inside of him.

Pythos laughed, his shoulder’s shaking with amusement, “You truly are naïve!” He stepped closer, daring to close the distance between them, “Aren’t you aware of his plans?”

“Of course I’m aware,” Keir said brazenly, somewhat bluffing. He didn’t know Regal’s exact plan, but he was certain he knew of his goal.

“So tell me, Angel, what is his plan? Why is he being so lenient with you?” Pythos challenged, bending down to stare at Keir with narrow eyes. Keir felt a shiver run up his spine, goose bumps forming on his skin. Keir knew what he wanted to say, what he wanted to believe deep down; but he couldn’t deny the reality of the situation, and with the warlock throwing it in his face and making him admit it, he felt weak.

“To make me fall…” Keir whispered, his gaze dropping as his wings drooped. He could practically feel the warlock smiling with pleasure. He could also feel the possessiveness radiating off Regal.

The Demon strode forward, grasping Keir’s arm and sweeping him up into his embrace. Keir made a soft gasp of surprise and stared up at Regal with wide eyes as he held him close.

“Regal, what are you--?”

“Trust me,” he murmured quickly as he closed the gap. Keir stiffened for a moment, caught off guard as Regal’s lips captured his own. After a moment, he melted into the gentle yet fervent touch, his own hands reaching up to rest on Regal’s arms. The crowd around them seemed to groan with disgust. Even Pythos, who was so confident and mirthful just moments before, seemed to wrinkle his nose with revulsion.

“To think you’d actually kiss him…” he grumbled, turning away slightly. Regal pulled away and grinned, glancing over his shoulder as he held Keir close to him.

“Isn’t that what people who are in love do?” Regal asked, his composure regained. He stepped forward, brushing past Pythos as he took Keir along with him. “Now if you excuse us, our work here is done.”

Gently, he rubbed his hand against the Angel’s back, coaxing him to fold his wings back in. Keir did as he was told and tucked them in, walking forward as Regal led them toward the door. In the darkness, he could see each feather on Keir’s wings as he pulled them in. He could sense that they were darker, now tainted with two more sins: pride and envy. He smiled to himself, keeping Keir in front of him as they headed back up the steps.

Keir looked back, but was unable to see the club once they were climbing the stairs. The smell of witch-brew and fog faded and he was welcomed with the fresh cold air of the night. He sighed, glad to be out of that cave and back out in the open -- or rather, as open as an abandoned house could be.

He spread out his wings, stretching them as far as they could. Regal did the same, flapping them so he could hover above the rotted out floors. The Demon pushed himself forward, gliding up next to Keir as they headed out a back door.



“That wasn‘t what I would describe as window-shopping,” Keir said jokingly. Regal laughed lightly, pumping his wings until he was in the air. The Angel followed behind him, climbing higher into the sky until they were both hidden in the cloud cover.

By the time Keir caught up to Regal, the Demon was opening a new portal to take them back home to the apartment. Keir hovered beside him, watching as the doorway opened up in front of him. The black and violet swirls no longer frightened him, and he easily flew in. Regal arrived right behind him, landing softly on the carpeted floors of the living room. He sighed, relieved to finally be back home. He pulled off his scarf as Regal shrugged off his jacket. They glanced at each other and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“That was…interesting,” Keir replied lightly, falling onto the couch with a sigh.

“Indeed, it was. I wasn’t expecting to see Pythos there,” Regal replied as he drew open the windows and basked in the moonlight.

“Who was he anyways? He said he was your friend?” Keir glanced over at Regal, catching the way his eyes squinted slightly at the mention of the word “friend”.

“More or less.” Regal crossed his arms, staring out the window at the lights of New York City. He stared as a taxi drove by, turning around a corner. Keir stared at his back, deciding to drop the subject of Pythos. He sighed with exhaustion, shifting to lay on the couch comfortably. He closed his weary eyes, hearing Regal move from his place at the window to move to a lounge chair. He sat down and turned on the TV, keeping the volume low so Keir could rest.

Keir relaxed on the couch for a while, going over what Pythos had said to him. He had mentioned Regal’s intentions, guiding Keir to the assumption that he was trying to make him fall from grace. Keir knew that was most likely Regal’s plan, but he didn’t want to believe it. Call it being blinded by love, but Keir wanted to have faith in Regal.

Still, he couldn’t brush off the fact that Regal might be using him still. He glanced over at Regal, seeing him lean back in the chair as he flipped through the channels. He didn’t seem to be as cold as he once was. Yet he still had that glimmer of mischief and deceit in his eyes.

He propped himself up on an elbow and sat up, catching Regal‘s attention. "Regal…can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” Regal mumbled, setting his remote down and kicking his legs up on the table. Keir paused, biting his lower lip. Regal sighed and snapped his fingers, ”Come on, on with it!”

“Do you love me?" he asked innocently, his voice quiet but still easily heard over the television. To Regal, it seemed like a completely random question, but to Keir it held purpose. It would help him decide whether or not he should continue to put his trust in him. It would determine their ultimate fate.

Regal opened his mouth, about to deny the cursed accusation on impulse. However, he bit back his words and sighed, knowing that if he said he didn’t love him, Keir would never trust him. He had to trick the angel and let him think he cared. Otherwise he’s never be able to turn him. He smiled softly and nodded, “Of course.”

Keir smiled back, expecting that answer. After all, he wanted to believe that Regal truly loved him. However, he also knew it was most likely a white lie. "Do you really love me? With all of your heart?” he asked again.

Regal chuckled, “I don’t have a heart.”

Keir's eye twinkled a bit as he frowned for a split second. "Then do you love me with all of your soul?" he asked.

The Demon flinched away and adverted his gaze. That damn Angel was twisting his words to make Regal have to tell the truth. “Um…yeah. Sure,” he muttered, unable to avoid the question completely.

Keir wasn't going to allow him to escape so easily. He got up, walking over to Regal to sit in his lap. The movement made Regal go rigid, his brows furrowing with confusion. Keir gently placed a kiss on Regal’s lips for a brief moment before looking him in the eyes again.

"Do you love me enough to swear on your soul?" he asked. He paused for a moment before looking away sheepishly, his face turning a bit red, “I just… I would feel better if you did..." he explained softly.

Regal groaned and rolled his eyes, knowing that the Angel wouldn‘t let it go until he heard what he wanted. “Ok, fine. I swear,” he said stiffly as he crossed his fingers behind Keir‘s back. He hated that he had to “admit” to something so revolting. It wasn’t the lying that bothered him, but the fact he had to say he did love him with his soul; but he knew he had to say it in order to keep Keir from becoming suspicious.

Keir looked him in the eyes again. "Do you swear on your soul that you love me?" he asked, slightly excited.

The Demon growled exasperated. “Yes, yes I swear on my soul that I love you. Happy now?” he grumbled, crossing his arms and closing his eyes, frustrated. Keir nodded, a broad angelic smile gracing his face. He launched himself into a passionate kiss, wrapping his arms around the demon's neck and catching him off guard again. "Yes, yes, thank you.." he whispered happily.

“Mmhmm…” Regal mumbled as his face was devoured by the Angel. He could feel the joy practically seeping from Keir. He allowed the Angel to bask in the feeling, kissing him deeply and lovingly. His hands naturally went to rest on Keir’s waist, and he was surprised to feel Keir shudder softly from the gesture.

He wondered if Keir was actually enjoying the physical contact. Was this all he needed to do to influence him? Regal considered attempting to place another sin on him. He had already managed to place three on Keir. It seemed almost too easy if he were able to place a fourth on him within the first four weeks.

By the way the Angel was sitting on his lap, kissing him tenderly, and holding onto his shoulders tightly, Regal assumed that maybe he didn’t need to go into Keir’s dreams to get the job done. He decided that it was a perfect time to try one more time. If he could succeed, the rest of the sins would be a piece of cake.

Regal ran his hands along Keir’s sides, his fingertips lightly brushing against his skin. It was warm, pulsing with angelic aura. He could practically feel the seraphic blood pumping underneath. He pushed Keir’s shirt up as he slipped his hands underneath to feel more of that addictive warmth.

Keir shivered when he felt Regal’s icy hands touch slide up his back as he was pulled closer. He sighed, resting his forehead against Regal’s as he caught his breath. The Demon looked up at him with gentle and dark eyes. The Demon brushed his lips against Keir’s again, earning another soft sigh to escape from the Angel.

Regal shifted, pushing Keir up to stand. The Angel wobbled slightly as Regal continued to guide him backwards until he was pressed against the wall. Regal’s arms encased Keir, trapping him. The blond didn’t mind and welcomed the action, wrapping his arms around his neck to pull the raven closer.

Feeling successful, Regal continued to use gentle and loving gestures to entice and court the Angel. After what felt like an eternity, Keir was no longer hesitant and welcomed Regal’s advances. As soon as Regal felt that Keir was willingly under his control, he guided him back toward the bedroom so he could finish placing his specialty sin on him.

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:Chapter Fourteen:

The next morning, the blinding sunlight woke up Regal from his restful sleep. Groaning, he rolled over, burying his face into the pillow. His arm brushed up against something warm, catching his attention. Blearily he looked up, catching Keir’s sleeping face almost directly in front of his own.

He jumped back slightly before the memory of last night formed in his mind. The hunting in the club and the meeting with Pythos, Keir asking Regal if he loved him and convincing him to swear on his soul. However, the memory that lingered the most was their night together under the sheets.

A smile grew on his face, spreading until he was practically laughing with giddy bliss. He had actually managed to seduce the Angel! He was even a gentleman and took him gently, allowing him to feel completely comfortable. He didn’t even push Keir out of his bed after they were done. He had wanted to leave the Angel just as he always left after his work was done, but something had kept him grounded. Something kept him beside the Angel during the night.

Perhaps it was the impatient desire to see if his plan had succeeded.

Curiosity overwhelmed the Demon, and he slowly and carefully shifted so he could hover over Keir’s still form. He ran a hand along his shoulder blades, covered in love bites and hickeys, drawing out his wings. They shuddered softly as they emerged, and Regal could clearly see the single black feather amongst the patches of solid gray.

He had to bite his lip to hold back his elated laughter. Laying back on the bed, Regal basked in the sunlight; who cared if it gave him a headache, nothing could ruin his mood.

Four sins in one month. At this rate, he would surely make the Angel fall before his time limit. However, it would be hard to keep the physical proof a secret from Keir. He would have to destroy all the mirrors, keep the rooms dark so Keir couldn’t see, and most of all never allow Keir to unfurl his wings.

Keir made a soft grunting noise, pulling Regal away from his silent celebration. He rolled onto his side, watching as Keir rolled onto his side, curling up closer to Regal. He sighed, laying back and closing his eyes. Angels were so clingy. He tried to ignore the Angel’s embrace as Keir wrapped his arms around Regal’s body.

After a few moments, the Angel cracked open his eyes to see the sunlight casting a faint glow on the walls of the bedroom. He was greeted with the image of Regal's broad chest in front of him rising and falling with each slow breath. He smiled and pulled the Demon closer into a loving embrace, closing his eyes for a moment longer.

Regal peered at him briefly before sighing, resting a hand on Keir’s waist. The blond looked up at him tiredly, offering him a small smile. He leaned up, kissing him gently on the cheek as he murmured a small “good morning”.

“To you good morning; to me good night,” Regal mumbled, yawning. He looked over at his alarm clock, squinting to read it better. “In fact…it’s nearly two in the afternoon.”

“Oh wow…did we really sleep in that late?” Keir murmured tiredly, his voice thick with exhaustion. He sat up, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles before glancing back at Regal. It was then when he realized Regal was not wearing a shirt…and neither was he.

Horrible realization struck him hard, causing a heavy feeling to well in his stomach. He quickly sat up and pulled the blankets taut around his body. Regal snorted slightly, “It’s not like you have much to cover.”

“What did you do?” Keir asked quietly, his breath leaving him as sudden memories started coming back to him. Regal smiled easily, his eyes twinkling with dark mischief. He didn’t need to say what had happened. The evidence was all around Keir: the soreness in his back, the strewn clothes on the floor, the box of condoms that spilled onto the nightstand. He trembled and stared at himself in the mirror, seeing the red and purple marks littered along his body. “What did you do?!

“I only did what came naturally,” Regal said as he stood up, stretching his wings around. Although translucent, they were growing darker and more opaque. The more sins he placed on Keir, the darker they got. He could see the change in opacity in the mirror and fluttered his wings. Their bond was growing weaker.

However, the action gave Keir the idea to spread his own wings. At first, they looked normal, if not very pale. But then he caught sight of the solid gray patches near the tips, and the black feather that was hidden amongst them.

Regal glanced over at him, already cursing himself for not taking the chance to break the mirrors. Who cares about seven years of bad luck when he was so close to making Keir fall.

Regal watched warily as Keir stared at his reflection for a minute as though he were staring at a stranger. Keir fluttered his wings, gasping when he saw them move in the mirror. He felt like they didn’t belong to him, and they sure didn’t look like it; however they moved at his command.

Keir could only stare at them in terror as he began to shake. His hands gripped the blankets tightly, his knuckles turning white from the pressure. Tears welled up in his eyes and fell down his cheeks. He couldn’t hold back the sobs that wracked his body. His wings curled around him as if to try and comfort him, but all they did was remind him how he had given into an Incubus‘ desires; he had been naïve and trusted a Demon who didn‘t even care about him.

The Angel closed his eyes and began crying loudly, his voice laved with pain as though a hole were being ripped through his heart. He bent over, burying his face into his clenched hands as he choked on his sobs.

The sound made Regal’s ears ring in pain. He hissed and backed against the wall, covering his ears with his hands. The retched noise coming from the Angel was like nothing he had ever heard before. It was shrill and coarse, mixed with anguish and despair. His voice echoed in the small room, the moans and moans seeming to reverberate in his own skull.

The screams of Regal’s victims were not nearly as hurtful; the cries of the dead were not nearly as heart wrenching. Nothing was more painful than hearing an Angel’s soft voice become ragged and excruciatingly raw with pained screams. It took all of Regal’s strength not to burst into tears himself. He pressed himself hard against the wall and slid down, gritting his teeth as he tried to block the sound. He thought for a moment that his ears may be bleeding from Keir’s cries.

Tears were falling down Regal’s face before he could realize it was happening. He groaned, wishing for Keir to go quiet, however he showed no sign of stopping. Keir continued to sob and scream, in complete despair at his wings being tainted.

Regal continued to tell himself that this was part of his goal: make the Angel weak so he could finish the job and break this cursed bond. He wanted to see the angel hurt, wanted to see him miserable. But something deep inside was telling him that it was a lie.

He curled into a ball and hid in the corner, wishing for the sound to end. Keir continued to scream, his eyes closed tightly. His body heaved with each ragged sob, his gasps for air making his throat raw. He felt completely betrayed. Regal had tricked him, lied to him, and used him. The dejection he felt continued to build inside of him, overflowing into his cries. The only way he could release his pain was by screaming in pure sadness.

Keir continued to scream, his voice drowning out any moan of pain that Regal let out, until his voice was cracking. His throat raw, his eyes dry -- for the most part -- and his stomach sick, Keir fell silent. Small hiccups and gasps were the only noises he made as he grew exhausted. His entire being seemed to deflate as he gave into fatigue and collapsed onto the bed.

Regal moaned in pain, his body shaking as the ringing in his ears refused to fade long after Keir‘s cries ended. For what seemed like hours, the pounding in his ears continued. His head was throbbing and his scalp was ripped open from his claws digging into his head. He pulled his hands away, staring at them with bleary eyes. His fingertips were covered in black ichor, reminding him of the damage he had caused on himself. He looked up, trying to see Keir on the bed, but the sunlight blinded him, causing more pain to shoot into his head.

He bit his lip, trying to fight the urge to scream. It felt like he was getting a lobotomy. With a pained hiss, he lost his battle as he cried out as loud as he could. His voice roared with pain, however the sound of sadness resonated along with it. Tears streamed down his face as he cried out until he was out of breath. His body shook as he laid his head back against the wall, panting harshly. The heavy weight fell over his chest again; the foreign feeling now becoming more familiar.

It scared him, how the Angel was changing him. Normally, he could ignore the cries of his victims. Yet this Angel was causing him pain even after passing out. Covering his eyes with his hands, he moaned pitifully again and slid until he was lying on the floor.

He hated begging, but this pain was unbearable. He needed help. He choked out his father’s name breathlessly in a last ditch effort for assistance.

In Hell, Jackal's eyes fluttered open at the mention of his name. He stared off into the distance as he sat in his lounge chair, lazily resting his head against his palm. He had heard the Angel's scream from his chambers but was able to ignore it; he was far away enough to block it out.

However, from the pained call of his son, he knew that it was Regal’s Angel that was making such horrible sounds. He sighed slightly and stood up, walking over to his fireplace to stare into the flames.

“What a shame he has to suffer like this,” he murmured to himself. He waved a hand over the fire, the flames turning from a deep orange to a bright green. He stepped inside, the heat no longer scolding him. His portal appeared in the middle of Regal’s room, the green flames licking at the hardwood floor before smothering out to leave Jackal in their place.

The sight of his son surprised him. He looked absolutely miserable and in pain. He quickly closed the curtains and strode over to the Demon, but not before giving the Angel a slightly curious look. He knelt down before Regal and brought his face up by the chin to look at his eyes. They struggled to focus on him, the gray orbs turning glassy.

"I’m here, son,” he said softly, allowing his own version of a healing energy to flow through the Regal’s body. The small raven whimpered as the ache in his head finally died down. He let his head fall forward and allowed tears to fall freely. He hated feeling weak, but he needed his father’s comfort.

“The sound…” he choked, closing his eyes wearily, “…it hurt so much. Why? Demons shouldn’t feel this sad.” His wings curled around him, attempting to soothe him.

Jackal pulled Regal close to him in an warm embrace, petting the demon's hair slowly. "It hurts us because it reminds us of why we are Demons, Regal. Not even the strongest of Demons can resist the power of an Angel's cry. Even I am harmed by it. It’s why Demons don’t torture or harm Angels often, even though we clearly have the power to.” Regal nodded slowly, suddenly understanding.

Most Demons flee right after attacking an Angel. Regal had wanted to leave after Keir had fallen asleep. His gut was telling him to escape and come back later. He would have too, but something deep inside made him stay put. Now he was suffering from the consequence.

“I understand.” he muttered softly, feeling soothed by Jackal’s embrace. “I will be alright?” he asked, somewhat scared that the Angel had somehow harmed him again. Jackal brushed his fingertips over Regal’s ears, healing them.

"Yes, but you'll need time to recover.” Regal pulled away, kneeling in front of him with a sympathetic smile on his face, “Poor thing…it’s a terrible thing to be trapped in the same room as a crying Angel.” The remark made Regal slightly annoyed. He didn’t want pity, he simply wanted to be healed. After a few more minutes of healing, Regal felt strong enough to get back up. Jackal summoned a robe to wrap around Regal, tying it shut as his son regained his balance.

“Thank you,” Regal said quietly, bowing his head. Jackal patted the top of Regal’s head softly.

“No need to say thanks, but I appreciate it anyways.” Jackal stood up straight, turning to stare at the unconscious Angel that lay limp on the bed. The only sign of movement was when his wings twitched faintly, searching for the morning light. Jackal pointed at Keir and looked back toward Regal, “What happened to disciplining him?”

Regal furrowed his brow with confusion, “I don’t understand what disciplining him has to do with him crying.”

“It has everything to do with his crying. If he were properly under control, he wouldn’t dare shed a single tear!” Jackal barked, not bothering to keep his voice low. The Angel wouldn’t wake any time soon. “He would keep his mouth shut and follow your orders. You wouldn’t need to trick him into falling.”

“I think I’ve been doing well on my own!” Regal said defiantly, “In one month I’ve completed four of the seven sins! I have given him a black feather!”

“You have never been alone,” Jackal said sharply, his lips curling in a sneer as his eyes flashed dangerously, “I have always watched you. I observe the way you two act together, the way you treat him. I have seen how is he changing you. He may have a black feather, but its darkness cannot outshine the white that is growing inside of your soul.”

Regal froze, his eyes wide with alarm as he clenched his fists. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” the Incubus hissed, his wings shuddering behind him. Jackal laughed, stepping forward to press one finger on Regal’s chest right above his heart.

“It may not be visible yet, but he is changing you just as much as you are changing him,” Jackal murmured, his voice low and grim. “You trick him into falling, but he is leading you to rising.”

“I am not rising. I will never rise,” Regal said boldly, looking at Jackal in the eye. “I am forever your son and your servant. I will never belong to Her.”

Jackal grinned, his finger lifting up to scoop Regal’s chin till it tilted up more, “Glad to know you are my loyal son. However, Gloria and her Angels are cunning. Do not get blindsided.”

“I won’t,” Regal said sternly. He stood tall, his wings curved behind him. Jackal grinned and stepped back, playing with the cuffs of his suit before looking back at Regal.

“Is that all?”

Regal paused, uncertain if he should mention the swearing. If what Jackal said was true, he would have heard it. He would have seen the entire incident. If it had been dangerous, he would have brought it up to Regal. The lack of mention must mean that it didn’t cause any harm. However, he couldn’t ignore the pit of worry in his stomach. Something was telling his instincts that something was wrong.

“No…I still have one more question I need to ask you,” Regal said slowly, hesitant to find out the answer. Jackal nodded and waited, watching Regal carefully. The raven took a deep breath and sighed, “Can demons swear on their souls?”

Jackal's eyes narrowed. "Yes...Demons can. Our souls may not be pure, but an oath is an oath. Why do you ask?" he asked with slight caution. Regal frowned, discouraged by Jackals change in demeanor.

“I would have assumed you would know my reasons for asking if you do watch my every move,” Regal murmured, once again trying to avoid the truth. At heart, Demons were cowards and had a hard time coming to terms with their mistakes. Lately, Regal had been making many.

“I have many children to follow. I watch you the most, but even I have to take a break from my looking glass.” Regal remained silent, his eyes dropping to the floor. So Jackal hadn’t heard him. He didn’t know what he had done. Jackal remained silent, giving Regal a chance to respond. When he didn’t, he stepped forward again, keeping his voice low. "Listen very carefully to me. Did you swear on your soul due to something he said?"

Regal glanced over at the Angel sleeping on the bed and looked back at Jackal. He was stuck in between telling his father the truth, or keeping it a secret. He had made a mistake bringing it up and regretted it.

“Um….no?” he muttered sheepishly in a weak attempt to make the subject blow over. Jackal's eyes glinted with anger.

"You did didn’t you? Gloria, so help me, you swore on your soul!” he growled, sighing angrily.

“I did not!” Regal hissed in denial, “I may have said it, but I did not swear!”

Jackal instantly was hovered over to Regal and grabbed the front of his robe tightly, "It doesn't matter if you meant it or not. You made a pact to this Angel, and nothing you can do or have done may undo it. This is a permanent exchange!” His eyes were glowing from anger and his figure flickered, threatening to change into the true form.

Regal gulped and tried to pull away from his grip, but unable to. “I even …crossed my fingers?” he said, sounding more like a question rather than a statement. Jackal stared at him, unable to respond at how idiotic his son sounded.

He let out a long, heavy sigh and released him, "A silly human trick used only to make them feel as though they were worth something. You are bound to your words regardless of any foolish tricks you may have done to try and avoid it.” He looked the Demon in the eyes and growled, "Now, what was it that you swore?"

Regal stared up at his father in awe. His father was so powerful and royal, something Regal could only wish for. He wanted to retaliate and avoid answering him. He wanted to fight back, but knew it would do no good. He bit back his words and swallowed his pride, “I swore to love him with all my soul.”

Another sigh escaped Jackal, one that seemed to come from his entire being. He had so much faith in his son and believed he would grow to be a powerful Incubus. Yet here he was, being influenced by an Angel to the point that his own fate was compromised.

"You swore to love him with your entire soul?” he asked in grim disbelief. He shook his head sadly, his own shoulders sagging. “Then that is exactly what will happen. You will either grow to love him with every fiber of your being, or you will die from your body's inability to."

Regal looked down, ashamed and frightened. He would die if he couldn’t fall in love with Keir. This Angel was far more dangerous than he had ever believed. His shoulders shook as he tried to contain his panic. “I refuse to let him destroy me!” he declared loudly, his voice booming with strength. “I will make him fall and I will release out bonds, and I will make sure this pact is made null and void.”

Jackal grinned, his teeth glinting as his fangs were exposed. Regal’s recharged vigor and resolve pleased him. “You pledge to continue to try and force this Angel to convert?”

“I do,” Regal said firmly. Jackal smiled, folding his hands behind his back as the flames around his summoning circle began to grow higher.

“Good. Now, despite your previous successes, this has become a whole new ball game. The Angel has a tighter grip on you and I am certain you will succumb to his tricks easier. I will assist you--”

“No!” Regal snapped quickly, clenching his fists. “I can make him fall on my own! I am strong enough to do that!”

Jackal laughed, “You’re hardly strong enough to avoid the inevitable. You’re now destined to fall in love with him. Without my help, you will fail.”

Regal growled, shaking with anger. He refused to believe that he wouldn’t succeed on his own. He was not a fledgling or a child! He was an adult Incubus and able to fight his own battles. “Then let me fail on my own. I am responsible for myself and my own actions. I do not need a babysitter to guide me!” the Incubus yelled rebelliously.

“Feeling a bit prideful now, are we?” Jackal said, causing Regal to bristle with annoyance at the comment. “So be it. I will not come to help you when you call. This assignment is now your personal problem and no longer involves me. Good luck. You will need it.”

The flames of his portal swallowed Jackal before Regal to retaliate or get in a last word. The demon flapped his wings to blow away the thick cloud of smoke, coughing slightly. He glanced over at Keir who was still out like a light.

Dread overwhelmed him, making him dizzy with discomfort. He brushed it away and walked back over to Keir, pulling the blanket to lay it over him. He stared at the blond man in his bed, sighing softly as he ran a hand through his hair. This certainly would be the hardest assignment he would ever have to complete.

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:Chapter Fifteen:

Tunnel vision greeted Keir as he pulled himself out of his stress induced sleep. Pulling away from the grips of nightmares, he stared up at the ceiling as it came into focus. His mind was fuzzy and he found it hard to concentrate. All he knew was that he was draped in a warm blanket in a bed, and the sun was setting. Perhaps the black streaks in his mind were not from nightmares but rather from the long shadows that were cast across the floor.

He sat up, groaning as his body protested the movement. He was sore all over, mostly his back and his head. His eyes were still puffy and stinging and his throat felt raw. He coughed and looked over, surprised that he was in Regal’s bedroom. Normally he would sleep during this time of day…

That’s when he remembered clearly what had happened. Gasping he turned, pulling out his wings to look once more. The gray feathers were still there, along with the single black one that seemed to mock him. He bit his lip, sucking in a sharp and pained breath.

“It’s not that bad.”

Keir jumped and looked up, seeing Regal standing in the doorway. He was well dressed, wearing a nice silk button up shirt instead of a turtle neck and dark jeans. They suited his pale complexion and dark hair well. In his hands he carried a tray with a cup of tea and fresh toast and jam.

“W-what…” Keir asked quietly, his voice raspy. Regal padded over, his bare feet soundless as he walked across the wooden floors.

“Your wings. It’s not that bad. Hardly noticeable.” He set down the tray on the bed next to Keir, moving to grab extra clothes from his closet. He tossed a v-neck t-shirt and pajama bottoms onto his bed.

Keir was appalled, “Not that bad? Are you kidding me? You…you tainted my wings!” he cried out. Regal flinched somewhat, his ears still sensitive from that morning.

“It’s all part of my job. You can’t blame me for doing what I was bre--”


Regal glanced back at Keir with wide eyes, surprised by the Angel’s outburst. Keir’s face was flustered and his eyes were brimming one more with tears.

“Pardon my language, but honestly Regal! I trusted you!” Keir shouted, his voice broken. It stirred something deep in Regal, something he was afraid to feel. “I thought you loved me…”

“Love is a strong emotion we Demons are not used to feeling,” Regal said quickly. Keir didn’t seem to agree.

“All creatures can love, even Demons. You have a heart. You wouldn’t be alive without one,” Keir argued, standing up stiffly to pull on the clothes given to him.

“Tell that to vampires.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

They stared at each other harshly, their eyes boring into each others dangerously. They both could feel that primal rivalry brewing inside of them. At this rate, they would be getting into another fight.

Keir controlled himself first, sighing and tearing his gaze away, “It just hurts when I thought you said you loved me…and then this happens.”

After getting a grip on himself, Regal walked over and sat down, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees as he folded his hands together. “Listen, I did say I loved you. I swore on it, didn’t I?” The Angel nodded slowly. “So believe it. I placed sins on you before I…” he paused, choking on his own words for a moment, “…before I fell for you. I’ll stop now.”

Keir didn’t believe him. It was easy for a Demon to lie. His heart wanted to believe that Regal did love him, but his mind wouldn’t allow it. “I don’t trust you.”

“I know.” Regal reached over and grabbed a slice of toast, nibbling on it as he thought to himself. He had taken many steps backwards. It would take time to gain Keir’s trust, especially when he knew that Regal was trying to make him fall. The only way he could possibly regain Keir’s trust is to make him think that he wouldn’t try to place more sins on him.

Unfortunately…that would mean patience. He had to wait for the right time to come, no matter how long it took. Patience is a virtue. It was a sacrifice to make Keir trust him again. He would allow Keir to bless him with that virtue if it meant he could regain the Angel’s trust again so he could finish his job.

Sighing, he stood back up and reached his hand out for Keir. “You don’t have to trust me, but…at least let me make it up to you for upsetting you so bad.”

The blond narrowed his eyes, “Why should I follow you?”

Regal frowned, “Because I’m sorry. Truly sorry.”

Keir stared at Regal hard, using his natural ability to read emotions to examine Regal. He felt the remorse and the honesty inside of the Demon. It was strange, feeling such sincere emotions laced with treachery and cunning. However, those were not the dominating emotions. Regal was honestly sorry.

“All right…” Keir said as he stood up, taking Regal’s hand as he wobbled. “Where are we going?”

The raven smiled warmly, “We can go to a nearby restaurant and get milkshakes. Not exactly the healthiest item on the menu, but one of the more delicious. Much better than partially burnt toast and bitter tea.”

“This isn’t some trick to make me a glutton is it?” Keir asked warily. Regal bit his tongue to stop himself from revealing he had already accomplished that sin. Keir only knew about the lust. No need to give him any hints.

“As long as you don’t over indulge, you’ll be all right. A treat here and there isn’t a bad thing,” Regal explained as he guided Keir slowly out of his room. Keir winched, hissing slightly as his sore back ached more. “Would you like me to carry you?” Regal asked.

“No thank you, I’ll be fine on my own,” Keir said as he stood up straighter and walked ahead of Regal. He wasn’t going to look weak in front of him anymore. He wouldn’t allow him to control him or influence him. He was an Angel, and he would be strong. Regal watched him with amusement, following behind him as Keir slipped on comfortable shoes and pulled on a jacket.

“We can fly there if you’d like,” Regal suggested, glancing out the window. The sun was still just above the horizon, but if they stayed high enough they could pass as birds or planes.

“I would rather walk.” Keir was stiff in his movements and his responses were short and to the point. Regal could tell he was still hurt and very angry. He had no idea how long it would take until he trusted him again. He wondered if he could manage to finish the job within the next two months.

They walked down the main streets, Keir keeping his distance from Regal. At times he would look in a window to catch Regal’s reflection. His face remained expressionless, if not a bit calm. It was unnerving. Keir sighed and kept his pace quick, ignoring the way his body hurt. He just kept moving forward. He didn’t even know where they were heading. He was forced to stop when Regal grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

“We’re here.”

Keir glanced up, cheeks tingeing pink. He stood up straight and pulled his wrist away, rubbing it gently. Regal stood beside him, seemingly unaffected by Keir’s sudden change in attitude around him. Regal knew that Keir would be distant after what had happened. He kept reminding himself he had to give the Angel time. He had to make it up to him and make him see he was sorry -- for the most part.

When the road cleared, Regal headed toward the small ice cream shop at the corner. Keir jogged to catch up, wincing in pain as he stayed close to Regal. They walked in, the small bell on the door ringing to signal their arrival.

“Welcome to Blue Marble!” the staff said at their queue, trained to welcome their guests at the sound of the bell. Regal smiled at them, flashing his teeth as he guided Keir over to the counter.

“You can choose anything you want,” he said as he looked up at the menu. Keir scanned his eyes over the menu, trying to see what he was in the mood for. His eyes continued to flicker over to Regal, who was now telling his order to the waitress. He felt that same jealous fire burning inside of him when he saw Regal lean over to murmur in her ear in a flirtatious way. “I want the strawberry milkshake,” he said quickly. Regal stood back and smiled, adding the item to their order.

He walked back closer to Keir and bent down to whisper in his ear, “Getting a bit jealous, are we?” Keir smacked his arm lightly, causing the Demon to laugh. “Come on, they’ll bring our food to us.” He took Keir’s hand, enjoying the way the Angel instantly tensed up and squeezed back, and led them to a small table toward the back corner.

They sat down, Regal picking up a random magazine while Keir looked around the small ice cream shop. “Do you come here often?” Keir asked after a moment of silence.

Regal nodded, “I tend to have a sweet tooth at times. This is the best place I’ve found so far.” Keir glanced toward the counter again where they were making the ice cream. The girl was swirling the soft serve into a small sugar cone, rolling it into sprinkles before moving onto the next ice cream.

She walked it over to their table, handing the strawberry cone to Keir after giving the chocolate hand scooped ice cream to Regal. She smiled sweetly at him, and he sneered when Regal smiled back at her. He took an irritated bite into his ice cream and tensed up, making a soft squeak as he closed his eyes tight.

“Careful, you’ll get brain freeze,” Regal warned as he took a small bite of his treat. Keir whined, shaking his head to try and make the chilling pain go away. Once it was gone, he took another tiny lick from his cone. Regal watched him with amusement.

"How does it taste?"

"It's good...thank you," Keir replied as he took another bite of his ice cream. Regal smiled and looked back down at his ice cream, swirling a spoon in it until it was frothy. He didn't particularly like ice cream -- it was too heavy on his stomach -- but a little bit was nice here and there. He looked back up to Keir and caught him staring out the window. Regal followed his gaze and caught nothing exciting.

That was the problem. There was nothing left to spark their interest or to entertain them. The city had become a mundane routine. They needed something new.

"Keir, what do you think about traveling?" He asked nonchalantly. The Angel looked up with a somewhat confused expression.

"Aahh...it's alright. I don't mind it. Why do you ask?"

Regal stabbed his spoon into a still mostly frozen chunk of his icec ream and slid it aside, "I think we've had enough of this city. I feel like a more...normal town will be a good change of pace." He smiled a bit, his hand reaching out to brush against Keir's arm, sending shivers up the blonds’ arm, "It might also help us get back on the right foot."

Keir nibbled on his ice cream cone softly, trying to untangle Regal's words. He could be telling the truth or tricking him again. The look in Regal's eyes were clear and sincere. Yet it was so hard to trust him after everything.

"Where would we be going?" He said softly, his tone very wary.

Regal shrugged, "Wherever we want. Rome, Vegas, Italy, Spain, England, Hollywoo--"

"I'd like to go to a small town...away from crowds…" Keir said quietly as he interrupted the Demon. Regal raised his brow and rested his elbows on the table, lacing his fingers as he rested his chin on his knuckles.

"A small town? Would you prefer a countryside or an urban area?"

"Um...something by the water maybe?"

Regal hummed to himself in thought, "That can be done."

He smiled to himself as he thought of a place to stay, "I know the perfect place. A nice lakeshore where the sun sets. Although, they only have hotel rooms up there since it's so far from civilization."

"Far from civilization? Are we going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere?" Keir asked nervously.

Regal chuckled, "It'll be like where we met in Pennsylvania. Just the two of us in paradise."

Regal wasn’t joking either. After they satisfied their sweet-tooths, Regal led Keir back to their apartment. They packed up their belongings and created another portal. Keir was hesitant to step through, but did so after a moment and was dropped into a rural area with hardly any people. He was surrounded by woods, and in front of him through the dense woods was a hotel standing seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

“Welcome to Paradise,” Regal said as he closed the portal behind him. He grabbed his bags and walked out, heading across the street to the hotel they would be staying at. Keir scrambled to follow behind him, struggling to carry all of their belongings. By the time he got inside the lobby, Regal was at the front desk requesting a room.

Keir walked over just as Regal handed him a key, “Room 203. It’s right down the hall and to the left.”

The Angel nodded in response and took their bags one by one to their room. It was very clean and tidy; white walls and a nice king sized bed in front of an older model of television. The room was decorated with green themed curtains and comforters. Outside of their room was a balcony that looked out at the lake, although Keir was uncertain of which one. He set his bags down and headed out to the balcony, sighing happily as the warm sun began to set over the horizon of the water.

‘Lake Superior. We’re in Paradise, Michigan. It’s still the same time zone as New York City. I thought that would be better. No flight lag,” Regal explained as he closed the door behind him and dropped his suitcase onto the floor. He stretched, walking out to the small balcony with Keir.

It was tiny, with only two plastic lawn chairs able to fit on it. As they stood side by side, their shoulder’s touched. Keir looked up at Regal, admiring the way the sunset seemed to give his complexion warmth. He was normally so pale, it was nice to see some color on his cheeks.

The Demon groaned slightly, turning away, “At least it sets over here…I won’t have sunlight in my face when I’m trying to sleep.”

Keir couldn’t help but chuckle at Regal’s response. He watched him trudge over to his suitcase, opening it to change into pajamas. Once he was dressed, he climbed into bed on the far side of the room, away from the sun.

“You’re going to sleep tonight?” Keir asked with confusion. Regal merely nodded quietly.

“I had a rough night…might as well spend the next day doing nothing and catching up on my sleep. I need to regain my strength.”

“Ahh…” Keir smiled a little, walking back into the room. He heard Regal mumble about closing the curtains when he came in, so he drew them shut tightly. He went to his small bag of clothes and pulled out his already worn pajamas. Wearing the same pajamas every night and washing them almost daily was wearing them down.

He walked over to the edge of the bed, uncertain if he was meant to sleep in the same bed. There was no sofa to sleep on, and the only other place to sit was a chair in the corner. “Regal…are we sharing?”

“Yeah, it’s cheaper. Just get in,” The Demon mumbled as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Keir smiled and crawled into bed, tugging the covers around his waist as he cuddled up into the soft feather pillows. He rolled onto his side, staring at Regal’s back quietly as his shoulders rose and fell with each breath.

It was moments like this that made Keir happiest. Seeing Regal in states of calm where he wasn’t being malicious or conniving. It gave him hope that maybe Regal would soften up and not be as cold toward him.

He scooted closer, wrapping his arms around his waist as he nuzzled his face into the back of his neck. He felt Regal stiffen underneath his grasp and could even hear his heart beat just a little faster. “Regal?”

“What?” he grumbled back tiredly, glancing over his shoulder at the blond who rested his cheek against his shoulder.

“I still love you.”

Regal’s breath hitched from surprise. He rolled over onto his back so he could look at Keir directly, “You still love me?” Keir nodded in a shy response. “Why? Even after everything I had done?”

“Because…I just do.” Keir wasn’t entirely certain why his heart was so fond of the Demon. The line between love ad hate had blurred beyond recognition. His natural instinct to despise Regal had faded away and transformed into love and infatuation.

Maybe it was due to their bond, or the pact that Keir had made Regal vow to. It could have been a result from their night in Paris when Regal first kissed him. In the end, it didn’t matter. None of it mattered when he was so in love with him.

Regal eyed him curiously, trying to read deeper into Keir’s expression. However, all he could see was devotion and honesty. The Angel was still deeply in love with him. It was odd to feel relieved, however Regal couldn’t help but feel that way after discovering that Keir still loved him. Although, he wasn’t sure why; was it because he could now focus on making him fall again? Or was it because of the pact they had made? What made his heart feel this way?

He sighed softly, pulling Keir closer to him until the Angel was snug against him. He rested his cheek on top of Keir’s head, closing his eyes. Keir easily got comfortable in Regal’s embrace and snuggled up to him.

“I’m sorry,” Regal murmured again. He heard Keir whisper that he forgave Regal, and he felt a strange warmth wash over him. It was different from the feeling he got when he sensed that an Angel was near. It wasn’t a warning, but instead comforting. It started in his chest and stretched out over his shoulders, trickling down his body. Even his wings which were still pulled taut into his back seemed to tingle from the sensation. If this is what it felt like to have a blessing, it honestly wasn’t terrible. He could handle one blessing on his shoulders.

Keir glanced up a Regal, smiling as he saw the Demon’s expression melt into one of pure serenity. The same warmth was spreading over Keir, but it was familiar to him. This sort of heat was common to Angels. He welcomed it and basked in it, hoping that Regal didn’t mind it either.

As the sun set over the horizon, blanketing both of them in darkness, they let their minds wander until they were tired enough to drift off. They fell asleep, curled up in each other’s arms as they soaked up the warmth that radiated through their bodies.

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:Chapter Sixteen:

Regal woke up stiff the next evening, trying to roll over until he got up to hunt. He blearily stared at the wall, trying to remember where he was. Once he recalled the previous day, he noticed the wiry arms wrapped around his waist. He glanced over his shoulder to look at Keir’s sleeping figure. He was dressed in different pajamas than what Regal remembered. He must have been up and about and exploring while he was asleep.

After a quiet moment of watching the Angel dream, he pulled himself slowly from his grasp and stood up. He stretched, walking over toward the balcony. He stared out at the lake, watching as the sun began to fall. Spreading his wings, he let the dim light shine against them. This low sun didn’t harm him as much as the sun in the morning or during midday.

He turned, opening the curtains for Keir. The moonlight wouldn’t wake him, but the sun would the next day. The Angel deserved a small prize…

Regal shook his head. No, that was wrong. Keir didn’t deserve anything. It was just a small treat for acting so well the past few days.

He trudged back toward the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for his night. He wasn’t expecting to see a large group of humans to prey on, so he hoped there were more mythical and magical creatures lurking in the woods that surrounded the small town.

Before he stepped into the shower, he glanced into the mirror to examine his reflection. He looked well rested and the bags under his eyes had finally faded. However there was something different…something he couldn’t quite find. He faced the mirror, leaning close. His mark was still on his cheeks, barely noticeable until the light shined on them just right. His eyes looked the same, if not a bit softer and less cold. He stepped back to look at the burn mark on his hip from the halo and saw that it had faded somewhat. He wasn’t sure if those burns were able to fade over time.

When he turned around he caught sight of what was wrong. His wings, still transparent yet dark in color, had a single gray feather. Gray was ok, unless it was turning to white like this one was. It was much lighter than the rest of his feathers, and obviously on the path to bleaching.

He stumbled back, slamming into the wall as he stared at his reflection. For once, Regal was terrified. He had somehow gotten a light gray feather…and he had no idea how! Sure, he had let the Angel bless him with patience, but that shouldn’t be enough to make one of his feathers change this much! Unless he had been blessed with more than one…

Had he really slipped up that much? The Angel didn’t seem to be trying to trick him into anything. So how did Keir manage to make him commit multiple virtues? Which virtues did he do? When? How? Questions swirled in his mind as he tried to get control of himself. Everything was just spiraling out of control.

“Jackal!” he cried out, standing back up as he stared at the ceiling. “Jackal come here!” He needed to talk to his father, ask him what to do. He never expected for the Angel to bless him and make him closer to rising. He continued calling until his voice was raspy and cracked. He didn’t even notice when Keir came into the bathroom, startled out of sleeping by Regal’s distressed screams.

Jackal never replied. He kept his promise to not help Regal in his attempts to make the Angel fall. That included coming to his son when he needed him most. The greater demon sighed as he looked down at his son through his looking glass. He seemed to distraught, and he did want to aid him. However he knew he couldn’t soften up for anyone when they were determined to do it on their own. He simply put away his looking glass and went on with his daily business, leaving Regal in the dark.

This lack of connection -- this darkness -- only made Regal feel more defeated. His shoulders slackened as he leaned against the wall limply. Keir was already up to him, trying to soothe him. The Angel’s words didn’t register in his mind. All he could hear was his own blood rushing to his head and the beat of his heart as he tried to not panic.

He had to confront Keir, ask him what had happened. He needed to know. “Keir, what did you place on me?” he asked quickly, his voice hitched slightly with anxiety. Keir was surprised at the question. He furrowed his brow in confusion.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean…”

“My wings!” Regal barked, flaring them to expose them to Keir, “One feather is nearly white! Which virtues did you bless me with?!”

Keir stared at Regal’s wings with wide eyes. He had never imagined he would see those black feathers turn white. His hand reached out, tentatively brushing his fingertips against the soft nearly-white feather. He could feel the purity shining through. “I…I wasn’t aware I had placed one on you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Regal said with an exasperated groan, “How can you not know?”

“Angels aren’t the same as Demons! We don’t need to trick people into sinning! We just bless people subconsciously,” Keir said somewhat flustered. “However…I can sense which ones you were blessed with.”

Regal turned, grabbing Keir’s wrist tightly, “Tell me. Tell me which ones!” Keir squeaked quietly and nodded. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he tried to push pass the sins that were naturally within the Demon to read the few virtues in him.

“I sense patience…”

“I already know about that one! I let you--” Regal broke off when Keir looked up at him confused. He sighed, shaking his head, “Sorry…just continue.” He couldn’t let the Angel know that he was trying to wait for Keir to trust him again.

Keir looked up at Regal suspiciously before closing his eyes and going back to reading the virtues. “I also sense Kindness and Charity.”

“Kindness? Charity?” Regal said with shock, “That can’t be right…”

“Well…” Keir started, stepping back nervously. He wasn’t sure how Regal was going to react, “Technically…it is possible that I accidentally placed blessing on you when I noticed you were committing the virtues.”

“When was I possibly showing acts of kindness and charity?” Regal said angrily, a low growl rumbling from deep inside of his chest. Keir shrunk back more, signaling to Regal to try and keep clam. He sighed and shook his head, clenching his fists to try and maintain his composure.

“Yesterday when you took me out for a milkshake…you didn’t have to do that. I never asked and I didn’t need it. Yet you offered it. That was an act of charity.” The look on Regal’s face made Keir pause for a moment. He looked so pale and dazed. “The kindness was shown last night when we went to sleep. You pulled me close and comforted me. You didn’t have to do that either.”

It was unbelievable to Regal. Keir was absolutely right. He was being kind on purpose to try and trick him. However, the line between acting and sincerity faded and he was being kind simply because it became easy to be nice to him. Keir didn’t have to pretend or put on a façade to make Regal do anything. He naturally did it. These virtues were his own fault.

It was absolutely revolting.

“I need to sit down…” he murmured as he slid to the floor. He pulled his wings in, not wanting to see the patches of light gray and the nearly white feather. He curled his legs up and rested his forehead against his knees as he frantically tried to figure out what to do. He felt Keir sit down beside him, rubbing his back soothingly as he tried to comfort him. The action didn’t help much.

He was lost, unsure of what to do. At this rate, he and Keir were practically tied. Regal was just as close to rising as Keir was to falling. If he wasn’t careful, who knows how long it’d be until he had completed the seven virtues. All he could think of was…

“Let’s explore.”

“Pardon?” Keir asked somewhat confused. Regal stood up again, wobbling slightly as his knees threatened to give out.

“You heard me. Let’s explore. We’re in a damn forest for Jackal’s sake! Let’s see what sort of stuff we can find,” Regal said bitterly as he went to pull on the first set of clothes he could find. He didn’t feel like exploring much to be honest. However, he needed to clear his head. He needed to fly. He needed to escape.

“I…I would prefer to not go out right now,” Keir said softly, walking back into the hotel room to watch Regal go out to the balcony. “I just spent the entire day exploring and relaxing. I‘m quite tired and would like to rest tonight.”

Regal turned and looked at Keir for a moment, keeping silent as they stared at each other. After a moment he nodded and turned, “That’s fine. Go ahead and sleep. I‘ll be back at sunrise.”

He spread out his wings and leapt off the balcony, gliding low to the ground before pulling up to head into the sky. The colder air of the upper peninsula felt much better than the warmer weather in New York. He could see Canada across the lake as he flew high into the air, spiraling up until he was too high for anyone to see clearly.

Regal glided over the forests, his wingtips grazing against the treetops. He didn’t pay attention to the direction of where he was going. He could worry about finding his way home later. He slowed down his pace, landing in one of the many coniferous trees. He could hear squirrels and chipmunks scurrying along the forest floor, and saw a buck walking through the underbrush.

Traveling through the branches, he kept his wings tucked in as he crawled his way through the forest. He was hoping that campers in their cozy campers would be pitched here, but there was nothing else in this forest except deer droppings and the occasional fox.

Regal climbed up to the top of a tree and launched himself off, pumping his wings to head out toward the shore. He flew out north, heading for the lake. He passed over what looked like a small town, gliding past the large light house that towered over the buildings. The light nearly blinded him as he passed by. He continued over the beach that was littered with large pieces of driftwood and stones, enjoying the feeling of the sun finally setting over the horizon and the stars starting to come out. Dusk had to be one of his favorite times of day.

Angling his wings, he lowered his altitude once he was far out enough that the light of the lighthouse was only hint of a shoreline. The choppy waves of the lake sent up icy sprays of mist, lightly covering him in droplets of water. He continued to lower himself until he was skimming the water, the tips of his fingers brushing against the water as he continued to head west.

In the distance, he could see the outline of a giant freighter heading toward the shore. He tilted his body, changing direction to head toward the ship. He was certain there was many sailors on board. He smirked at the thought of picking at a poor, unfortunate soul or two.


“Keir, wake up. I want to show you something.”

Keir woke up groggily the next morning to Regal nudging him gently. He rubbed his eyes and look up at the Demon who seemed much better than he had earlier.

“Are you feeling better?” he murmured, his voice sleepy.

“Much. Now come on. The continental breakfast in the lobby is going to end in an hour or so. So let’s eat up and get going,” Regal said with almost too much enthusiasm.

“Going? Going where?” Keir said as he pulled himself out of bed and stumbled over to his suitcase.

“Where did you explore yesterday?” Regal asked, disregarding Keir’s question completely. The Angel frowned, somewhat annoyed at being ignored.

“I don’t know. I followed the shoreline south east. I saw the Soo Locks in Sault Sainte Marie,” Keir said shortly. However, a smile broke out on his face soon after, “You need to see it Regal. It’s amazing! The ships that pass through are enormous!”

“I know, I saw one last night when I was out on the lake,” Regal said with the same happy tone Keir had. “However, I didn’t go east. I headed west, and I found something I think you’d enjoy.”

“Really? What did you see?” Keir asked curiously, unable to hide the boyish excitement in his voice. Regal merely chuckled and opened the door to head out to the lobby.

“It’s a surprise. “ He paused when he saw Keir’s eyes flicker with worry, “A good surprise. Not a trick. I promise.”

Keir let out a soft breathe of relief, “Good…I would prefer not to have those sorts of surprises again.” Regal waited for Keir to finish dressing before heading out to grab breakfast. Keir trailed behind him, closing the door behind them, before stepping to the lobby.

The delicious smells of breakfast wafted to Keir’s nose, making his mouth water. Waffles, sausages, eggs, muffins and cereal greeted him along with orange juice and coffee. He didn’t know what he wanted to have first! Regal was already heading straight for the proteins, but Keir decided to have a yogurt and a waffle with extra syrup.

They ate their meal in silence. Keir knew that Regal wouldn’t spill the beans on his surprise. Meanwhile, Regal was too busy stuffing his face and trying not to yawn to even think about talking. Once they were done, they tossed out their trash and headed back to their room so they could launch from their balcony away from prying eyes.

They glided together in the safety of the clouds. People on the shorelines looked like ants from their perspective; they were too high for anyone to realize they weren’t birds. However, a black falcon and a white seagull flying together was a bit odd.

“I’m surprised you’re out during the day. Was this really that important to see?” Keir asked with a light chuckle. Regal merely laughed and dove down toward the trees. Keir followed him as the Demon guided them to a mystery location.

Regal landed them in the middle of the woods in a clearing not too far from the river. Keir tucked his wings and settled beside him, looking around.

“Alright, now it’s just a bit of a hike up through some trails,” Regal explained as he headed through a path he had marked the previous night. Broken branches and claw marks in tree bark led them through the dense woods.

Soon, Keir could hear the sound of water and wondered if they were heading toward the river. However, the water sounded stronger than a normal stream. “Regal, where are we going?”

“You’ll see, we’re almost there!” The pleasure in Regal’s voice made Keir fill up with excitement as he jogged to follow close behind. After another fifteen minutes of hiking, they could hear the chatter of tourists and the rush of water splashing against rocks.

The moment the coast was clear, they stepped out from the woods and onto the paved path that lead up to the edge of a large waterfall. Keir gasped with surprise and walked up to the end, leaning on the wooden railing that allowed him to feel the spray of the falls. The water was clear, but tinged brown like rust. The white caps of the water hitting giant rocks that jutted out of the water coated the ground with mist. Keir could almost feel like he could touch the water if he reached out far enough.

“This is Tahquamenon Falls,” Regal said as he walked up next to him, resting his hands on the railing. “One of the more well known waterfalls in this region. Others simply don’t compare to this beauty.”

Regal was right. This waterfall was gorgeous and made Keir feel extremely happy. “I can’t believe you found this place!”

“It’s a tourist site. I was bound to run into it.” He nudged Keir’s shoulder and pointed down a trail, “This is only the upper falls. The lower falls are about four miles down that trail. We can easily fly the distance.”

“I’d rather walk,” Keir said with a smile, “Besides, the trail is in the woods. That would shelter you from the sun a bit more than flying would.” Regal smiled back and agreed. After staring at the upper falls a bit more, the two headed down the four mile trail that led down to the lower falls.

It took several hours, however they didn’t mind. They walked at a leisurely pace, stopping to look at the river or into the woods. From time to time they would sneak into the dense forest to stretch their wings. Luckily for them, not many tourists liked to make the hike from one fall to another, so they were often alone. By the time they had reached the lower falls, they were tired but excited. Even Regal didn’t explore as far as the lower falls. He wanted to share the moment with Keir.

“It’s amazing!” Keir said as he stared at the multiple falls that surrounded the small island. They could see a deer crossing the falls without worry, however it was obvious how deadly they could be. The rocks that lurked under the rusty water would surely kill a human who was dragged under.

“Follow me,” Regal said as he took Keir’s hand and led him down another path that led through the woods. Keir followed easily without any worry of mistrust. He believed that Regal would care for him as they made their way deeper into the forest and away from the falls.

“Where are we going?” he asked as Regal guided them toward a patch of grass where there were no trees. Regal stopped there and spread his wings.

“Up.” He jumped up, pulling himself into the air as he flapped his wings. Keir followed suit, trailing behind him as they climbed higher into the air. They headed back where they walked, although now high in the sky. The tourists on the ground wouldn’t recognize anything strange.

They glided over the island that surrounded the falls, circling the area slowly. Keir sighed with happiness as he saw all the small falls that surrounded. There were at least five in all, and all of them were equally beautiful.

“I thought this would be the best way to see them all,” Regal said as he glided up next to Regal, their wing tips brushing as they beat their wings in unison. “We can land on the island and walk around if you’d like.”

“If you don’t mind,” Keir said with an eager smile. Regal merely paused mid-flight and gestured for Keir to lead. The Angel dove down quickly, Regal hot on his heels as they dove into the thickest part of the forest.

Although they were in the cover of the trees, there wasn’t much room to hide. They had to sneak their way back onto the path before feeling safe again. They walked around the island slowly, stopping at each fall to watch the water roll over the edge. Keir crossed his arms and rested them on the fence, placing his head in his arms. Regal watched him with amusement from one of the various benches that were on the path.

The Demon had to admit that this felt nice. Not having to worry about who was falling or rising, or how to make Keir commit another sin. Just lounging around and looking at scenery was good enough to make him happy.

Keir felt the same way, knowing that Regal was pleased to be spending time with him. He had no suspicious feelings due to Regal’s behavior. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and that made Keir happy.

“Thank you Regal,” Keir said as he stood back up to walk over to where the raven was sitting. “This was very kind of you.”

“It was no big deal,” Regal said with a grin. He opened his arms, beckoning Keir. The blond walked over and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him as he sat in his lap, “This isn’t the end of it either.”

“It’s not?” Keir asked with surprise. Regal shook his head and merely grinned. “Tell me!” Keir demanded eagerly. The Demon merely laughed.

“It’s still a surprise.” Regal stood up, setting Keir back on his feet before holding out his hand. Keir took it and squeezed gently, following Regal as they went back into the forest. The two took off, albeit with more trouble this time since there was no clear exit through the canopy, and head back toward the shore.

Keir could see the small town below and headed down before Regal could mention that this was their stop. He had planned to sneak them into all the venues and shops, but the Angel seemed eager to get in line to buy their passed.

Regal landed behind a building where no one was looking and saw Keir already a few steps ahead of him, heading for the shipwreck museum. He followed, tucking his wings in as he walked.

Keir was waiting for Regal at the counter where the woman behind the desk was waiting for payment before stamping their hand.

“It’ll be eight dollars for both of you,” the woman said, staring at Regal. He sauntered over, reaching into his pocket to pull out a twenty. He slid it over to her, flashing his teeth in an easy smile.

“This should cover it and the pass for the lighthouse,” he purred. He could feel Keir stiffen beside him and knew that he was getting jealous again. However the woman behind the counter didn’t seem to notice. She handed Regal back his change and stamped their hands with a black stamp and a red stamp.

“You need to sign this waiver now,” she mumbled as she slid over a piece of paper. Keir seemed to pale in complexion.

‘A waiver? Is this safe?” Keir asked timidly

Regal nodded and took the pen, signing the paper with a fake name. “Yes it’s fine. Trust me.” He held out the pen for Keir to take. The blonde looked at Regal for only a moment before taking the pen and signing an alias under Regal’s signature.

“Have fun at Whitefish Point,” the woman said with a smile as she went back to reading. Regal led Keir into the museum, chuckling under his breath.

“What’s so funny?” Keir whispered as they walked into a darkened room filled with shipwreck antiques.

“She honestly had no desires for me. Rare nowadays.” Keir couldn’t help but laugh as well as they toured around the museum and the many buildings that surrounded the lighthouse.

Keir was fascinated by all of the old relics and antiques. He cried at the stories of all the shipwrecks that they had on display, especially when he read about the famous Edmund Fitzgerald. Regal remained collected to the entire time and didn’t seem to be affected by the tragic stories.

“How are you able to read these without feeling sad?” Keir asked as they left the museum to head over toward the light-keeper’s house.

“Demons are more comfortable with death. To us it’s just a way of living.” Regal held the door open for Keir. He walked inside, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand as he looked around the tiny home. Regal kept close behind him, only somewhat interested in the exhibits. “The real treat is at the end,” he murmured as Keir led them through the home. They made their way to the end and found a man standing in front of one of the closed doors.

“Are you two going up to see the lighthouse?” he asked with a wide smile.

“You bet we are,” Regal said in an almost too cheery tone.

“You‘re the last tour of the day!” The guide opened the door and headed down the hall.

“Keir, move in front of me.” The Angel followed the tour guide down a hall and across a suspended covered bridge that led to the stairwell up into the light house.

“Alright it’s a bit tight, but not too bad. Just watch your step and keep your head low when you get out to the top!” The tour guide made his way up, Keir following behind him and Regal taking the rear.

It was obvious that Keir was not comfortable in the tight space. He felt claustrophobic and wanted nothing more than to spread his wings to try and escape. Even Regal felt the same way, his wings itching to expand. However they both kept them tucked in tight as they made the forty-six step climb up to the top. Once they reached the hatch, they crawled out and walked over to the edge of the lighthouse, gripping the railings tightly as they looked out over the lake.

The sun was beginning to set once more in the sky, casting reddish hues along the sandy beach. The water was choppy yet clear as it broke along the shore. Seagulls flew by, skimming the water as they hunted for scraps of food, and silhouettes of ships could be seen in the distance.

“Wow…this is gorgeous,” Keir murmured as Regal took his spot next to him on the deck.

“Right over there is where the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk,” the guide said as he pointed out toward the center of the lake. “The lighthouse wasn’t working that night due to a power outage. If it was still lit, the Fitzgerald might have made it.”

“How tragic…” Keir said quietly as he stared out where the ship had sunk. Regal agreed with him quietly. They remained silent as they looked out from their spot. Regal mused to himself knowing that they could get an even better view while flying, however he knew that Keir would enjoy this.

After a while, the tour guide told them they needed to head down so they could get the light house set up for the night and headed down. As they slowly walked back to the stairwell, Regal murmured how he’d love to just fly off. Keir smacked his arm and said that the guide would think they jumped off. It only made Regal laugh more.

Once they were out of sight, they spread their wings and headed back to their hotel room to get a good nights rest. They made it back to their balcony in only a few minutes. Regal unlocked the door with a wave of his hand and walked straight to the bed and collapsed onto it.

“Worn out?” Keir asked as he took off his shoes. A tired murmur was all he heard from Regal before the raven fell silent. Keir chuckled and walked over, taking off Regal’s shoes and tucking him into bed. He looked down at the demon and smiled, “Sleep well, Regal. And thank you."

This chapter completes my NaNoWriMo! 50,000 words have been written in these sixteen chapters. However, the story isn't done yet! I'll continue to work on this story, just not on such a strict schedule. I'm going to try and work on my fanfiction as well, and get prepared for my next nanowrimo in August!

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This begins Camp NaNoWriMo August Edition! I don't know if this will be 50,000 words as well, because the second half isn't as lengthy as the first. However, I'm hoping to finish it before the end of August! So Enjoy as C&L continues!

One Week Later
Paradise, Michigan

Regal stood on the tip of the lighthouse, balancing precariously on the balls of his feet. His figure was sheltered by the thick fog that was covering the ground that early morning. The sun had not risen yet and the air was still quite chilly. He could see the white capped waves of Lake Superior crashing against the shore through the dense fog.

The light from the light house blinked slowly, shining through the fog in case any ships were heading toward shore. He remembered the Edmund Fitzgerald for a moment and how it had sunk because this very lighthouse was out that night; he scoffed darkly at the thought of those unfortunate souls who were destined to never return to shore.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, it was peaceful. Regal felt like everything was right with the world as he stood at the highest point. He spread out his wings and outstretched his arms, letting the wind blow past him.

Yes, this was living.

The soft beating of wings caught Regal attention and cause him to turn. His roommate flew up behind him, tucking in his wings as he landed on another spire of the lighthouse. Seeing the Angel out while it was still dark was surprising.

“You’re up early,” Regal mused, a smile grin tugging at his lips. Keir chuckled and ruffled his feathers, hugging himself to keep warm.

“Couldn’t sleep; my mind has been wandering too much,” Keir explained as he stared out at the dark, choppy water.

“Wandering?” Regal asked, chuckling softly, “I wonder what you could possibly be going over in your head.” Keir merely laughed.

“I’ve just been missing home,” he murmured as he hugged himself tighter, his wings curling around him.


An Angel being on earth for so long was rare. It was completely natural for him to be missing his home in Heaven. However he knew he couldn’t go back, not until he made Regal ascend. The Demon had a hunch about this as well; he too couldn’t return home to Hell until the Angel fell. They were trapped in a vicious cycle. Neither of them wanted to slip up knowing that the consequence would be to rise or fall.

Keir looked over at Regal and watched him silently for a moment. He sighed, smiling just a little as he watched the wind blow through his dark hair. Despite the fact it was gray a bit at the tips, he still found that it suited the Demon.

That was where they differed. Regal was completely apathetic when it came to relationships of any kind. Keir, on the other hand, was blindly and head over heels in love with Regal. For and Angel to be in love with a Demon was practically blasphemy. He had never wanted it or planned for it. Regal had forced it upon him with a curse and now he was stuck with these emotions he knew he shouldn’t bear.

Regal looked back over at Keir and cocked a brow, snickering to himself when the Angel quickly looked away. The blush on his cheeks was endearing and it made Regal somewhat happy. It was a strange form of happiness; it was more pleased in bizarre sort of way. He liked knowing he had the Angel wrapped around his finger, but deep down in his cold heart he honestly did enjoy the idea of someone loving him for a reason more than his body.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, jumping from one spire to another. He was silent as he moved gracefully toward the Angel. Keir looked back up at him and shifted to Regal could land next to him.

“I’m missing the city life,” Keir said as Regal took his place beside him. Their wings brushed together, warming them both as they watched the sun just begin to peek over the horizon. The lake seemed to glow with a faint orange as the sunlight began to shine.

“City life? Aren’t you the one who asked to come to a more private place?” Regal wondered aloud, his voice laced with playfulness. Keir couldn’t help but smiled at him.

“Yeah, I did. Living here has been really nice, but I kind of miss being able to walk down the street and see lots of people and stores.”

Regal nodded, “And I liked being able to get food. Everything here closes before sunset. It’s really annoying,” he grumbled with annoyance. For the past week he had to either wait all night before he could eat, or get up early so he could grab something before the entire town closed shop. “All right, it sounds like a plan. What time were you thinking about heading out?”

“After breakfast is served, then we can check out and you can teleport us to…” Keir paused, unsure of where he wanted to go. He didn’t want to live in a place like New York again. It was too busy there. “What’s a place that is like a city but isn’t really busy?”

The Demon thought for a moment before shrugging, “Chicago? It’s still a city but there are some areas that aren’t extremely busy. You can walk down a street there without feeling like you’re going to get trampled.”

Keir perked up at the sound of it, “That’s perfect! We can go there!” Regal chuckled at his enthusiasm. He glanced down at his pocket watch and noticed that they still had two hours to kill before breakfast.

He sighed, his stomach growling at the thought of food. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Too bad I’m not into catching wild game.” He had seen a few ranches with horses roaming the pastures. It wouldn’t be hard to take one down, but that was something a rogue Demon would do; or a desperate glutton Demon who wasn’t able to appease their appetite.

Unfurling his wings, Regal leapt off the edge of the light house and dove down through the beam of light, angling himself to swoop low to the ground until he was landing gently on the shore. His shoes sunk into the sand as he walked closer to the water’s edge. Keir followed behind him, landing just as silently as he did.

The Angel curled in his wings, just in case there were any people on the beach to watch the sun rise. Regal didn’t seem to have that same notion and kept his wings out.

Silently, they walked up and down the shore; kicking rocks into the water or drawing doodles in the sand with driftwood. They passed by a makeshift burial site where the pictures of three deceased sailors who lost their lives on the lake. The pile of stones made Keir uncomfortable, knowing that underneath it was simply more sand; the bodies of the sailors were forever lost at the bottom of the lake.

Together they watched the sun come up over the horizon, illuminating the beach and slowly clearing the fog. Keir basked in the warmth of daybreak, spreading his arms and his wings to soak up every ray of sunlight. Regal moved toward the dense forests that lined the beach. He was sheltered in the shadows of the trees as the sun rose higher.

From his hiding place in the forest he surveyed Keir as he frolicked in the daylight. The Angel flew into the air to hover over the waves, smiling as he flew in circles. The coolness of the water looked refreshing to Regal as he watched it spray against his white wings; however he didn’t want to join him in his playing. The sunlight made him tired caused his body to ache. He was content with sitting in the tree branches under the shadows.

He dozed off for a while only to be awakened by Keir nudging his arm. Blinking slowly, grey eyes locked on blue.

“Breakfast should be served by now,” Keir said as Regal slipped out from his place in the trees. He landed on the ground, yawning as he stretched. It was still strange to see someone so full of energy so early in the morning.

The two headed back to the hotel; Keir flying above the tree tops to soak up more of the sun, while Regal remained in the shelter of the forest. Although they couldn’t see each other through the canopy, they could still sense one another.

To Keir, it felt like a looming presence of darkness and adversity. Regal seemed to emit an overall sense of dismay, as do most Demons. However, Keir had grown accustomed to Regal’s individual aura and was certain he could now pin point him in a cluster of Demons.

Regal felt that he could do the same with Keir. The Angel, like many, radiated prosperity and rapture – it was a blissfully wonderful feeling that made most Demons sick to their stomach. Yet Regal was used to this and found it almost welcoming.

However, he still felt drained by the sunlight despite how good the Angel’s energy made him feel. He slowed his pace and tried to conserve some energy, but it didn’t help much. He wondered if he’d even be able to make it back to the hotel without falling asleep.

Far from Keir’s range of hearing and desperate to stay awake, Regal seized the moment to do what he never thought he would ever do.

He prayed.

Not to God of course. Praying to Her would be sacrilege. However, he did pray to his Father. He knew Jackal had casted him out and sworn to not help him on the rest of his journey, but Regal was tired, hungry, and just needed some extra help.

He quietly mumbled to himself, begging for Jackal to give them an extra hand. He didn’t specify what, because at this point anything was fine. All he wanted was a place to rest up so he could continue on his own.

How Jesus managed to go 50 days without food or water was beyond him; only a night without food was already making him crabby. Maybe Gloria had the right idea when she made Christ.

By the time they reached the hotel Regal was exhausted. Keir landed in the woods near him, moving close to wrap his arm around his waist. “Need some extra help?” he asked, ready to aid Regal in any way he could; but the Demon merely shook his head and continued to trudge through the thicket of the forest before crossing the paved road toward the hotel.

The duo moved around the back, keeping hidden from any windows to avoid from being seen by any normal humans. Keir took Regal’s arm and helped him fly up to their balcony and into their room. There was no need for their hotel key card thanks to Regal’s ability to unlock closed doors.

“It’s an Incubus thing,” he has once said when Keir asked him how he was able to get into any room he wanted. It made sense since Incubus’ preyed on the sleeping.

Closing and locking the sliding door, Regal moved to start packing up their bags. They didn’t have many, but it was enough to get by on. Keir left to gather food from the continental breakfast the hotel served and soon came back with sausage and eggs for Regal and a waffle for himself.

“Thanks,” Regal murmured as he tiredly ate his meal. Keir sat across from him on the bed to join him for breakfast. He finished much sooner than Regal did and decided to finish up with packing. As soon as that was done, they tossed their empty plates into the bathroom garbage and checked out. They made their way back toward the forest and created a portal leading to their next destination. Keir didn’t even hesitate to leap into the gate; he had grown to trust the Demon. Regal followed after and closed it quickly as they landed.

“Where are we at?” Keir asked as he set down his bags and walked to the edge of the building Regal led them.

“Chicago,” the Demon said shortly as he stifled another yawn. The Angel laughed and rolled his eyes.

“I already know that!” he said a bit too cheerily for Regal’s tastes; but he smiled a little back and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“We’re at South State. We’re standing on the roof of the apartment complex we’re going to be living in.” Regal grabbed their bags and headed toward the stairwell. He paused and turned, staring at Keir who was still standing at the edge. “You coming?”

“Oh! Yeah, I am,” Keir said sheepishly as he quickly headed to Regal’s side. They walked down the stairwell, the fluorescent lights hurting Regal’s eyes. Luckily, he didn’t have to bear it for long. They got off at the highest floor and headed down the hall to an empty room. Keir followed behind Regal wondering why they didn’t go to the front desk for their room keys.

Regal stopped in front of the loft, waving his hand over the lock before letting himself inside. No one was currently living in here, so Regal made the most of it and dropped his bags on the floor before kicking off his shoes.

“Welcome to your new home for the next few weeks,” he sighed as he made his way to his new bedroom to flop onto the bed. He chose this room specifically because the window didn’t face east or west, so the sunlight was no issue for him.

Keir took his time to wander around the loft before moving to Regal’s room. “Aren’t we supposed to…check in, or something?”

“Didn’t feel like it,” Regal grumbled as he rolled over onto his side to face the wall. He closed his eyes and buried his face into the pillow. The familiar scent of Hell washed over him and he couldn’t help but smile as he wrapped his arms around his favorite pillow. Thank you, Father…

“We’re just going to stay here without paying?” Keir asked again, completely unaware of the fact Regal was nearly asleep.

“Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Regal growled. All he wanted was some sleep. Why couldn’t the Angel notice that? However, his sharp tone told Keir that he was tired. The blond stepped out and closed the door to let him sleep and continued his small tour of the loft.

The entire place itself was extremely clean; lush carpets covered the living space and stretched into the bedrooms, the bathroom floors were tiled and the kitchen had dark hardwood floors. The walls were painted a soft moss green which complimented the tan carpet. The kitchen appliances were stainless steel and the cupboards were made from the same dark wood that the floor was made out of. From what he saw, Regal’s room was actually the smaller of the two and painted a darker color than the rest of the loft. Keir’s room was seemingly untouched and was very bland. The previous owner obviously had no need for two bedrooms, or rarely used it as anything more than a guest room despite its larger size.

The entire loft was very open and comfortable; large windows made up one wall that looked out over the city and at Lake Michigan. He figured it had to be very expensive to live here, which would explain why Regal didn’t feel like paying. The cheap apartment in New York was nothing like this and was probably half the price. Even the hotel cost less than this.

Keir didn’t want to think about it too much. The idea of living in a place like this for free…it was just like stealing…wasn’t it?

Clearing his head from negative thoughts, Keir started to unpack their bags; toiletries in the bathroom and clothes in the appropriate bedrooms. He left Regal’s outside of his room so he could put them away later. Once he was done sorting out their few belongings, he stepped out to stare out the window.

He was dying to explore this new city. He wanted to see everything there could be to see. It was like being in New York City for the first time all over again.

It was still early in the morning and he had plenty of time to kill before Regal woke up. No use wasting the day away sitting inside. He quickly made sure all the lights were off before leaving and locking the door behind him. He hurried his way up the stairwell, onto the roof top, and into the air. Pumping his wings, he flew high into the clouds; and with a smile he began his adventure in Chicago.

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PostSubject: Chapter Eighteen   Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:10 pm

Several Hours Later
Chicago, Illinois

Keir landed back on the rooftops gingerly, tucking in his wings as he fixed his brand new shirt. He smiled happily as he smoothed out the wrinkles. He really liked the navy blue v-neck; he thought it brought out his eyes. Walking back to the stairwell, he went through the memories of the last few hours he had.

The first thing to catch his eye as he was flying over the city was a strangely shaped metallic sculpture located in the center of a plaza. Carefully, he had flown down and landed on a low building that he could easily jump off of without hurting himself. He folded his wings in and hopped down into the alleyway. He then sprinted across the street and headed toward the large reflective bean. It was stunning to say the least; simple yet beautifully crafted. The reflective structure fascinated Keir. The image of all the city folk distorting was enchanting in its own strange way.

He ran his hands across the cool surface, chuckling at the way his body seemed to look smaller in the reflection. He turned and saw a group of high school students lying in a circle in the center. They were staring up at the middle of the bean, taking photographs of their reflection. Keir couldn’t help but smile at them.

Across from the sculpture was a large stadium. He walked over there to explore, wondering if there was anything going on. Unfortunately, the stage was empty, as well as all the red seats in the pavilion. He made a mental note to check back here in the future; he would love to see a concert there.

Keir continued to walk along the streets, looking around him as he moved with the light crowd. He passed by a large area that seemed to be flooded with water. He was confused as to why the ground would be so wet, but then he saw there were two large fountains with what seemed to be covered with little screens that created a large face. Keir was astounded at the sight; Children playing in the fountains, splashing the water at each other, as two giant faces seemed to be watching them. It was eerie, but fun.

He continued his adventure, passing by a beautiful garden with a large pool in the center. Connected to that pool was another sculpture that also acted as a fountain. It was of five women made from bronze; however they were a dull turquoise in color. The water flowed from the top of the fountain and made its way down through each woman until it reached the large pool at the bottom. It was simply stunning; Keir made a mental note to tell Regal to visit it when he was out.

As he left the gardens, he remembered seeing a large pier jutting out into the lake. From what he remembered, it was a very far walk to the pier and he didn’t want to waste too much time walking there. He excitedly jogged over to an unpopulated area hidden in the shadows and unfurled his wings, taking flight as he dove towards the water.

There were many boats on the lake, but with his speed and agility, he was able to move quickly and out of anyone’s sight. He flew out far until he knew that no one would possibly see him without assuming he was merely a sea gull. He arched back, shooting himself into the sky. The city was small as he continued to climb higher until he was almost to the clouds. He saw the pier flew in that direction.

As he flew closer, he noticed that there was a small carnival in the middle. The Ferris wheel was the first thing he saw, and it acted as a beacon so he wouldn’t lose sight of his destination. As he got closer, he began to lower himself until he was flying underneath the boardwalk. He hovered briefly before climbing up the side and onto the pier.

He walked down the pier, stopping into every building as he passed. He went through the museum of stained glass, shivering from fascination as he looked at the many delicate windows and glass artwork. There were even a few that depicted religious images such as Jesus and Gloria herself – although she was in a different form.

However, the most fun experience he had while he was exploring was the carnival. He loved watching the children run around going from one ride to another. He wanted to go on a ride too, but he thought that going on with Regal once he was awake would be more fun.

Keir walked the entire way back to the apartments, stopping in every museum and store that interested him – which was practically every one. He was glad that Regal had given him money to spend; the museums were growing to be quite expensive, and Keir was having fun shopping for new clothes and other knick knacks.

Now, it was evening and the sun was beginning to set. Keir was stepping out of the stair well and walking up to their door. He shifted the bags into one hand and used the other to knock on the door. Hopefully Regal would be awake and he could be let in.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t awake and Keir was stranded in the hall. For another hour, Keir sat by the front door, fleeing to hide in the stairwell when he thought he heard someone coming in their direction. He was leaning against the door, eyes closed as he yawned, when the door opened.

He fell back, making a small grunting sound when he fell onto his back. He looked up to Regal hovering over him; his hair was completely disheveled and his eyes drooping from just waking up. He was lacking a shirt and the pajama bottoms he wore were slipping off his hips slightly.

“How long were you out?” he asked lazily, his voice slightly raspy.

“All day!” Keir said with as much enthusiasm as he did that morning, “And I bought gifts!”

Regal yawned and stepped out of the way so Keir could get up and head back inside. He set his bags on the table and started pulling out some clothes and wrapped up boxes.

“So, what’d you get?”

“I bought us some new clothes, since we’re always wearing the same outfits every week. Simply having one bag full of clothes isn’t enough, so I bought you this!” Keir held up a black and red men’s tank top and handed it to Regal. The Demon looked at it questionably before slipping it over his head. It fit well enough and was much easier to move in than a sweater; although he was accustomed to the tight fitting cotton.

“Not too bad…looks like you know what you’re doing when it comes to shopping…” Regal paused and glanced up, his gray eyes looking over Keir’s body for a moment. “Those weren’t the clothes you left in…”

“Oh, I just asked the lady at the shop if I could wear them after buying them!” Keir said with a smile. Regal honestly wasn’t all that surprised.

“What’s in the boxes?” Regal asked as he lifted one and shook it gently. Keir panicked and lunged forward, ripping it from his hands.

“Careful! That’s really delicate!” Keir held it close to him as if it were a child and gently set it down, “I bought it from the stained glass museum. I just couldn’t resist.”

Regal picked up a small metallic bean and raised a brow, “And this?”

“A souvenir I got from a small shop! You have got to see the actual sculpture in real life! It’s massive and so beautiful!” Keir exclaimed. The Demon chuckled and set it back down.

“All right, all right. I’ll keep that in mind since I’m heading out tonight anyways. I am in serious need of a fun night out,” Regal said with a grin as he headed to the bathroom to get ready.

Keir followed after him, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, “Actually Regal…is it ok if I go with you?”

The raven turned and looked at him suspiciously, “Come with me? Why? It’ll be sunset soon.”

“Oh…I would come home once the sun completely set. I just…I wanted to share something with you,” Keir said bashfully. Regal couldn’t possibly imagine what the Angel could mean, so he merely shrugged.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be ready in a moment.” As soon as Regal finished freshening up, the two were flying out toward the pier once more.

It was the perfect time to fly. The sun was just in the right place to not harm either of them. Regal was not hurt by the sun’s rays, and it was still bright enough for Keir to not feel weakened by the night sky that was slowly appearing. This hour of dusk was the only time the two could be together without one of them suffering in some way.

The time of day also cloaked them enough that they could easily swoop down beneath the pier without being noticed. They crawled up and climbed onto the boardwalk easily, tucking in their wings before walking down. Keir moved quickly and with determination. He knew exactly where he was going, while Regal was enjoying simply walking slow and taking in the sights.

“Huh, who would have thought they would have a museum for stained glass?” he mused quietly.

“Hurry up!” Keir said urgently, not at all slowing his pace. The Demon sighed and rolled his eyes, following after at the same speed he had originally been moving. It’s not like whatever Keir wanted to show him was going to get up and walk away.

When he caught sight of the Ferris wheel, Regal couldn’t help but whistle with surprise. It was much bigger up close than it looked from the sky. “Nice. So is this what you wanted to show me?”

The blond nodded and grinned, walking back to take Regal’s hand to lead him to the line, “I thought it would be a nice way to see the city better without having to fly.”

“But I like flying,” Regal said with a small pout. What was the point of being high in the air without stretching his wings? Still, he stayed quiet as the Angel led them into the line and eventually into the gondola.

Regal sat down opposite of Keir and leaned his arm on the edge. He rested his head in his hand as he looked out the side as the ride began to move. Keir was trying to not bounce around with giddy excitement. Flying was nice, but being able to see the city the way the humans did was somewhat magical.

The higher they climbed, the more Keir seemed to enjoy the moment. Regal was bored out of his mind and couldn’t wait to properly explore the city. He wanted to jump from the gondola and spread his wings, catch the air and soar off into the night. However, there were too many people around, and those who were in the gondolas below them would be able to see.

“Look at the view! Isn’t it beautiful?” Keir asked completely unaware of Regal’s boredom. The Demon merely nodded and continued to stare out at the lake. The light shining against the water was lovely, he had to admit that. However, the idea of the moon rising into the night sky and the stars being the only light to guide him was more appealing. He glanced over at Keir and saw him practically leaning over the edge, enjoying the view he got from his angle. How could it be better than flying?

They stopped at the top, much to Regal’s dismay. Keir walked over to the other side so he could look in a different direction. Regal was struggling to keep his wings in. The night breeze was inviting and he wanted to jump into the current and ride it all night. “Just a little longer” he reminded himself, “Patience is a vir—dammit.

The Angel really was having an effect on him.

“How much longer until the ride is over?” he grumbled with an exasperated sigh. Keir looked over and frowned a little.

“You’re not having fun?”

Regal waved his hand, “Only a little. I really want to just fly tonight.”

“Oh…” Keir bit his lip and looked away. Regal groaned at the downtrodden expression on his face.

“Don’t get so upset. I’m just not in the mood for sightseeing tonight. I really need to just get out,” he explained. It seemed to soothe Keir a bit, but it didn’t fix the problem.

Keir looked over toward Regal and put on a small smile, although it was laced with disappointment. “I just wanted to share something special…”

The Demon struggled to hold back an annoyed groan, “I know. This is special. But I haven’t had a good night on the town in a city for a while now. You understand that, right?”

The Angel did understand. After all, they had just spent the last several days alone together. Now they were in a city and Regal was antsy to get out and most likely cause some mischief.

“Yeah, I know. After the ride is over, I’ll head home and you can stay out,” Keir said as he sat back in his seat. The ride began to lower slowly, pausing at times to let other people in and out.

“Keir…” Regal started, sighing lightly as he frowned. Damn his heart for growing soft. “You know it’s not like I don’t want to spend time with you. I just need my alone time too.”

The blond smiled a little at that, “I know. That’s ok. I understand.” Keir stood up as the ride stopped and the door was opened for them. He stepped out with Regal following behind him. “You, uh, left a key for me, right?” he asked carefully, not wanting to hint to others that they may be sleeping in a place they weren’t paying for.

Regal nodded, “Yeah, don’t worry. You’ll get in.” He had made sure to leave the window open so Keir could slip in. He hoped that the Angel would think about checking other places for entry instead of the front door.

“All right! I’ll see you when you get home then?” Keir asked with a wide grin. Regal nodded again.

“Yeah. I’ll be home at the normal time. Now go get some rest,” Regal urged. The Angel turned and waved, running back down the pier away from him. Regal turned and headed in the other direction. He wasted no time in slipping in between the buildings to take off into the air. Finally, he could recharge and hopefully place a few more sins on some unaware humans.

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PostSubject: Chapter Nineteen   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:43 am

The city was colorful at night, shining with the lights of the buildings and streets. Night owls roamed the sidewalks, oblivious that a hungry Demon was hovering above them. Who would be his next victim? Who would he taint? Regal licked his lips as he watched each human with an eagle eye. They all looked so delicious, so easy to pick off. This city was crawling with sinners; just like every other city he had ever been to.

He lowered himself in the sky, trying to look for the perfect human to prey on. Who was the most desperate, the most sexually deprived? Who was the loneliest and weakest of the bunch? He couldn’t seem to find that one person.

However, he did catch the scent of another Demon. He paused, hovering in the air as he tried to figure out where it was coming from. It wasn’t very strong, but just enough for Regal to catch; it was bitter and metallic and filled with selfishness.


Smirking, Regal changed his direction to follow the familiar scent. It was strangely comforting; far more comforting than Viraine’s gluttonous stench was. If his hunches were correct, he was going to be seeing a good friend soon, one whom he would honestly call a friend.

The Demonic scent guided him to a Best Buy. He furrowed his brow a bit as he landed behind the store. He walked around the edge and stepped inside only to be instantly hit with a strong smell of metal.

He shook his head a little to clear his mind and headed down one of the aisle. It was so hard to pin point the source when he was surrounded by nothing but technology. It was almost overwhelming, but he was soon able to catch sight of a familiar face.

It seemed Jackal was trying to guide him in the right direction without having to actually speak to him.

Regal walked over, smiling easily when he noticed the other Demon catch his own lustful scent and turn to face him. The other had shaggy black hair as well; however his bangs were bleached white. His eyes widened at the sight of Regal and he beamed and walked over to the incubus, holding out his hand.

“Regal, what a surprise to see you here!” he said cheerily, clasping his hand around Regal’s in a firm handshake. The green and gold gaze behind the thin rimmed glasses always was friendly when aimed at Regal. Regal smiled back and shook his hand just as vigorously.

“Etoile, it has been far too long. Have a mundane job, do you? What happened to training fledglings?” he asked after noticing he was wearing an employee uniform. The Greed Demon laughed and clasped Regal on the shoulder.

“You know my fascination with the development of technology over the past several decades. So much has changed since the fifteenth century. Young Demons simply didn’t hold my interest.” He guided him toward the back room and told a passing co-worker that he was taking his break.

Regal laughed, shaking his head, “Fifteenth century? You’re far much older than that.”

“There was nothing fascinating about my childhood. It only started to get good once the automobile was created. Ahh, what a beautiful piece of machinery it was; and look how far it has advanced. They even make cars that talk you know. How fascinating! Imagine a ship in the 1800’s talking to the crew. It would have been considered witchcraft! Now it’s something everyone wants!” Etoile said exuberantly. Regal rolled his eyes and sat down in one of the chairs in the back room. “But enough about me, how have you been? You’re now what…at least 100 years old now, right?”

Regal grimaced slightly, “Ahh, nearly there. I’ll be 94 in the next few months.”

“Ahh, the young grow up so fast,” Etoile sighed. A beep was heard in the room and Etoile immediately reached for a bag laying behind the table. He reached in and pulled out various phones, beepers, and ipods until he found the one that made the sound.

“Are you kidding me? You hoard those?” Regal asked incredulously.

He pouted, “Regal, all demons hoard. It’s in our nature to take what we like and to be possessive. I love technology and being a Demon associated with Greed does not help.”

Regal raised his hands and chuckled, “Whatever you say. Don’t blame your genetics for your lack of control.”

“Hush you.”

They both laughed as they caught up after so long of being away from one another. Etoile was a mentor of sorts for Regal. Etoile was easily one of the older Demons that managed to survive during the rise of Jackal’s reign. He was created not too long after Jackal came into power, and he was still strong and in charge of Greed Demons.

Despite being of a completely different sin, he was always there to take care of Regal as well when Jackal couldn’t. Regal never knew why he was one of Etoile’s favorites, but he didn’t mind much. Etoile was his adviser and his best friend. He guided him, taught him how to properly place sins on humans. He even told him which Incubus could teach him best about dream walking. Regal trusted Etoile with his life, and he was elated to see him again after so long.

Knowing that he had been living well for the past forty years was a relief to Regal. He always thought of him and hoped that Etoile hadn’t managed to get himself killed in some way. When he told Etoile that he had recently run into Viraine again, the Demon sneered and growled.

“That’s a shame. She’s such a pain. Always getting in the way and causing trouble while I’m trying to work. She makes fun of me and my day job. She doesn’t seem to see the importance in technology!” he grumbled as he flicked through his files on his phone. “Ignorant little thing she is.”

“Yeah, you can say that again,” Regal chuckled. “However, she’s pretty sly too. She managed to talk to an Angel a while ago too.”

“Aah, the Angel,” Etoile said with a knowing grin. “Word has been slowly spreading through the older Demons. Jackal isn’t always the best when it comes to keeping secrets.” Regal paled at that, causing Etoile to laugh. “Oh don’t worry, he doesn’t tell everyone. But he told an elder or two, and it’s been slowly dribbling down the food chain that one of our finest young Demons was in some trouble with the heavenly folk.”

“Is that so?” Regal growled, clenching his fists. He would have to have a talk with Jackal the moment he was out of this mess.

Etoile nodded, “I’m honestly surprised it’s you. I never thought you’d be one to slip up.”

“I didn’t either…” Regal admitted with a sigh. “He’s a real pain. He’s actually starting to rub off on me, and…” he paused, wondering if he should confide in someone of his fears. Although he knew that if he had to confess to someone, he’d want it to be Etoile. “I think it’s starting to make me ascend.”

The green and gold eyed Demon looked at him in silent shock. He leaned forward and whispered, “Really? You think he’s making you ascend?”

“Yeah…I mean, I’m trying to make him fall too, but we’re kind of at a stale mate right now.”

Etoile leaned back and sighed, “At least a stalemate is better than a check mate. Keep your guard up and start working harder. You won’t get anything done without hard work.”

“I know, I know,” Regal grumbled. That’s all Etoile ever talked about: hard work is the only way to get a reward. It had always been his motto of sorts. “I am working hard. I’m doing everything I can to get him to sin. He’s just so damn intuitive at that kind of stuff.”

The Greed Demon cocked a brow slightly, although he was now back to staring at his phone and flicking through the apps, “Intuitive? How so?”

“No idea. He just has a knack for avoiding my attempts.” It was extremely aggravating. What made it worse was that Regal couldn’t seem to dodge Keir’s attempts to make him ascend. He groaned and leaned back, running his hands through his hair, “I’m at my wits end. I’ve been wasting time trying to make him happy while thinking about what to do for the last several weeks.”

“Ahh, that’s your problem,” Etoile said as he stood up. “You’re trying to make him happy. Angels thrive on happiness. You need to make him suffer and grow weak.”

“I…uh…I can’t do that.”

“Can’t?” Etoile furrowed his brow as he stared hard at his young pupil, “What in Jackal’s name are you saying?”

Regal played with his hands nervously, looking up briefly at Etoile before staring at his slightly ripped cuticles. “I…made a pact with him.”

“Oh no…oh no that’s not good Regal. Ahh shit, shit…what did I teach you as a fledgling?” Etoile groaned as he paced in circles, his lecture beginning. Normally Regal hated when Etoile would start up a rant, but this time he couldn’t complain. “Pledges and pacts are just their way of sealing the deal of ascension! You never ever get yourself wrapped up in those!”

“I know, but I couldn’t avoid it. I tried as best as I could! I tried to weasel my way around it but he just kept twisting my words!” Regal said with exasperation as he threw up his hands. “He’s a lot more work than I expected, and I’m starting to wonder if I can do this on my own. Especially with the pact now sealed.”

Etoile stood silent for a moment, his fingertips brushing against his lips as he steepled his hands. He closed his eyes, thinking deeply for a moment before snapping his fingers with an idea. “Just to confirm the data, you are admitting to me in confidence that you are trying to fall an Angel whom you have formed an unbreakable contract with, and you are at the end of your rope and need some guidance?”

Regal nodded, shoulders sagging, “Unfortunately yes.”

The elder demon nodded curtly before turning to walk toward the back wall of the employee lounge. He pulled out a fountain pen from his breast pocket and tapped the end. Black ink immediately flowed to the top, defying gravity as it beaded at the point. Pressing the tip against the wall, he drew a thick line in a circle large enough for a man to fit through. Once he completed the drawing, he stepped back and placed the pen back into his pocket. The white wall inside the ink drawing began to darken and swirl until it was a solid mass of darkness.

Regal stood up and walked over to the portal, looking into it for a moment before grinning a little at Etoile, “Ink pen; very classy. I assumed you would have upgraded your methods of transportation to something more technologically advanced.”

“Trust me, I am still researching a way to jump right into the thicket of the world wide web, but it still remains out of my reach. Not only do I have to make a portal, but I have to turn myself into binary codes. Much harder than it seems; that’s the work of a warlock,” Etoile said with a purr. Regal had no doubts that he was already contacting warlocks to help him.

The Incubus stepped into the portal, falling down into the pit of ink. His wings unfurled, catching the air to slow his descent. His feet touched cobblestone – or what felt like cobblestone – after several feet of falling. Even this darkness was too much for Regal. He couldn’t see a thing in front of him.

He felt Etoile land beside him, his own wings brushing up against Regal’s. They were coarse and synthetic; Greed Demons normally did not have wings, however they possessed the ability to mimic and take from other Demons. He was certain Etoile liked a Demon’s wings and decided to “borrow” them.

“This way,” Etoile said as he began to walk forward. Regal followed blindly after him, his wingtips brushing against the walls so he could map out the pathways in his mind.

“I’m amazed you know where you’re going in this darkness,” he commented as he walked behind him. He heard Etoile’s short chuckle echo around them.

“Normally I wouldn’t. However, Jackal was kind enough to give me my left eye. It had a little bit more power when it comes to vision. That includes night vision.”

Regal remembered when Etoile was wounded during battle and lost his left eye. Regal was merely a newborn, barely able to flap his own wings when Etoile was harmed. He was in bandages for months as his new eye healed. Everyone was amazed when it was a bright green.

“Wow, you must be one of Jackal’s favorites,” Regal teased.

The Greed Demon scoffed, “Oh hardly. His favorites are given wings; which is why you’re so special and why I had to synthesize mine.” Regal smiled a little at that. He held great pride in the fact his Father held some favoritism toward him.

A light appeared at the end of the tunnel, and soon Regal was able to see clearly in the passage. The two walked out and into a well-furnished cavern with tables, chairs, and a fireplace. The walls were made from stone and dirt and all the lighting was artificial; obviously built under the ground.

“Please, take a seat,” Etoile said as he motioned toward the chairs near the fireplace. Regal sat down, the green light illuminating from the magic induced fire casting long shadows on the floor. He leaned into the plush chair with a sigh and looked around.

“This place brings back memories,” he murmured as he ran his hands against the arms of the chair. Etoile grinned and poured them both a glass of wine.

“Yes, you were quite fond of my home as a child; always digging your own secret passages from your bedroom to here.” Etoile handed Regal the wine glass and gently clinked the glasses together before taking a sip, “Do you have any idea how many holes you’ve made in my walls?”

Regal grinned, “Far too many to count.” He took a sip as well, trying hard not to grimace. Demon wine was made with just a drop of human blood. This one was laced with greed; far too bitter for his tastes. He preferred a much more musky taste. He set down the glass and leaned back, “So…the fact you brought me here means you don’t want the chance of anyone walking in on us.”

“Yes. Even Jackal rarely checks what goes on in the inner caverns of Hell. It’s out of range for his looking glass and he doesn’t dare come down this far. He fears Tartarus and wouldn’t risk his own life to pay a quick visit,” Etoile explained easily. Even that was surprising for Regal to hear. The fact Etoile lived in the caverns near the Glutton’s mouth was impressive.

He set his glass down and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hands as he stared at Regal. “Now…I’ll let you in on a little secret on how I make humans succumb to greed. The more popular it is, the more one wants it. Plant a seed of desire into their mind and soon they’ll be doing everything in their power to obtain it.”

Regal furrowed his brow slightly and shook his head, “There isn’t anything materialistic he really wants. The only things he ever buys are clothes and souvenirs.”

“Then get creative! I know that’s normally a quality Sloth affiliates have and feed off of, but even you can use it,” Etoile said with an almost eager tone. It was higher in pitch and very rushed; almost a complete change from his normally suave and deep tone.

“Harder than it sounds. Do you have any suggestions?” Regal murmured with tediousness. This was not exactly the advice he was hoping to hear. Why did Etoile always have to be vague with his teachings?

His old mentor thought for a moment before a wide, toothy grin grew on his face. “Oh, yes…this could be quite fun. The best form of greed is burglary. You say he likes clothes, hmm? It’s not my forte, but I could probably think of something. What if you took him to one of the most expensive clothing stores in Chicago? Perhaps something would catch his fancy. Maybe jewelry? No, no…he would be too keen to not pocket something that expensive; but it must be small and easy to hide.”

Regal groaned inwardly as Etoile continued to ramble on about possible scenarios where Keir could succumb to greed. He always got very enwrapped in his schemes to the point it was almost obsessive and psychotic.

“Why not bring him here?” Regal suggested mildly as he took Etoile’s phone and played around with it. It caught Etoile’s attention immediately. His eyes dilated and his grin grew until it looked like it would tear his face apart.

“Bring him here, you say?” he purred, “Now you’re talking, my boy.”

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I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:45 am

:Chapter Twenty:

The plan was perfected and ready to set into action. Regal and Etoile spent several hours in Etoile’s home going over every detail of their scheme. It would take time, but in the end it would be worth it. Regal simply had to be convincing and Etoile had to become a master of disguise if they wanted this to work.

Regal returned home early that morning, several hours before daybreak. It was easy to return home without being seen. He flew up to the window, opening the locks with a wave of his hand, and slipped inside. He headed straight to Keir’s room, slipping inside easily. He closed to door behind him and walked over to the bed, hovering over his sleeping form. Extending his wings, he bent down and slipped into the Angel’s dreams with ease.

Planting the desire for materialistic items was easy. But one day of walking through Keir’s dreams would not be enough. He had to go into Keir’s dreams for several days, slowly allowing the craving to grow.

After a week of influencing, Regal felt like it was time. He contacted Etoile and told him that they would probably be going through with the plan during the daylight hours. Now all they had to do was wait patiently.

Right on schedule, Keir woke up with a strong urge to go shopping. He was unaware why he felt like he wanted to shop so badly, but he was practically itching to get out. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, walking out into the kitchen. He was surprised to find Regal there, sitting in the shade. He was wearing sunglasses and the tee that Keir had bought for him. He was flipping through a newspaper, drinking black coffee. He looked up and smile, “Morning.”

“Uh…morning. You’re up late?” Keir asked curiously as he poured himself a cup of coffee. He poured in some sugar and milk before walking over to sit down in the chair opposite of Regal.

“The problem with being awake at night is that the clubs are the only thing open. Shopping for food and clothes are hard to do,” Regal said as he sipped his coffee. “I decided to stay up a bit so I could get some essentials. I know you love walking around the city and shopping, so I thought it’d be nice to have you around.”

The comment made Keir feel extremely happy. The idea that Regal wanted to spend time with him gave him hope that maybe he was beginning to warm up to him. “That sounds wonderful! Are you sure you’re not too tired?”

“Positive. I’ve been drinking coffee to help me stay awake.” Regal stood up and stretch, yawning slightly. Coffee didn’t do much to keep him awake, although it did make him feel anxious. He just wanted to get this sin over with.

Once Keir was ready to leave, the two of them took the long way to the center of the city. They walked down the streets, stopping into every store so Keir could browse. Regal often stayed in the darkest corner of the store, glancing at his watch. He told Etoile he would have Keir at Best Buy before noon. That was when the sun was at its peak and it was the most draining of Demon’s and their powers.

However, his patience was running thin. He got up, yawning as he walked over to the Angel who was looking at books. “Keir, you mind if we quickly run by the Best Buy that’s a few blocks up? There was a sale going on that I want to take advantage of.”

“Can’t you run ahead? I can meet you up later,” Keir suggested, his nose deep in a book he was considering buying. Regal had to bite his tongue to not lose his temper.

“It’s a two for one deal, so I was thinking we could both get a phone to keep in touch when we’re out of range,” Regal said quickly off the top of his head, “I would surprise you, but I want to make sure you like what we get.”

“Ahh yeah, that makes sense.” The Angel chuckled slightly and put the book back. “You really want to spend time with me, don’t you?”

Regal forced a smile, “It’s hard to admit it, but yes.”

That made the Angel laugh and take Regal’s hand in his own. They walked hand in hand out of the bookstore and down the street. It was many more blocks than Regal had expected and after almost another hour of walking, they finally made it.

This had better be worth it. Regal stepped inside, practically mewling at the comfort he got from being out of the sunlight and into the air conditioning. The smell of metal was still prominent in the air, but not as strong as before. He smirked a little and guided Keir toward the area with cell phones.

“Here they are. I was thinking about getting this one,” Regal said as he picked up an android phone. Keir looked at it and made a soft “oooh”.

“Won’t the touch screen get in the way?” he asked as he played with the screen.

“I don’t think so. It turns off after a while so you don’t accidentally press things.” Regal glanced around as Keir was enwrapped in the selections of cellphones. Where was Etoile? He said he would be here and he had managed to mask his scent so well he couldn’t track him.

Suddenly, he could smell overbearing cologne and aftershave. He turned and saw Etoile coming toward them. He wore a laid back but eager smile on his face, seemingly unaware of the perfume’s pungent aroma. The amount on his body would repel any woman; however it did the perfect job hiding the greedy stench of Demon essence. Etoile’s disguise was definitely working.

“Do you need some help?” he asked as he walked on over. Keir looked up briefly for a moment before Regal stepped in.

“Yes, some help would be nice. I heard there was a sale going on this weekend?”

“You’re absolutely right! Buy one, get one free. Choose whichever one you’d like,” Etoile said in a chipper tone. Regal wrinkled his nose slightly and turned back to look over Keir’s shoulder. He heard the Angel murmur that he was wearing way too much, and this caused Regal to snicker. Keir was oblivious.

“I think I’ll be buying this one,” Regal said as he pointed to the android phone on the display. “Keir, is there anything you’d like?”

Keir hesitated. Something in his gut was telling him not to buy the phone. However, he knew that phones would be very useful to have and a deal like this was too hard to pass up. Speaking of deals, weren’t there usually signs displaying them?

“I’m not sure…” he murmured, looking back over at Regal. The Demon knew that the Angel was catching on. He hid his panic and smiled as confidently and calmly as he could as he looked over at Etoile.

“Any suggestions?” he asked; his voice a tad bit harsher than he wanted. However, Etoile was not worried at all. This was his specialty, and he was certain he could influence the Angel. He walked over and picked up a slightly older model.

“You look like the kind of guy who isn’t really fond of the idea of touch screen. This here is a flip phone with a full keyboard, 4G internet access, and a keypad on the front with raised keys so you can feel every button for easy and blind dialing,” he persuaded. He handed Keir the phone and let him play around with it for a moment.

“And this is on sale?” Keir asked again, his eyes slightly narrowed. Etoile nodded and beamed.

“Yep, today is the last day of the sale,” he said quickly. He leaned down a little to murmur in Keir’s ear, “And it’s a great bargain. Both of these phones together would cost a fortune.”

Keir looked over at Regal who merely whistled with awe. “We came at just the right time. What do you say Keir? Can’t really beat it.” After another long pause, the Angel gave in and agreed.

“Perfect! Let me just run back and get those for you. If you don’t mind standing by the register, I’ll ring these up,” Etoile said as he walked briskly toward the storage rooms. Keir and Regal stayed by the register and waited. Regal tapped his fingers against the counter as he leaned against it, trying to remain as laid back as possible. He had never worked with a partner before. Not being in control made him anxious, and the coffee he drank didn’t help either.



Keir stepped close to him and murmured in his ear, “I have this weird feeling…like this isn’t right.”

The Demon feigned confusion, “What do you mean?”

Keir shrugged slightly, “I don’t know. Just…where are all the posters and signs for the sale? I haven’t seen any.”

Dammit. Regal pat Keir on the back lightly to soothe him, “Don’t worry. I’m sure they’re just starting to take them down with it being the end of the sale and all. I saw it in the paper. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

The blond nodded slowly and tried to push away the feeling eating away at him. Regal kept his hand on Keir’s shoulder, his thumb rubbing small circles against his skin. His heart was pounding as he waited for Etoile to return. This was the part of the plan where Etoile deactivated the security tag on Keir’s phone so it wouldn’t set off the alarms. If Etoile screwed this up, he can kiss Keir’s trust and his chances at making him fall good bye.

After what felt like hours, Etoile returned with both phones in their sealed boxes. He set them down and went through the motions of asking Regal for his information to put into the system. Of course, Regal gave the same fake information he had been giving all of the stores they’ve been to. He paid with cash so nothing could be traced back to him, and soon they were handed their bags with their phones.

“All right, they are activated and ready to go. All you have to do is let them charge and you’ll be all set!” The greed Demon informed. Keir and Regal thanked him and headed out, easing Regal’s nerves once they passed through the doors without alarms sounding.

“Awesome, now we can head back to the bookstore if you’d like. Although I am getting a bit tired from being out so late,” Regal said as they started to head back to the bookstore. Keir smiled and squeezed Regal’s hand lightly.

“You head back home and rest. You’ve really out done yourself today,” Keir complimented. Regal smiled back as he inwardly laughed. If only Keir knew how much he had outdone himself.

“Ok.” Regal reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet to give to Keir. “There is some extra cash in there. Feel free to treat yourself.”

“Thanks Regal,” Keir said before giving him a hug. Regal hugged back, using the moment to try and see if he could perhaps sense anything different about the Angel. However, he couldn’t detect anything. He would have to see Keir’s wings when he returned.

He headed back down and alley and wasted no time in getting home. He pulled out his pendant and made a portal to slip through instead of flying. For once, he wasn’t in the mood. He just wanted to get home, charge his brand new phone, and get some rest.

His rest only lasted for a few hours before Keir came back and kicked him off the bed.

He hit the ground roughly, grunting as he rubbed his head. He growled, prepared to fight whoever had disturbed him, but was somewhat confused to see Keir standing over him with a particularly angry look on his face.

“Keir? What the hell?” he grumbled as he got back to his feet.

“You lied!” Keir screeched as he pulled out his cellphone and threw it at Regal, hitting him square in the face. Regal hissed and rubbed his forehead before lunching up and flaring his wings to restore dominance. However, Keir took no part of this and expanded his own to fight him back. Regal could clearly see the dense black feathers scattered across his wings.

The Demon couldn’t help but smile at that, “Ahh…the phone?”

“Yes the phone!” Keir snapped, clenching his fists, “There was never a sale! You stole that!”

“Actually, you stole it since it was in your bag,” Regal interjected before Keir lunged at him again. Regal had to sidestep out of the way and nearly fell onto the bed as Keir whipped around to face him again.

“You tricked me…I trusted you and you tricked me!” Keir growled as he stepped forward.

Oh the expression on Keir’s face made Regal practically sing with joy. He beamed, chuckling lowly. “For a while I thought you were catching on, but Etoile was really good at convincing you,” he said almost giddily as he jumped back behind the bed so it was in between them.

Keir’s eyes widened, “You had a partner?” It struck him that it must have been the employee. He growled and leapt forward again. Regal ducked to dash out of the room, but Keir managed to clip his wing to bring him down.

Snarling and growling, the two fought at each other again; rolling on the floor as they tried to pin one another down. Regal slipped away and back up into the living room so the coffee table was between them again.

“I have to admit, you’re pretty smart. How’d you figure it out? He had so much damn cologne on there was no way you could smell the fact he was a Demon. What gave it away?” Regal asked as they circled the table, Keir trying to find an opening to attack as Regal kept him at bay.

“The box it came in,” Keir said sharply as he moved quickly to jump over the table; but Regal was swift and he moved to roll behind the couch.

“The box?” Regal mused as he kept low so Keir couldn’t see him. His claws flexed into the carpeting, dying to tear apart the Angel’s flesh.

“There was a thick smear of ink on the barcode and the security tag had been tampered with,” Keir explained as he moved to attack again. He managed to grab Regal’s scarred ankle, but the Demon lashed at him with his claws and drove him back.

Of course it was the ink that gave it away. Normal ink wouldn’t be able to completely disable the barcode or security tag. However Etoile’s was made from a mixture of demon ichor and dye, which made it acidic and darker than tar. It was a clever plan, but Keir proved to be smarter; Regal wanted to applaud him.

He stood up, pausing when he noticed one gray feather turning black before his very eyes. He had never seen a feather changing before, and it was almost awe-inspiring. The way the black seemed to blossom from the base and drip down to the very tip until the entire feather was dipped in black tar. However, he couldn’t understand why they were still changing. It was when the Angel let out a guttural hiss that he realized another sin was being placed.


Keir dove at him again, ready to dig his well-manicured nails into Regal’s throat. The Demon stumbled back, using his wings to balance him. He couldn’t attack him, not when he was in the middle of another sin being placed. Any interference could possibly cause a change of heart. If Keir suddenly stopped feeling the anger and hatred, it might erase the sin completely.

It was hard for Regal to hold himself back. Every fiber of his being said to attack him; kill him if necessary. It was going against his nature to dodge every attack Keir tried to land. It would be easiest to get out of the loft and avoid him in the air, but he couldn’t get to an exit before Keir got in his way.

And then there was his halo. That damn weapon that would end this battle before it even began. He could not afford to make a mistake and let him use it on him. Demons were naturally afraid of them, but after experiencing what they could do, he was diligent to avoid it.

Thankfully, Keir had it on his ankle. It made it a little bit easier to avoid an attack. However, Keir was catching on and started trying to kick him to the ground instead of tackling him. He narrowly missed being burned again by dropping to the ground.

Keir dove forward, pinning Regal to the floor as best as he could despite how the raven writhed and thrashed beneath him. Keir knew he could easily immobilize him if he could make his halo touch Regal. That would teach him a lesson to not mess with Angels.

Unfortunately, the angle made it hard for him to make a clean sear. Their legs bumped against each other as one tried to brand him and the other tried to block the attempts; But the Angel refused to let him escape.

Keir had never felt so angry before. Even when he first learned he was having sins placed on him, he had not felt any anger or resentment. He had only felt pain and betrayal. Now he was blind with rage, determined to make the Demon pay for what he had done.

Regal flipped them over so he was above Keir, making him in control. Keir hissed and pushed against the floor with his wings, trying to gain leverage. He was able to lift himself enough to push Regal aside and whip his leg around. The Demon tried to block the attack but was hit in the arm by the halo.

He screeched in pain, gripping his arm as he rolled away so he was on his hands and knees. The pain…it wasn’t as bad as the first time. He wondered dazedly if the sins were affected the power of the halo, or if he was becoming more pure with every blessing placed on him; however his thoughts were scrambled when Keir jumped onto his back and wrapped his limbs around him, digging his halo into Regal’s waist.

The Demon crumpled to the ground, screaming in agony as the prolonged exposure to the pure metals of the halo burned him. He was certain that it wasn’t as strong as before, but that didn’t stop it from growing worse with each passing second. Spots were dancing in front of his eyes as he tried to keep breathing, but it felt like he was punched in the gut and had the wind knocked out of him.

Keir held his grip tight, not wanting to let go. He wanted Regal to know that what he had done was wrong, and that he deserved to be punished for his deeds. It was almost pleasurable to watch Regal squirm and fight and scream…

The blond jerked back and stumbled away, gasping as it hit him how easily he had let dark thoughts overtake him. Regal choked for air as he lay on the ground, curling in on himself as he tried to block away the pain. Keir’s eyes were wide and teary as he looked down at his hands in shock.

He had let rage consume him and had used his abilities in a way no Angel was meant to use them. Halos were a symbol of purity and a way to protect humans from those who tried to corrupt them. They were made to ward off Demons and protect the Angel’s from any harm. It’s a weapon of defense, not offense.

Shaking, he crawled over to Regal, apologies already falling from his lips. How had he allowed himself to be so vile and malevolent?

“Regal…Regal I’m so sorry,” he said quickly as he helped Regal roll onto his back. The Demon groaned and cracked his eyes open to stare up at him. The Angel’s wings were flared behind him with worry, and Regal could see that there were more black feathers in his now entirely gray plumage. All shades of white were gone. Regal briefly went over the sin he had placed and realized that he had made six. He smiled, knowing that he was so close. Only one more and he’d be free.

“It’s ok…no need to say sorry,” he choked out, “I deserved that.” Keir didn’t seem to like that answer and helped him sit up slowly. Regal pulled his wings in as he managed to stand up with Keir’s assistance. The Angel noticed that Regal’s wings were also speckled with bright white feathers.

“Still…I shouldn’t have…I don’t know why I…” Keir stammered, unable to form a proper sentence. He was still shocked at what he had done. “I’m so sorry…”

“Enough with the apologies already, I said it’s fine.” Regal was tired, in pain, and over all very cranky. The last thing he wanted was Keir’s remorseful voice grating his ears. He limped to his bedroom, falling onto his bed ungracefully with a sigh. There was no way he was going out tonight. He needed to heal, and this time Jackal wasn’t going to come save him.

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I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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