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 Time to introduce myself.

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PostSubject: Time to introduce myself.   Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:41 am

As you may already be able to figure out by my name, I am Dani Cojo; but please, just call me Dani...or Cojo, whichever you prefer. I'm going to take the time to properly introduce myself to the forum (even though at the moment it's only filled with people I know, but let's hope we get some new comers!)

Firs, I will go over the basics that are on my signature. My name is Dani. I'm most definitely a girl and I'm ALMOST 19 years old (13 days!). I'm a Leo which basically means I am generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic, faithful, loving, ambitious, strong willed, positive, independent, and self-controlled! I'm also a natural born leader, and my traits re best seen when I'm in a position of authority. So I guess me being an admin is a good thing, right? I promise to do my best! However it also means I can be bossy, intolerant, patronizing, prideful, and have greed for flattery (despite the fact i tend to be modest!). Ouch those negative traits do make me seem like a bad person, hmm? But don't worry, my ENFJ personality traits balance me out.

Being an ENFJ means I am extremely focused on others and their feelings and often try to help them regardless of how they feel. Though at first I didn't realize it, my personality type is extremely optimistic! When ENFJs have the chance to inspire those people to achieve their potential in life, they will abandon the monotony of their daily routine to do so. As an ENFJ, all my strength lies in my interpersonal skills. Enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and ability to build a consensus are some of the "talents" I have. I'm inclined to place the needs and desires of other people above my own, which can sometimes not be such a good thing. However, there are some negative traits to being an ENFJ. Because I can be so devoted to focusing on others, I can often feel like I'm losing my own individuality. I have the tendency to feel "alone in a crowd" because of it. Another problem is my susceptibility to the criticism of other people. Even if that criticism is unfounded, they will often feel hurt simply for hearing it. I tend to take things to heart, which isn't always good.

I need to stop there! I could go on forever about my personality type. I find it such an interesting topic and I had the chance to write an essay on it for one of my english classes, so I know a lot about my type! Now, to continue on more about me and less about my personality:

I live in a lovely place called Michigan where I go to college full time for an english degree. I love to write, draw, read, and roleplay. I've just discovered that I realy like traveling and exploring new places! However, I have a lot o anxiety and i'm often too afraid to go too far from home. This is because I'm emetophobic, which means I have the irrational fear of vomiting. Gross and weird, I know! It's because as a kid I was traumatized by having the flu, to the point that I became anorexic and washed the skin off my hands in attempts to not get sick! I'm much better now, but I'm still very anxious over simple things, like going to the movies, or sleeping over at a friend's house. I often have anxiety attacks when I don't feel well, and I tend to be strict to my diet (or at least how it's prepared; I don't want food poisoning!) So I ask that in the future that the topic of "vomiting" is kept to a down low, ok? I feel rude asking that, because I don't want to bother others (there come those personality traits again!), but I need to take care of myself a bit more.

I think it's also good to know some of my pet peeves, that way I won't get ticked off too hard. I really can't stand people who brag, gloat or seek attention: for example "Look at this story I wrote! It's so good, everyone loves it!" That drives me nuts! I also can't stand when someone hints that they are upset by writing things like "siiiigh" or "//goes to corner" and then won't say what's wrong! I'm an ENFJ! I want to HELP you, and I can't when you won't speak up! I also dislike people who flip flop between personalities. It's hard to understand someone who "loves you" then suddenly "hates everything you do", then acts like they still love you. What the heck is going on? Like me or don't, but don't flip flop! I have more, but I can't think of any right now. I'll continue to edit this as I remember though!

My current fandoms are Durarara, Homestuck, and Danny Phantom!

And I think that's pretty much everything to be honest. I have a Tumblr and Deviantart, as well as a youtube, ff.net account, and lots of other things but I'm too lazy to put them down. Everything is posted on my tumblr! Please don't be shy to get to know me more by saying hello! <3

┇ Dani ┇ Female ┇ 19 ┇ MI┇ Single ┇ Leo ┇ ENFJ ┇ Emetophobic┇Author ┇ Artist┇
I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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Time to introduce myself.
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