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 Seliphra's OC

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PostSubject: Seliphra's OC   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:08 pm

Full Name: Naoki Ito

Nickname(s): Nao-kun

Birthdate: July 12th

Age: 17

Physical appearance: His hair is silver white and his eyes are bright orange near the pupil and grow to a deep ruby red as they get further away to the whites of his eyes. His skin is a dark tan colour though and he stands at 5’8” tall, 167lbs. Physically toned to (in his mind) perfection. He has two heavy, sand coloured horns that start right above his ears and curl to just behind his earlobes in a rounded point. The horns are lightly ridged though thanks to their light colour he can usually hide them with just his hair (Though he typically wears a toque just in case). The horns have an unfortunate tendency to straighten completely when he feels extremes of any emotion and they are exceptionally sensitive to touch.

He generally wears baggy clothing, usually black in colour though he prefers button up shirts since he finds them more comfortable (and he has a hard time fitting some shirt collars over his horns). Usually he also wears wrist bands with a checkered pattern and he’s ripped the sleeves off most of the shirts he owns. His pants hang too low, one can almost always see his boxers though they are not so low as to impede his running ability.

He has a small goat tail, but this is always hidden, his hair is always very messy and sticks out oddly to help hide his horns and he keeps himself clean by self-combusting and burning everything off.(His clothing would not survive this process but his mother has had a special room designed for this in their home because she’s even weaker with water than he is)

Personality: To say that Naoki has a temper problem is an understatement. He is extremely confrontational and he generally blames everyone around him for everything bad that happens and of course anything good is because of himself.

He’s confident in the extreme, thinks he’s perfect and thinks he’s the most gorgeous man alive though most people think he’s a freak. People try to avoid insulting him though since he head butts them if they do usually knocking them out thanks to his horns(even though it usually makes him dizzy from pain). He’s also a pyro maniac.

While he has a problem with getting into fights he also rarely gets angry enough for his horns to straighten out –it’s happened only once. He’s steadfast and stubborn as anything and will argue his point and assumes he’s always right even if he’s completely wrong.

When he gets angry he tends to stamp his left foot and paw the ground with it before charging headfirst at someone. He is calmest when he’s gardening though only his parents know he does garden and he has a green thumb.

Background: Naoki was born in Hokkaido and is half fire demon and half goat demon (usually a really bad combination). His mother is the fire demon and his father the goat. They named him Naoki( which means docile man) in the hopes that he would not inherit the usual bad temperament of fire demons or the headstrong attitude that most goat demons have but instead he has both.

As a young child he was generally quiet, though extremely stubborn and he would typically light things on fire if he didn’t get his way. When he was twelve his father got transferred to Tokyo and so the whole family moved too. This was around when he started getting into fights at school though he refrains from using his fire abilities outside of his own home since people outside research and higher government positions do not know about the existence of demons.

At seventeen he is in high school and more stubborn than ever, even arguing with the teachers when he thinks their wrong, refusing to back down even when he’s been proven wrong. He doesn’t make friends easily and never has because of his attitude, and he usually scares the girls he likes because he doesn’t know how to flirt properly and tends to get angry when he can’t express himself correctly. He thinks they should ‘Just know’ he likes them.

Close relationships:
Tsukiko Ito – His mother, she’s the fire demon and her temper gets as bad as his does. He blames her when he doesn’t get his way and they fight all the time. His eyes are the same as hers

Takahiro Ito – His father, he is the goat and he has the same hair colour as Naoki does. He doesn’t see much of his father who’s always working –for the government no less- and Naoki blames him for not having friends or being able to impress girls as easily as other guys in his class

Current occupation (if applicable): Student at Raira

Gang (if applicable): Dollars, he joined when he got his invite eagerly and doesn’t hide it either.

He’s immune to fire because of his fire demon heritage.
He’s physically stronger than humans (and faster though it’s because of strength, not extra speed)
He’s a bit more durable but that’s just because he’s too stubborn to go down

He’s an idiot, failing every class in fact, usually because he won’t listen to the teachers and claims their wrong.
He tends to get himself in over his head when it comes to fighting, always underestimating his opponents.
He becomes very tired if there is little sunlight and he’ll pass out altogether if he gets too wet.
He can’t swim, push him in water and he panics and splashes then passes out because he got too wet.
His horns. Using them as weapons makes his head spin from pain –but he does it anyways- and three or four head-butts in a row will knock him out for a couple of hours. Alternatively they are a weakness if someone gently strokes the base them which turns him on a lot.
He can’t admit when he’s wrong, even when it’s obvious he is.
He gets dizzy if he smells meat cooking, being half goat he’s vegetarian.
He doesn’t know how to quit while he’s ahead.
If he were to be in water for a prolonged time (As in more than fourty percent submerged for about ten minutes) he would die.

He’s extremely hydrophobic though he doesn’t admit it.
He worries about never finding a mate or love because girls don’t seem to like him (Though he can’t imagine why and doesn’t think it has anything to do with him.)

Likes: carrots, apples, fire, sunlight, being right, vegetables in general, gardening.

Dislikes: rain, snow, bodies of water, being wrong, meat(especially when it’s being cooked), his horns, having to hide his horns, his tail, having to hide his tail, stubborn people(He doesn’t think he’s stubborn, he thinks everyone else is), his parents, being called Nao-kun, being teased.

Driving force: His own stubbornness usually keeps him going through anything, even able to last longer in fights because he’s too stubborn to pass out(but he usually does eventually seeing as he usually tries to take on six people at once and winds up getting beaten up).

Hobbies: video games, laying in the sunlight, fighting, gardening.

Describe your character in three words: Stubborn, headstrong, and foolish.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: He would bring an umbrella and his ‘Gardening kit’(He keeps everything in an old toolbox for simplicity and so he doesn’t lose it)

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: The fact that he passes out if he gets wet, other than that he thinks he’s perfect.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Lettuce, carrots, apples, cucumbers, bread, eggs, milk, water, carrot juice, spinach.

Sample Roleplay: Naoki sighed softly and stretched out on the roof, his eyes closed as he soaked in the sun. He was so relaxed he could fall asleep but the sun energised him too in an odd way. The young frowned a little and scratched near the base of his horn with a sigh. He was skipping class again, not that it mattered. The teacher was too damn stupid to realize Naoki’s brilliance and so he was failing the class. He pouted when a cloud covered up the sun and open his fiery eyes to glare at it, though it was the only one in the sky so he didn’t get sleepy at least.

Finally he stood, though there was still twenty minutes to go in the school day, but he doubted his mother was home yet, meaning he could safely go there now. His father was never home at this time of day either and he stretched happily as he headed for the doors into the building. He just hoped he didn’t run into the damn hall monitor again, the stupid bastard pissed him off a lot…

YOU AS A PERSON: [You only need to add this to your first OC application~]

Name: Sephy~
Gender: Female
Age (if you're comfortable): twenty-three
Experience: Roleplaying for um… uhh… a long time now @~@
Location (if you're comfortable): CANADA!
Anything else you'd like to add?: I hope he’s okay, if not I can alter/edit him~

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PostSubject: Re: Seliphra's OC   Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:22 pm

I think he's a great character and one I'd really like to interact with! However, since I am supposed to 'challenge and question" to make the character better, I tried to find things that I might be able to point out or question; unfortunately I couldn't find much. The only thing I noticed was that he has so many weaknesses compared to his strengths! That's not necessarily a bad thing, but feel free to give him a bit more! Maybe he's actually really good at a certain subject? Or maybe he does have a gentle side when it comes to certain things (like baby goats that fall over when scared). That's honestly all I could think of! So from my perspective, he's approved! However, if any other staff members would like to comment, please feel free!

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PostSubject: Re: Seliphra's OC   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:47 am

Full Name: Surname: Scott, Given Name: Vesper, Middle name: Harris


March 3, 1988


50% British, 50% Scottish-American and 100% douche bag!

Physical appearance:
Vesper has shoulder-length reddish brown hair though his bangs only reach about his nose and tend to drop in front of his eyes, his hair stick straight though always messy. His eyes are ice blue and he has never dyed his hair.
He stands at 5’10” and weighs 155lbs. He’s toned and muscled, but he’s on the lean side of toned as well. He has a single piercing on his right eyebrow and his back has a large Celtic style tattoo that spans most of it, his family crest actually. Vesper is very pale thanks to his Scottish blood and burns extremely fast –never tans.

He tends towards dark clothing –mostly black leather- and he loves large rings and wristbands, usually wearing several of each every day. If he wears gloves he only wears one and alternates which hand he wears it on. He wears a leather chocker often too, though there is the odd day that he goes without and never when he is singing.

Personality: Vesper loves to be right, and he loves to tease Cliia. Vesper has a tendency towards being highly arrogant and stubborn, though if someone can prove him wrong he generally accepts it and moves on –this is rare however thanks to his unique abilities.

Vesper is addicted to betting on everything from the outcome of a game to whether a friend will get lucky and he places all his bets against his girlfriend Cliia. When the bet is about relationships however he always loses, yet when the bet is anything else he wins. He doesn't do this intentionally and no one knows why it is. Vesper calls it fate though he holds out hope that one day he'll win in that section too.

Vesper is good at crossing the line between friendly teasing and being obnoxious without realizing it though he typically apologises as soon as he figures out why people were mad at him and what he did wrong(though it generally takes a day or two to figure it out or someone pointing it out to him outright)

He's usually extremely rude to people he doesn't want or think he needs to know and this has created problems for him more than once. When he's discriminated against for being a foreigner though he gets his absolute rudest -only reinforcing others beliefs that foreign persons should not be allowed- and generally insults them in every way he can. This has gotten him fired from jobs when he did it to co-workers or customers.

Vesper finds it difficult to make friends with people due to his behaviour which others often tell him is childish and immature. When he does make a lasting connection however he is fiercly loyal to them and if they are in trouble for any reason he will come to their aide.

He has a huge weakness for small furry things like kittens, puppies, hamsters and mice and he owns four hamsters –all litter trained- though it is very hard to get him to admit it… even if he has to contain a squeal when he sees one.

Vesper loves sweet and spicy foods, anything that makes his nose run or makes him feel like he’s going to be sick from how much sugar is in it is bliss to him and should not be changed. He loves to experiment when he cooks too though it rarely works well if he goes off recipe (he can cook, but only if he follows the recipe in front of him). He has an unfortunate addiction to cheese.

Background: Vespers father(Edward Scott) was born in London and went to university in the United States where he met his wife(Evanna Murphy), full blooded scot though she had been born and raised in the states. They had a baby eight months after they were married and though vesper was a surprise they did not find out about him until just after their honeymoon.

Vesper was born in the United States, however his father, who worked as a lawyer for some Japanese business men during the acquisition of a smaller American company, was offered a high paying job if he transferred to Tokyo, a position he jumped on, moving to Tokyo with his wife and three year old son.

Because he was so young during the move he picked up Japanese easily along with English which was what was spoken mainly at home and Gaelic which his mother taught him from birth.

When Vesper was ten he had his very first vision. He saw his own wedding to a woman he thought was quite beautiful and has made it his life’s mission to make sure he meets her and that this path comes true.
About his gift: He doesn't have visions very
often though when he
does he passes out. People have told him he might be just dreaming but
he knows the difference, they feel like life and he retains all his
senses in the visions. He feels every emotion he will feel, see's them
only from his own perspective when he is involved and as on observer
when Cliia is and he can not change the outcome during the vision itself
nor does he have any control over what happens like he does when he
dreams.(He is a lucid dreamer meaning he can control his own dreams
though this isn't a skill perse as an inditement of playing too many
video games)

The first four times he had visions he was taken to hospital though after every test the doctor could think of including several psychological ones to check for mental illness concerning his 'hallucinations' they found him to be in perfect health.

His second vision came true long before his first -it being all of the gifts he would get for christmas that year. He wrote the list down right after the vision just to prove that it wasn't a dream-the first vision he had argued for over two hours that it was not a dream and decided if it happened again this was what he would do), gave it to his parents and told them to open it after Christmas.

They didn't belive it was the vision immediately though they were shocked by the revalation of that list as well. It wasn't until his third vision came true -one of himself visiting his father in the hospital to which he had come crying into his parents room just to ensure his father was alright- that they begun to believe he had a real gift.

He never tried to change his future until he was fifteen when he forsaw witnessing an accident. Instead of letting it occur as he usually did he grabbed his classmates arm and pulled him out of the way of the vehicle -not saving his life but certainly saving him a broken bone or two. He did this on a whim really, deciding he didn't want this person to get hurt when he knew what was going to happen and since then he has been careful to avoid altering the future as much as he can for fear that it will inturrupt his future with Cliia.

Close relationships:
While his parents are alive he does not consider them to be too close. He calls them every so often but they keep trying to persuade him to get a ‘real job’ so he tries to avoid this contact more and more.

Cliia – His girlfriend, (She will be, we plan to role-play that out though from the start). He’s loved her since he was ten years old when he first saw her in his vision and when he met her in person loved her ten times more. They tend to butt-heads an awful lot and argue a great deal but he can't help but be drawn in more with each day.

Current occupation (if applicable): He takes sporadic jobs singing in bars and at open mikes, hoping he will hit it big but nothing yet. In the mean time he works part time jobs though he typically lasts only a couple of months at each job because he becomes bored.

Gang (if applicable): Dollars (online name Illuminati)


He can sing
He has precognitive abilities(not always correct visions, they are subject to change if he changes what will happen and he has never foreseen death or anything that would vastly improve people’s lives i.e. he can’t see the next winning lotto numbers no matter how hard he tries and he can only see his and Cliia’s futures.)
He can cook.


He has to bet on anything and everything
He can’t win a bet of any kind on relationships
He can only see the future when it concerns his own life or Cliia’s
He simply HAS to pet any animal he sees and every so often a stray finds its way into his home.

Fears/Insecurities: He worries about Cliia leaving him though he doubts it will happen, he’s very insecure about his career choice though he did see himself becoming successful(He’s not sure it will still come true as that vision occurred when he was thirteen) and he is terrified of ghosts and anything paranormal.

Likes: Cheese of any kind, Cliia, Singing, cheese, puppies, kittens, hamsters, mice, Cliia, anything with fur basically that is small and pet-able, winning, Cliia and cheese.

Dislikes: Being wrong, ghosts, losing a bet, people who judge someone before they get to know them, hypocrites, politics.

Driving force: His vision of himself and Cliia’s future. He’s terrified he will mess it up somehow but he is determined to see it happen one way or another.

Hobbies: Singing, playing with his hamsters, gambling

Describe your character in three words: Argumentative, Love-struck and arrogant.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: Cliia and a satellite phone.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: He would choose to change nothing. While he is aware of his flaws he likes himself the way he is because Cliia likes him how he is.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Vesper sees a wide variety of vegetables, along with bread, milk, eggs and cheese. Lots of cheese. Lots of types of it too, Havarti, Gouda, cheddar, Swiss…

Sample Roleplay:
Vesper frowned as he stared at the scotch in front of him. It was quiet night for this place, the area usually packed with people dancing and swaying to the beat of the music, but tonight it was nearly empty.

"She's coming tonight..." He murmured under his breath, smiling lightly at the thought of this. He had been waiting for a while now and then the door swung open. She was even more beautiful in person...

I know he'll probably need a little revision still, let me know!

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PostSubject: Re: Seliphra's OC   Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:06 am

• "He’s toned and muscled, but he’s a bit scrawny too."

Um… I'd say, pick one? xD Toned/muscled is difficult to match up to scrawny. I have seen many scrawny beings in my life, and I have seen many toned people – there's hardly ever a mixture between the two. Instead of scrawny, you could say lean? ^^ (This may just be my own personal opinion/interpretation..)

• "Vesper is addicted to betting on everything from the outcome of a game to whether a friend will get lucky and he places all his bets against his girlfriend Cliia. When the bet is about relationships however he always loses, yet when the bet is anything else he wins."

What is the reason for this? Is he afraid that if Cliia loses a bet, she'll be stubborn and leave him?

• I would also like to see more added to his personality. I feel like half of what's given here concerns a few things he really likes and his reactions to them. The parts of his true personality that we do get is very short.

• "When Vesper was ten he had his very first vision."

First vision? Does he have visions regularly? If so, this needs to be explained. I know we get more of it in the Strengths section, but I would like to see more description of where he got these powers and how they affect his life. Is he like Raven who blanks out to get a vision from the future?
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PostSubject: Re: Seliphra's OC   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:45 am

Thank you for making the necessary changes! Vesper is...

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PostSubject: Re: Seliphra's OC   

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Seliphra's OC
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