Where the people are nicer...
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Where the people are nicer...

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 By the Light of the Moon

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PostSubject: By the Light of the Moon   Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:35 pm

Tsukihiro sighed as he sat in a tree near the top branches staring at his long time and only friend, the moon. The moon was in it's final quarter, which meant any day now Tsukihiro would be feeling pain of unimaginable kind. Well, a woman might understand since they go through a similar monthly bodily schedule. He wished he knew why these things happened to him; this monthly bout of pain and why he has to be up high or down low randomly twice a day. What is wrong with me?" Tsukihiro asked as he felt that passing feeling leave him and he started climbing down the tree. "I wish I could have talked longer friend, but I have to get down now." Sometimes people saw him and he felt awkward about it, and then they'd ask but Tsukihiro couldn't explain why. But for some reson people were okay with him talking to the moon.He touched on the ground and sighed, a normal feeling in his body once more as he looked around. There wasn't much to see really but people that frequented the park and more people that just walked through it. Tsukihiro didn't have to be home anytime soon (though he often snuck out at night just to talk to the moon) so he could mingle with these people. If they wanted to be mingled with that is.

Shizuo Heiwajima ~ Twenty-four ~ Bodyguard/Hates violence
Mairu Orihara/Kururi Orihara ~ Fifteen ~ Students/Demons
Tsukihiro Utakyaya ~ eighteen ~ Student/moon boy
Cliia Pylyp Uvarov ~ twenty-five ~ Guitarist
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By the Light of the Moon
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