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 Dani's OCs

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PostSubject: Dani's OCs   Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:56 pm

Full Name: Vittoria Russo (Victory)

Nickname(s): Vitti, Tori, Mari, Ma-chan

Birthdate: July 27th

Age: 22

Physical appearance: She is 5’6” and 135 pounds. She has an athletic body build thanks to several years of gymnastics. Otherwise, she is of average build – not too thin, but not overweight. She has an oval shaped face with wide almond shaped eyes. She does not have many curves and can often be mistake for a boy if she did not have nicely sized breasts. She has a birthmark under her right eye. Her eyes are a naturally dark brown, however she wears honey colored contacts. Her hair is a dark brown that falls to her mid back. Her hair is naturally wavy but is styled to lay straight and she has bangs that hang just above her eyes. She has an olive complexion due to her Italian descent.

Her normal style of clothing is often very trendy and chic. One of her favorite outfits consists of a baggy tank top with a black splattered heart on it, a dark navy blue fitted tank, pale jeans shorts, and black peep toe heels. She loves to wear jewelry and often refuses to leave home without a bangle or a bracelet on. She often wears a black headband with a pink bow, multiple chunky bracelets, and a ring or two. She carries around a burnt orange purse and keeps all of her make-up and other necessities inside of it. She adores make-up and often changes her make-up to match her mood as the day goes on.

However, this can all change in an instant when she’s on the job. She is a master of disguise, her love for make-up and clothing making her very creative with her masquerades. Her favorite is almost a complete flip from her normal sense of style. First of all, she binds her chest and wears a black spandex undershirt and baggy grey tank to hide her chest to give her a male appearance. She also wears baggy khaki pants and black sneakers and black gloves. To finish off his disguise, she wears blue contacts and wears a brown and blonde Mohawk wig. She has many more outfits and disguises, such as a “redneck” outfit that consists of a blond wig, green contacts, and a plaid dress with cowboy boots.


Personality: She is very kind and independent woman. She is inventive and creative and excited to try out new things. She’s quite passionate about her hobbies. However, she is also materialistic. She wants the best of the best and will do anything to get it. She’s also an escape artist due to her anxiety about being in tight spaces. She is somewhat claustrophobic which makes her easily jittery when she can’t find an exit. She’s also extremely stubborn and hard to sway on her opinions. Despite her naturally kind nature, she is also quite vicious when the time calls for it. She is not afraid to break a few fingers to get to what she wants. She doesn’t have a short temper and rarely gets angry. She only gets frustrated when her plans don’t go her way.

Some of her quirks include cracking her knuckles and tapping her foot when waiting for something. She also has a habit of playing with whatever is in her hand, for example spinning her rings when she’s nervous or fiddling with her a pencil while trying to figure out a math equation. Another habit of hers includes constantly looking for an exit. The first thing she does when she enters a new place is memorizes where all the windows, doors, and other possible exits are located. This is due to her slight paranoia about being unable to escape. Another quirk she has is judging herself using gymnastic scoring. For example, she would say that the new dress she made was a 9.34 out of 10.

She would be considered a chaotic good character. She often refers to herself as the “modern and female Robin Hood”. She does what she can to help others, but tries to be neutral. In the end, if she had the choice to turn down a well-paying job due to her morals, she would probably go through with it for the money. However, this does not make her selfish. Yes, she is materialistic, but she will not harm another person if they were to get in her way. She often does a lot of charity work and donates to as many causes as she can. However, where she gets the resources to do all of these things is not always so noble. She is definitely a leader and will not follow anyone else’s order unless they were her boss.

She is a Leo, which makes her very generous, creative, and warm hearted. However, this also means she can be quite vicious when she needs to be and very opinionated. She also has a tendency to be bossy and expects everyone to follow her lead. She can also be vain and prideful but tries her best to not let that control her thoughts.

She is also an ESTP, which describes her as a “Doer”. This means she has to constantly be moving forward or else she will get bored. She is extroverted, straight-forward, and a risk taker. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty (but not in a way that would hurt another person). She makes her decisions based on facts and logic, and this can sometimes cause her to make a decision that would hurt another person’s feelings before she had the chance to realize it.

As for relationships, she has a hard time staying in a stable relationship. Commitment is not a strong point for her, and it in fact makes her uncomfortable. She lives in the moment, so plans about the future make her nervous. She has a bad habit of jumping from relationship to relationship without ever making a real commitment. Sexually, she sees it as a fun way to make the most of the relationship in the present moment rather than an intimate moment between lovers. She has yet to meet a person that she feels completely comfortable with sharing her more intimate and sensitive side with.

Background: She was born in a small town in Italy to Italian parents. She has no siblings, so her family life was quite simple. She was spoiled constantly given what she wanted, and this eventually taught her to live by a very vain and materialistic set of morals. Her mother was one to treat her like a princess, while her father harped on her for every mistake she made. He was very strict with her and demanded that she was good at every possible hobby, such as music, art, and sports. She was never one to like playing instruments and struggled to learn how to play the mandolin (which was her father’s choice of instrument, not her own). She was only good at gymnastics and sewing (both were her mother’s ideas).

Elementary school life was simple. She had a select few friends whom she played with all the time. She was a good student, always turning in her assignments on time and getting good grades. However, when she was in fourth grade, her teacher asked if she would grab a kickball from the closet for recess and she accidentally locked herself in. Being stuck for almost all of recess terrified her and traumatized her. The idea that no one could hear her begging to be let out grew into the fear of entrapment and tight spaces that she still struggles with today. During her elementary years she also began to practice the art of thievery. By graduation, she had mastered how to pick open the locks of all the doors (which would have come in handy when she was trapped in the closet), and could easily open up the locked drawers in the classrooms. Over the last year of elementary school she hoarded everything she could find that interested her, such as hair accessories from students, art supplies, and a kickball from the closet she was locked in a year prior.

By middle school, she was fluent in English and was taking more classes on language; including Japanese, French, and Russian. She was enrolled in a gymnastics class and she soon became one of the top students. This was a problem to her elementary school friends who were also in that class. Their jealousy turned into hate, and soon Vittoriahad no close friends. She decided it wasn’t worth trusting people when they were going to stab you in the back later on in life. She began to focus more on gymnastics, and with her natural flexibility helping her excel, she soon became the instructor’s top priority. However, this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. He was extremely harsh, to the point that he was almost abusive with his training and practicing schedules and his methods of learning. This rigorous training every day helped develop her issues with trust and acceptance. She began to fear rejection and the disappointment of others. She used her pick locking skills to sneak into the gymnasium late at night to practice until she was too tired to move.

High school came and she was starting to serial date in attempts to find someone whom she could trust and connect with. However, all that did was leave her with multiple boyfriends in her wake and a big scare with a pregnancy test. Although it came out negative, she decided that sex and relationships could wait until she was out of high school. It was during this time that she began to get into charity work. After years of selfish (and childish) burglary, she began to realize she had the right combination of skills to be a very good thief. She began to steal money from the school to donate to different charities, including the Children’s Hospital and a Cancer fundraiser. However, the school soon found out about the lack of money and Vittoria fled in fear of being put into prison. She knew she couldn’t just run, so she faked her own death by leaving a suicide note in her bedroom and disappearing. The note was vague, but it was worded to sound like she jumped off one of the many cliffs in Italy and into the ocean. Late at night, she ran to the airport and bought the first ticket she could afford. That ticket led her to Japan.

She arrived in Ikebukuro soon after and immediately changed her identity. She now goes by Mari De Luca and claims that she is of Japanese and Italian descent. She says her mother was Japanese and her father was Italian, and that he left when she was little and her mother died when she was seventeen. Her choice for the name Mari comes from the Japanese meaning "their rebellion". It also is a special name to Vittoria because it is derived from the name Maria, whom is the Blessed Mother in Italy. She prays to her constantly for safety and a chance at a new lifestyle in Japan.

This is where she also began her trade as a “professional bandit”. She still had a strong desire to donate to charities, but she also needed to create a new life for herself. So she started going to the various color gangs and telling them she could steal items for them for a good price. This was how her night time job began. Soon word spread and other underground gangs began to hire her. However, she couldn’t live on just that money alone. She also took up a day time job as a cashier at a local clothing store to help pay for her rent.

Close relationships: She is not very close with many people. All of her boyfriends she had in the past she does not talk to, and her relationship with her parents is average. She has told no one of her job and she wants to keep it a secret. Her relationship with her mother is very strong, to the point that she would jump in front of a bus to save her mother. They are very interested in the same things, fashion being their strongest bond. Her father, however, is not so keen to kindness. He is a hard-working man with a stubborn personality. He expects the best from Vittoria and is very critical. Because of this, she has a small fear of disappointing him. However, she is still her daddy’s little girl. However, she has not kept in touch with them due to her faked suicide. She misses them dearly, but cannot risk exposing herself. Her only “real” friend happened to move to France for a scholarship, so she only keeps in touch with her through e-mail and instant messenger.

Current occupation (if applicable): When she isn’t working as a cashier at a popular clothing store, she is what she calls a “professional bandit”. She is hired to steal objects for her employers for a large sum of money. The objects she is paid to steal may range from expensive artifacts to the answers to a high school test. She is not picky about her jobs.

Gang (if applicable): She isn’t a part of any gang. She considers being a part of one too risky. However, she will work for them for the right price.

  • She’s very acrobatic and flexible. Due to taking several years of gymnastics, she is able to move very gracefully and smoothly.
  • She has a strange talent for picking locks and breaking into things. She started this habit at a young age while snooping around her parents’ bedroom and it grew into breaking into school lockers and eventually into safes.
  • She is quick on her feet and a decent liar. She can come up with excuses quickly and seem honest about it.
  • She is a master of disguise. She is able to completely change her appearance with make-up, wigs, binders, and clothes that she makes herself.
  • She’s fluent in many languages, which helps when she has to steal for foreign affairs. The list of fluency goes: Italian, English, French, Japanese, Russian. Japanese and Russian are her weakest, but she can understand enough to get by. She is still studying it in her free time and practicing from the locals.


  • Despite being Italian, she is unable to cook a thing. She lives off of processed foods or fruits and veggies. Cooking of any kind usually ends in a fire.
  • She’s extremely claustrophobic and fearful of being unable to escape. She has fled from many unorthodox places, such a movie theaters, auditoriums, and even church.
  • She has a strong soft spot for those in need, including children, the elderly, and animals. Those who are weak and cannot fend for themselves seem to call out to her and she is willing to go far to help them, even if it will cost her life.
  • She can sometimes get sidetracked for her desire for materialistic things. She sometimes steals things for her own pleasure and has many items hoarded in her apartment that she doesn’t actually need, but she just wants to own it.
  • She struggles with knowing right from wrong. She is so far deep in the trade of thieving; it’s like an addiction that she can’t get free from. She will steal regardless of if she’s being paid or not sometimes, even if it’s not the right thing to do. She wants to be like a modern Robin Hood, but her materialistic attitude makes that difficult.

Fears/Insecurities: Claustrophobia, unable to escape, disappointing her father, torture, prison, death.

Likes: Shiny new things of any shape and size, helping others, shopping, designing, Italian food (namely tiramisu).

Dislikes: Stealing (she only does it to help pay rent and satisfy her need for adventure), tight spaces, being in crowds, the police, spicy foods, the mandolin.

Driving force: Her fear of capture constantly keeps her on the move. Her almost addiction to adventure and danger is what keeps her grounded as a bandit despite her fears almost always getting in the way. Ikebukuro is a hub for adventure, so she never wants to leave. However she fears one day she may be caught and put into jail.

Hobbies: She absolutely loves shopping and designing. If she could, she would be happy being a fashion designer. However, her desire for action and adventure makes it hard for her to live with an average job.

Describe your character in three words: Generous, Risky, and Materialistic

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: She would bring fresh water and a knife. She would spend most of her time hunting and trying to escape due to her fear of being trapped. Even though the island is in an open area, the fact she can’t walk away from it terrifies her.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: She would change her fear of being trapped. She feels that if she wasn’t afraid of taht, she would be able to do anything.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Bottles of wine, left over Italian carry out, various kinds of vegetables and fruit, lunchables (because they aren’t only for kids), and milk.

Sample Roleplay:
Running as fast as she could, Vittoria could hear the sirens wailing in the distance. They were catching up to her. Heart pounding, lungs burning, and legs aching, she turned down an alley and continued to run. The sound of her shoes echoing against the concrete seemed to match the face pace of her heart. She could hear the sirens passing by through the blood rushing in her ears.

She skidded to a halt, slinging her bag over her shoulder so she could jump up onto the fire escape. Swinging lightly, she flipped herself over the rail and landed firmly. Looking behind her, she could see the flash lights of the police coming into the alley.

She headed up as fast as she could, the sounds of the police yelling at her to stop. She suddenly smelled hot lead skidding past her. With a startled gasp, she hauled herself up onto the roof, the bullets skidding by her and nicking her arm.

Panting hard, Vittoria listened carefully at the chaos below. The gang she just stole from had crossed paths with the police who were also chasing her. Guns were firing, shouts were echoing, and both of her adversaries were now too distracted with each other to continue after her. She crouched low to the ground and hurried away across the roof top, jumping from roof to roof easily.

Once she was far enough away, she sat down and placed her bag in her lap. She unzipped it and looked inside, smiling as she quickly counted the stacks of yen. "Job well done, 8.85 out of 10," she murmured to herself as she zipped up the bag and started back toward her client's meeting place.

YOU AS A PERSON: [You only need to add this to your first OC application~]

Name: Dani
Gender: Female
Age (if you're comfortable): 19
Experience: I’ve been roleplaying and have been creating original characters with developed back grounds and personalities for about six years now. I’ve been writing my entire life.
Location (if you're comfortable): Michigan
Anything else you'd like to add?: I felt like I should have an OC to play around with on the site. Instead of using an old character I’ve had for years, I thought it might be fun to come up with a completely new character and see how she grows over time.

┇ Dani ┇ Female ┇ 19 ┇ MI┇ Single ┇ Leo ┇ ENFJ ┇ Emetophobic┇Author ┇ Artist┇
I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.

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PostSubject: Re: Dani's OCs   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:09 pm

The only question I have is why is her fake last name japanese when her fake father was the italian? Wouldn't that make her fake last name italian and not japanese? (I suppose if you just switch the fake dead mother and the fake still alive father's nationalities no biggie ^^; )
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PostSubject: Re: Dani's OCs   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:22 pm

I fixed it now. I guess I just rushed through the end and I don't know. It's fixed now so her last name is Italian. i'm sorry ><

┇ Dani ┇ Female ┇ 19 ┇ MI┇ Single ┇ Leo ┇ ENFJ ┇ Emetophobic┇Author ┇ Artist┇
I'm a simple girl with some complex ideas and too much creativity and free time.
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PostSubject: Re: Dani's OCs   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dani's OCs   Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:08 pm

Full Name: Xylander Carnak

Nickname(s): Xy

Birthdate: February 14th

Age: 33

Physical appearance: Xylander is six feet tall and weighs around 150 pounds. He has short blonde hair with bangs that he gels it to keep it spiked up (and even plays around by making one part of his bangs shaped like a lightning bolt - an inside joke to his elemental powers), and light violet eyes due to complications during birth. He was born premature and as a result some chromosomes did not develop correctly. He is a thin and quite curvy young man. He has wider hips than the average man, but he makes up for it with an athletic build. He’s not rippling with muscles, but he has decent strength. He has multiple tattoos: a fire tattoo on his left arm, phoenix wings on his back with an inscription, and paw prints on the bottom of his feet. He also has some battle scars, most prominently on his face. His most damaging scar is the one across his left eye, which is blind.

He is also a synthetic elemental cat-human. This sounds confusing at first, but all it means is that he was born a human, and due to unfortunate circumstances he was turned into a nekomimi with electric based abilities. This also means each time he loses one of his nine lives, his body goes through a physical change that makes his appearance more youthful. This makes him look in his mid twenties despite being thirty-three. His ears and tail have black splotches on it, and his tail is spliced from a bad encounter from a demon blade. He keeps the two parts connected with band-aids.

Xylander normally wears comfortable clothes, generally stripes hoodies and sweaters and baggy jeans. He absolutely hates skinny jeans, saying he can’t move around in them. He also wears hats from time to time to hide his ears from other magical beings. Other than that, Xylander is very fashionable. He knows what looks good on him and what looks good on others. When he’s on a mission or job, he wears darker clothes for stealth. His working jacket is a waterproof black trench coat with the left sleeve removed to expose his tattooed arm (not a good idea for protection, but he thinks it makes him look more badass). He has a yellow utility belt and carries a large copper and silver sword which easily conducts his electrical powers. He also wears gloves to protect his hands from burns and electrical shocks from backfires. He wears three earrings, each one magically enhanced to protect him. His first earring is a silver barbell which cloaks his magical form from non-magical eyes. A normal human wouldn't see his long tail or his ears unless they were aware of the magical world and new what to look for. With this earring on, he was safe from prying eyes. His second earring is a yin-yang symbol which protects him from water. Being an electric type can be dangerous when exposed to large amounts of water. His third earring is an ear cuff and it’s purely for decoration. He also wears a locket with a photo of his mother inside.

Personality: Xylander is a prankster at heart. He will do anything for a good laugh, and often gets upset when others don’t find it funny either. He’s extremely competitive and hates to lose. He loves sparring, whether it’s with other people or simply in a video game. He’s a gamer and a history buff. He’s often cocky, yet charming. He’s protective and loving towards those he cares about, and he can be quite needy at times. But overall, he’s impulsive and reckless and adventurous.

Some of his quirks include twitching his ears and tail to every sound that he hears. It’s an involuntary reaction to the environment that he wishes didn’t happen. He also has the tendency to drink or smoke when stressed and has self-harmed in the past when his depression gets too bad. He paces when nervous and tends to ramble and speak fast when in a panic. When he’s going through withdrawals, his hands get jittery and his pacing gets worse; to the point that he will walk I circles for hours as he tries to control his urges.

Xylander would be considered a chaotic good character. He’s known for going against the rules to finish the job the way he likes. However, he has a strong sense of morality and knows what’s right from wrong. Whenever he does something wrong, he feels guilty about it, but is aware that sometimes two wrongs does make a right. In the past he would argue with authority to the point that it got him into trouble. Now that he’s older, he’s aware that rules are laid out for specific reasons. It’s his goal to bend those rules as much as possible without breaking them to achieve his goal.

Xylander is an Aquarius. Some common traits of an Aquarius includes loyalty, independence, and friendly. He’s very humane, serious minded, and idealistic. He sometimes acts cold towards others if he doesn’t trust them, but overall he is very soft at heart. He can be a bit egotistic at times and detatch himself from others if he believes that he would hurt them in some way. He’s also an ESTP, which means he’s a “doer”: he likes to get things done and have immediate results. He doesn’t like waiting and will do whatever it takes to get the job done – even break some rules in the process. He’s outgoing, straight-forward, enthusiastic and excitable. He’s blunt and a risk-taker who is willing to plunge into any situation and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

He is terrible when it comes to making close personal relationships. Due to his past, he has learned to not trust anyone until they have proven it worthy. He’s often cold and hesitant to open up. He is very protective of his heart despite the fact he has the tendency to fall head over heels easily. Once he thinks he can trust you, he is willing to tell more about himself. Over time, he will get more comfortable and stop being a tight ass or a prick, and it’s easy to see he’s actually a child at heart and very goofy. He tries to put on his best demeanor in front of others, afraid that if they see a flaw in his character, they will reject him. Romantically, he’s like a fish out of water. After all, his first (and only) relationship was with a hooker. He never learned how to properly ask a girl out, compliment them, or hold a conversation without losing confidence. He puts on a false bravado and confidence that often comes out as cocky, arrogant, and conceited. It’s easier for him to act perverse and sexual towards others instead of his real self because he thinks of it as a protective wall to his heart.

Background: His history is just too long to post here. To read his full history, please click here to read his full biography. It’s being updated regularly as his story continues to grow.

Close relationships: His only relative still alive is King, and Xylander hasn’t seen in in a long time. He loves his brother and wishes that he could come back home; but he knows that his job doesn’t allow that. He looks up to him as a role model. His best friend is a faerie named Eryn. At first they couldn’t stand one another, but after a decade of working together, they have learned to deal with their faults and have become great friends and allies during missions. They often team up together for assignments. Xylander has a prodigee named Kish who he trains on the weekends when he isn’t working. He likes to think that King looks up to him, which was true when he was a little kid. Now that Kish is an adult, he sees that Kish actually has a backbone and isn’t as weak as he first was. He admires that and often watches him to see what he can learn from him. He’s very close with the Headmistress of the Academy of Woe and goes to her for advice often. However, her brother – the Headmaster – can’t stand Xylander’s presence, and Xylander can agree.

Current occupation (if applicable): He works for the Academy of Woe, an private residence for mythical creatures. Everyone in the Academy is associated with one of the four elements and is expected to work for their room and board. He goes on assignments to collect information, retrieve lost items, and over all stop the bad guys from getting away with whatever they want.

Gang (if applicable): He isn’t allowed to join any gangs simply because he needs to stay neutral to effectively do his job. But if he could choose, he’s go with the Yellow Scarves.

  • He’s very smart when it comes to remembering historical facts and circuitry.
  • He’s very flexible, fast, and agile thanks to his altered genetics and is experienced in Martial Arts.
  • He’s a powerful electrical elemental and learns quickly how to adapt to situations. For his list of attacks, click here. (For the sake of RP, he has only ascended to the second level.)
  • He is a wiz at video games and can use this skill to solve problems quickly in the real world. His love for video games has also sped up his reaction time.
  • He tries his best to look at situations without prejudice. He looks at both sides of a story before making a conclusion.


  • He has terrible reading and mathematics skills due to his dyslexia. Foreign languages are even worse. However, he does understand hieroglyphics because those involve pictures, not letters.
  • He has an autoimmune disorder which leaves his body very weak to illness. Even the simple cold could leave him bedridden for days. Because of this, he also needs to be wary of food allergies, though he hasn’t discovered any yet. This also makes him easily bruised in combat.
  • Water burns his skin, and if he doesn’t wear his earring, he could electrocute himself on accident if submerged.
  • His impulsive and doesn’t think before he acts. He will jump into battle without thinking twice about who he’s fighting or if he’s outmatched. This often leaves him in the infirmary.
  • He has no control when it comes to drinking. He’s an alcoholic who is struggling to stay sober. However, he easily slips and ends up getting drunk if people aren’t constantly on his back about it.

Fears/Insecurities: Dogs (any breed terrifies him; the bigger the worst), rejection, losing loved ones, failing others.

Likes: Eryn (his bestfriend), pranks, video games, history, swordplay, cats, alcohol.

Dislikes: Dogs, peanut butter, dark chocolate, math, reading, people without sense of humor, cigarettes (thought he still smokes them from time to time).

Driving force: Working with The Academy of Woe means he goes on many different trips to find out information, retrieve stolen artifacts, and in general stop the bad guys. Being in Ikebukuro is far from his normal mission. In general, they are sent to places where other mythical beings are in abundance. However, this section of Tokyo is relatively low in the mythical population. His goal is to document a census of the mythical beings in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Saitama to figure out the ratio between humans and the mythical. He was also told that there may be a relatively powerful mythical being located here and it’s his job to figure out what that being is. His main driving force is simply to earn a living. He gets paid to go on this “missions”, which gives him a roof over his head, food to eat, and video games to blow his money on.

Hobbies: He loves playing video games any time he can. If not, he enjoys pulling pranks on others simply for his own amusement. Lately he’s been growing fond of spending time with Eryn and simply hanging out, watching movies, and going to the beach.

Describe your character in three words: Protective, Impatient, Cocky (and an idiot)

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: Eryn so she could help him survive, and ramen. Hey, everyone needs to eat!

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: His past. It haunts him every day to know that he has no family ties; and he blames it all on himself.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Green beans, two liter of soda, cheesecake ice cream, left over Chinese food, beer, a bottle of wine, salad, and left over pizza.

Sample Roleplay:
Fingertips drumming against the table, Xylander stared at the bottle of wine that had been left out on the counter after dinner. It drove him crazy that everyone else could have a glass and he had to stick to water. What kind of bullshit was that? He could control himself! For the most part…

Hunched over in his seat, chin resting on his folded arm, his eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the droplet of condensation drip down the edge of the bottle. It was calling to him. It was begging him to rip out the cork, pour the delicious red liquid into the glass and—

He stood up suddenly, kicking his chair back until it hit the wall behind him. His hands gripped the edge of the table tightly, his knuckles turning white as his heart rate sped up. He could feel the tingling running up his spine, down his arms, and into his twitching fingers. He wanted nothing more than to have a drink. But that would mean going back to square one. He had managed to stay sober for three months now. It seemed like every month the desire to drink just got worse.

With a forceful sigh, he left the kitchen and walked into the main hall. He began to pace quietly; up and down, turn around and repeat. His hands were shoved deep in his pockets, balled up tight into fists. His tail curled and lashed behind him as his ears fell back and twitched. Rehab sucked. It sucked every time he was put into it. This was his fourth time now in the past five years? He couldn’t seem to get a grip on himself. When there was no alcohol around it was easier. But Dark Master had had to bring out the wine today. It was an aged bottle too. Freshly opened and by God is smelled divine.

He swallowed back the dry lump in his throat and stopped his pacing, staring back down the hall that lead to the kitchen. Deep down, he knew that if he relapsed, Eryn would kick his ass again. He knew that it would only make it harder to resist the next time. But he wanted it so bad it was making his entire body ache with need.


He walked back down the hall, into the kitchen, and past the counter that still had the bottle of wine sitting in the center – silently mocking him. He continued down the corridor to the Fire Wing, opened the door to his bedroom and stepped inside before slamming it shut behind him with frustration.

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*Ahem* Accepted~!
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Dani's OCs
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